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Honeymoon Planning

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This is the article I wrote for the June 2010 issue of Las Vegas Bride Magazine.
  • 1. Honeymoon Planning Honeymoon planning doesnt need to be as stressfulas planning the wedding itself. Let an all-inclusivedestination take care of the details for you By: Melissa DuttonYour wedding day is fast approaching. You are worried about your head count, seating charts, floral arrangements, budgets, dress fittings and the list goes on. Somewhere in the planning process you have to think about your honeymoon. This, after all, is more than a vacation; its a once in a lifetime trip - your first trip as a married couple.As a newlywed-to-be, you are faced with so many options for your honeymoon. There are so many destinations, yet not so much time! As a newlywed myself, I had visions of a romantic getaway to the Tuscan Countryside or an exotic journey to the Orient. But reality soon set- in and not only was every detail of the wedding costing more than imagined, the planning process was riddled with stress. As the big day drew near, even the simplest detail seemed overwhelming- the nerve of the caterer to ask how we wanted the napkins folded!That was the moment of realization. Although planning trips is what I do for a living and my passion is to travel, the last thing we wanted to plan was another vacation. We wanted a honeymoon.

2. According to Websters, a honeymoon is a periodcourse of your meal, of harmony immediately following marriage. Ahh,all day long. You have harmony, just what we wanted, and needed. Justalready worn that think of how wonderful it will be to finally be married beautiful gown, now is while enjoying your newlywed status in a romantic not the time to worry and tranquil environment. An environment whereabout your waistline! the hardest decision to make will be, do I want an umbrella in my cocktail or not? So, you might be Now that the wedding wondering, where can you find this harmony? Anplanning is over, how all-inclusive resort will provide you with all of yourmagnificent will it be answersnot having to worry about the little details? One of the great things about an all-inclusive is No incessant exercise just that, all is included; which is ideal for a couple to fit into your dress, looking to stay on budget. You know the total no place settings, no cost upfront, so you never need to carry any cash in-laws, just you and your new spouse, enjoying during your stay. Accustomed to tipping everyonethe newlywed life. You can stay in bed all day, sit from the bellman to the bartender, our tips wereon the beach, go to the pool, try one of the water turned away on our honeymoon, as they weresports, play a round of golf, soak in the hot tub or included. Your all-inclusive stay will also offer you relax in the spa. Its all at your finger tips and easily endless food & beverage, ample entertainment, accessible at an all-inclusive. and countless activities from snorkeling and kayaking to scuba diving and beyond.These days, most couples already have a fully stocked linen closet and kitchen. If you are having The term all-inclusive may stir up connotations a hard time adding items onto your wedding of wild college kids partying until the break ofregistry, there is now a wonderful alternative, the dawn or families on holiday with their younghoneymoon registry. You can register for various children, but there is an abundant selection of all-aspects of your honeymoon such as a couples Melissa IntVeldt Dutton is the inclusive resorts that cater only to adults. Many massage, a private dinner on the beach, a Owner and Operator of My of these resorts cater to couples and newlyweds champagne breakfast on your terrace, the list goesTraveling Panda, a full-service by offering special honeymoon packages, on. You can create this registry on-line at www.travel agency specializing in couples massages, private dinners on the beach, lasvegasbride.honeymoonwishes.com and add itoffering affordable luxury to champagne breakfasts and more. Some evenas a link to your wedding website. Guests can group and individual travelers. have a special delivery box for room service, sochoose their gift online, and then the honeymoonMelissa spent years working your honeymoon suite can remain private!registry will notify you. It works out well because as a Destination Wedding you can have the funds directly deposited intoCoordinator in Las Vegas, All-inclusive resorts run the gamut when it comes your checking account and they are ready forproviding her with years of to whats for dinner? Its very convenient to haveimmediate use on your honeymoon.experience in Las Vegas it all there, on the grounds of the resort. No need weddings and honeymoons. to worry about suggestions from guidebooks or Just remember, your honeymoon is more than just And, yes, there really is a how to locate the newest it place to eat. Make it a vacation, it is your time to relax and unwind withtraveling panda named Staf- a goal to try all the options offered at your resort- your spouse after your wedding. Being able to field, visit www.mytraveling- from sit-down restaurants where you can order enjoy the new role as a husband or wife, withoutpanda.com to learn more. a la carte, to themed buffets, in-room dining orhaving to plan any of the minuet details, is a a made to order meal at the grill. And to top itwonderful thing. Take it from me, we loved our all- all off, you can try a different cocktail with each inclusive honeymoon!

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