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Home Buying Tips

Date post:30-Dec-2015
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Home Buying Tips\n• VERIFY TITLE DEED\n• CHECK ENCUMBRANCE CERTIFICATE\n• APPROVALS BY LOCAL BODY\n• RELEASE CERTIFICATE\n• PROPERTY TAX RECEIPTS\n• VERIFY THE LAND-USE\n• CHECK THE SITE\n• TAXATION\nFirst thing you need to check is whether the seller has a right over the Property. See the title deed of the land to confirm whether the seller has the full right to sell the land. You can also take the help of a lawyer to get the deed examined. \"A mere NOC from the panchayats or other local bodies would not constitute approval by the authority.\"\nIt is important to verify that the land is free from legal dues. Sumit Jain, co-founder and chief executive officer commonfloor.com says, \"For this, check encumbrance certificate for, at least, 30 years. Given at the sub-registrar\'s office, this states that the said land does not have any legal dues and complaints.\"\nMake sure that the entire layout has been approved by the development corporation and local body of the city. Vijayasarathy, says, \"The plan of the layout must contain the seal and signature of the authority approving the same. Without this seal and signature, the layout cannot be deemed to be approved.\" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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