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Hollywood Hairstyles - American Hustle

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  1. 1. HollywoodHairstylesAmericanHustle Postedbyinfo@mybeautycompare.iton20140303American Hustle has been a roaring box office success. The crime movie, which is set in the 70s has some fabulous costumes and hairstyles for women. The American Hustle cast including Amy Adams and hercascading curly hairstylesandJenniferLawrenceshairupstyles have impressed beauty critics allovertheglobe.Thispostwill explorethefabuloushairstylesfor women that were on display in this movie and bring you tips and tricks to create the American Hustlelookyourself.Source:Pinterest CurlyHairstyles Amy Adams sportedtwocurlyhairstylesinthemoviethatwehereatMyBeautyComparearejust crazy about. The actresss first hair look was a stunning full and wavy hair look withplentyof volume. To get this hair lookwashyourhairwithvolumisingshampooandconditioner,whileyou hair is still damp apply volumising mousse. We love usingTresemme Thermal Creations Volumising Mousse, this product contains heat activating ingredients so it works with youhair dryer and curling tongs togive you bigger hair. Once you have blowdried your haircreatecurly hairstyles by adding curls using your straighteners or curlingtongs.For Amy Adamsslookfrom AmericanHustleaddthecurlstothebottomhalfofyourhaironly. Amy Adams second of her curly hairstyles from American Hustle was all out 70s disco hair. This lookisbestfor naturallycurlyorwavyhair,orthosewillingtospendalotoftime.Thisisone of those styles thatworks best when the hair has a bit of naturaloilin it, so wash your hair the day before. A great tip for creating curly hair styles is to wrap your hair in atightbunbeforeyou go to bed so that you will have curly locks when you letyour hair looseinthemorning.Useyour curling tongs or straighteners to add curls, take small sections of hair (the smaller the better) and curl individually. Use hairspray or a styling product to keep your curly hairstylesin place all day. Compare hair stylingproducts on the MyBeautyCompare website to findthe bestproducts foryourhairtypeandhairlength.
  2. 2. HairUpStyles Jennifer Lawrence won aBAFTAforbestsupporting actressforherroleinAmericanHustle.Her character Marie Weinberg, wore her hair in interesting hair up styles throughout the movie. To create hair up styleslikeJenniferspileyourhairontop ofyourheadandsecurewithbobbypins. Let sections of hair hang loose andcurlthese withcurlingtongsorstraighteners,besuretouse a heat protecting spray when curling your hair.Discoverpersonalisedhairproductsforyourhair typeandbudget. Tweet us @mybeautycompare and let us knowyourfavouriteHollywoodhairstylesandhowyou createtheHollywoodlook.
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