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AYUSH GAUTAM 11EJCEC038 JECRC 12CONTENTSTheoryHolosonic SpotlightingBasic PrincipalTechnology overviewWorkingComponentAdvantagesApplicationsFuture of holosonicConclusion

THEORYA technology that creates focused beams of sound similar to light beams coming out of a flashlight.

Ultrasonic energy to create extremely narrow beams of sound that behave like beams of light.

Specific listeners can be targeted with sound without others nearby hearing it.



The Holosonic Spotlight & Hyper Sonic Sound Technology (developed by American Technology Corporation), uses ultrasonic energy to create extremely narrow beams of sound that behave like beams of light.

Audio spotlighting exploits the property of non-linearity of air.

Sound Spotlighting is to focus sound into a coherent and highly directional beam.

4Basic Principle:Low Beam Angle is required to focus the sound.

Smaller the wave length ,Lesser the Beam angle.

Another way to focus sound is to use loudspeaker with larger Aperture size.dio spot lighting works by emitting harmless high frequency ultrasonic tones that human ear cannothear.


TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEWAudio spot lighting works by emitting harmless high frequency ultrasonic tones that human ear cannothear.

Parametric array employs the non linearity oftheairtocreateaudiblebyproducts From inaudibleultrasonicsound,resultingin extremely directive and beamlike sound

WORKING:- The original low frequency sound wave such as human speech or music is applied into an audio spotlight emitter device.

Thislowfrequencysignalisfrequency modulatedwithultrasonicfrequenciesrange with wave length offewmillimeters.

Sincethewavelengthissmallerthebeam angle will be around 3 degree, as a result the sound beam will be a narrow one with a small dispersion.

Fig: AUDIO SPOTLIGHTING EMITTER WORKING.WORKING. Duetothenonlinearitypropertyofairnew sounds are formedwithin the wave.

The new frequencies (sounds) will be added into the sound wave by the air itself.

Thenewsoundsignalgeneratedwillbe corresponding to the original information signal with a frequency in the rangeof20 Hz to20 KHz.

Since we cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, we only hear the new sounds that are formed by the nonlinear actionof theairCOMPONENT OF HOLOSONIC SPOTLIGHTING SYSTEM1. Power Supply.2. Frequency oscillator.

3. Modulator.4. Audio signal processor.5. Microcontroller.6. Ultrasonic amplifier.7. Transducer.


11POWER SUPPLY Works on DC voltage. Ultrasonic amplifier requires 48V DC.

FREQUENCY OSCILLATOR Generates ultrasonic frequency signals in the range of (21,000 Hz to 28,000 Hz) which is required for the modulation of information signals.

MODULATOR Convert the source signal material into ultrasonic signal. Error correction is needed to reduce distortion without loss of efficiency.AUDIO SIGNAL PROCESSOREqualization and distortion control are performed in order to produce a good quality sound signal

ULTRASONIC Amplifiers amplifies the frequency modulated wave in order to match the impedance of the integrated transducers.

TRANSDUCER It is 1.27 cm thick and 17 in diameter.

Capable of producing audibility up to 200 meters with better clarity of sound.

Exploit the nonlinearity property of air.

12 Creates highly FOCUSED BEAM of sound

Sharper directivity than conventional loud speakers

Uses inherent non-linearity of air for demodulation


14HOW TO USE HOLOSONIC SPOTLIGHT ?There are two ways to use Audio Spotlight.

First it can direct sound at a specific target creating a contained area of listening space which is called Direct Audio.

Second it can bounce off of a second object creating an audio image.

15Ways To Use Holosonic SpotlightADVANTAGES

Can focus sound only at the place you want.

The focused or directed sound travels much faster in a straight line than conventional loudspeakers.

Dispersion can be controlled very narrow or wider to cover more listening area.

Can reduce or eliminate the feedback from microphones.

Highly cost effective as the maintenance required is less as compared to conventional loud speakers.


Presently Mercedes Benz buses are fitted with audio spotlighting speakers so that individual travelers can enjoy the music of there on interest.


Provide targeted directly at the point of purchase.


In museums holosonic spotlight can be used to describe about a particular object to a person standing in front it, so that the other person standing in front of another object will not be able to hear the description.


Public Announcement: Highly focused announcement in noisy environments such as subways, airports, amusement parks, traffic intersections etc.Military applications: Ship to ship communications and shipboard announcements.

.Entertainment system: In home theatre system rear speakers can be eliminated by the implementation of audio spotlighting and the properties of sound can be improvedFUTURE OF AUDIO SPOT LIGHTENINGHolds the promise of replacing conventional speakers.

Itallowstheusertocontrolthe directionofpropagation ofsound. Willforce the people to rethink their relationship with the sound.It really put sound where you wantit.


Holosonic Audio spotlighting is really going to make a revolution in sound transmission.

User can decide the path in which audio signal should propagate.

Holosonic Audio spotlighting system is going to shape the future of sound and will serve our ears with magical experience.


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