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  • Tour B-106

    Honeymoon in Croatian

    Discover the newest honeymoon frontier! You will be surprised how good it is

    10-day tour of must-see sites, exceptional gourmet food and wine in Croatia From $2,596.00 p.p. in 4-star hotels

    You will have your own driver, your own guides, cozy boutique hotels with lots of fluffy pillows and goose dawns

    Including 10 “must-see” sites plus truffle hunting safari, truffle cooking demo and more. Let us make this the trip of your lifetime. We will pamper you and care for you all the way, but we promise, we will let you alone too.

  • Congratulations and welcome to Croatia! Congratulations on tying the knots and thank you for choosing our country for your honeymoon! You are just about to take one of the most memorable trips to a beautiful country that for many years was under the radar. Croatia is truly wonderful destination and offers almost everything: rich history, culture, arts, architecture, ancient monuments (7 UNESCO sites), beautiful countryside, Adriatic Sea with its beautiful and rugged Dalmatian Coast and more than 1 200 islands, ideal Mediterranean climate, gourmet food, excellent wines and wonderful, warm and friendly people. Until 1991 Croatia was part of former Yugoslavia along with 6 other new countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and Kosovo. Bloody Balkan conflict of 1991-95 that took more than 250 000 lives, caused the break-up of Yugoslavia and 7 new countries were born. Croatia and Slovenia eventually became part of the EU while the other 5 are still struggling and trying to meet EU’s strict admission criteria. You will be surprised how beautiful Croatia is. Typical comment by first time visitor is: ”WOW! I did not know that Croatia is so beautiful and that has so much to offer.” We know how important this trip for you is and Mediterra staff will do everything and will go an extra mile to make sure you start your new life on a happy note. We hope you will find our country beautiful and will enjoy your trip. Congratulations and thank you for choosing Mediterra to be part of your life.

    YOUR ITINERARY This itinerary that we have created is just a sample of what we think you should see. Needless to say, we will tailor your arrangements to suit you plans, travel dates and budget. Please be assured that we will take good care of you and will be “hovering” during the entire trip. The minute you land in our country, we will be there for you and will virtually “hold your hand” during the entire trip. Our local Croatian office staff and our manager Ms. Jasmina Mikic whose personal cell phone you will have (supplied with your final documents), will be available to you 7/24 for any assistance or questions you might have. She will check with you on daily basis to make sure you are completely satisfied and well taken care off. For any issues, no matter where you will be, for any question, emergencies of any kind, dining suggestions and dining and concert reservations, and for anything else, Jasmina will be your main contact. Please feel free to contact her any time.



    Welcome to Croatia and welcome to Zagreb, the capital! One of Mediterra “cousins” will meet you and assist at ZAG airport. He/she will have lollypop sign you’re your name “M/M DOE” on it. Baggage assistance and private transfer to historic Hotel Esplanade (5-star/formerly Regent and featured in Agatha Christy’s novel “Murder on Orient Express”). Welcome dinner will be served at “Stari Puntijar” one of the most interesting restaurants in Zagreb. This restaurant hosted Pope John Paul II when he visited Croatia. Featured will be a selection of Croatian specialties, culinary creations reflecting the local gastronomy and presentation by master-chef/owner Zlatko and accompanied with wine tasting some of typical Croatian, locally grown and produced wines; Grasevina, Traminer, Riesling etc. Owners of this restaurant also have one of the richest cook- books library, cooking paraphernalia and menus from all over the world. In cook book collection, they have the smallest cook book in the world; merely

  • 1 sq. inch with some incredible recipes. Family cellar contains some of rarest wines and here chef Zlatko also performs ceremonial Champagne bottle opening with a sword. Return to hotel after this memorable dinner for overnight at Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb (by private car).

    Day 2

    ZAGREB-OPATIJA (approx. 160 km/2.0 hr. ride) Champagne breakfast in bed at your hotel in Zagreb. First thing after breakfast, we will take a walking tour of Zagreb with our “cousin” Petra, your private guide. She will take you to all interesting points, museums and tell you about history of this vibrant city. Having been part Austro-Hungarian Empire for many centuries, Zagreb was influenced in large measure by those rulers. The city's architecture resembles the buildings of Vienna, Budapest or Munich, thus earning it the nickname of “Little Vienna.” The Austrians also left their mark on culture, cuisine, industry and the general quality of life. The tour will include 2.0 hours light walking and visiting all the major historical and cultural attractions and points of interest, which are within walking distance in this beautiful city. You will be visiting among other attractions, the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art. Naïve art is very popular in Croatia and, in fact, originated in the vicinity of Zagreb about 75 years ago. According to local historians, on long winter nights when farming activity was relegated to merely feeding animals, several peasant farmers without formal education in art, ventured into depicting farm life and painting village motifs. Their art became an instant hit and more and more of them started getting involved in painting and sculpting. Today, some of those peasant artists earn more money from their art work than they will ever earn farming. Zagreb is one of 10 “must see” places in Croatia. To learn more about Zagreb: http://www.zagreb-touristinfo.hr/&lang=en

    After city tour of Zagreb, we will return to hotel, check out and our driver will pick you up in private car and take to Opatija (about 2.0 hr. drive on freeway). ABOUT OPATIJA: Opatija (pron: oh-pa-tee-yah) is probably the most elegant resort town on the entire Adriatic. Upon arrival in Opatija, our local “Cousin Maria will take us on a short (1.0 hr.) walking tour of this beautiful resort town and its Riviera. Opatija was during the Austrian and Habsburg ruling the winter playground of European nobility in the 18th, 19th and part of 20th century. While entire Europe was covered with snow, European royalty and aristocracy flocked during the winter months to this little warm Mediterranean spa-resort town resembling Monte Carlo. Anyone who was somebody in Europe at that time had to come to Opatija. Many hotels built to accommodate that nobility are to this day still here and accommodating thousands of tourists visiting Opatija every year. Your hotel Milenij (Millennium) was a private villa at one time and was also built by the Austrians.


  • Opatija is also the birthplace of scientist Leo Henrik Sternbach, the inventor of many medications and drugs including valium. Taking a walk on Opatija waterfront walk (15 mi. long-locals call in “Lungo Mare) is a pure delight. You will also come to the section where they have “walk of stars” similar to Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood California with stars on pavement honoring many Croatian celebrities and important personalities. To learn more about Opatija: http://www.opatija-tourism.hr/en/opatija/ 2-night accommodation in Opatija will be at 5* hotel Milenij right on waterfront. DAY 3


    “Circle of Istria” Excursion (with private car, driver and guide) Breakfast at hotel in Opatija. After breakfast, we will take a full-day excursion “Circle of Istria” with private car and guide. We will start with Pula, home to the best preserved Roman amphitheater and our “cousin” Maria will guide you throughout this entire excursion.

    PULA is the largest city here and also the site of Roman amphitheater. During their dominance in the Mediterranean the Romans built about 35 amphitheaters. With the exception of five or six, they were all completely destroyed. While the Roman Coliseum is the biggest, Pula amphitheater is the best preserved. Its entire structure, with only a few stones missing from massive walls, the structure is standing intact centuries later. It is still today used for civic events, including the annual Croatian summer film festival. Just outside Pula, there is a small archipelago Briuni where several very beautiful islands are located. In fact, one of those islands was the summer residence of former Yugoslav president Tito. Ironically, not far from it, another island called Goli Otok (Denuded Island) used to house political prisoners, those opposing Tito’s communist regime. The joke at that time was that: “Tito did not discriminate. He treated everyone equally, including his enemies.


  • They all spent summers on the islands”. Briuni is a short boat ride from Pula. Pula is one of 10 “must see” places in Croatia To learn more about Pula: http://www.pulainfo.hr/en/ After brief sightseeing of Roman amphitheater (locals call it Arena), continue driving to Rovinj (30 min), the most picturesque town in whole of the Mediterranean.

    ROVINJ is a typical Venetian style small town w

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