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How Storytelling can boost your startup
Date post:11-Aug-2014
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Every entrepreuner has a story to tell. Get some insights on how to use storytelling techniques to tell your story!
<ul><li>HOW STORYTELLING STARTUP CAN BOOST YOUR </li><li>NOWADAYS MORE AND MORE PEOPLE HAVE THE DREAM TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESS INSTEAD OF WORKING FOR BIG COMPANIES! </li><li>WHY? </li><li>ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS IMPROVEMENT BECAUSE OF </li><li>UNDEFINED JOB ROLES BECAUSE OF </li><li>INNOVATION BECAUSE OF </li><li>OWNERSHIP BECAUSE OF </li><li>THAT MEANS THERES A LOT OF NEW BUSINESS POPPING OUT THERE. </li><li>BUT ITS NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT LOOKS! </li><li>71%OF THE DEAD COMPANIES LASTED LESS THAN TWO YEARS AFTER THEIR LAST FUNDING ROUND MOST DEAD COMPANIES DIED BEFORE RAISING &gt;$1M </li><li>SO... WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESSFUL STARTUPS AND FLOPS STARTUPS? </li><li>TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS SKILLS A REAL PROBLEM SUCCESS IS HERE A COMBINATION OF A FEW THINGS: </li><li>LETS TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! </li><li>A REAL PROBLEM... </li><li>WHICH IS A CONFLICT... </li><li>THAT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED... </li><li>LEADING TO A STORY. </li><li>SO, YOU NEED A GOOD STORY! </li><li>BUT MY BUSINESS DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH LIFE TIME HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE A STORY? </li><li>YOU YOUR PATH YOUR APPROACH YOUR MOTIVATIONS YOUR REASONS WHY {YOUR BUSINESS STORY </li><li>OK, IVE GOT THAT! BUT HOW CAN I TELL IT? </li><li>WELL, LETS TALK ABOUT STORYTELLING! </li><li>YOUR CONSUMERS ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS. THEY NEED OR WANT SOMETHING. </li><li>YOUR CONSUMERS ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS. THEY NEED OR WANT SOMETHING. YOU ARE HELPING THEM TO ACHIEVE THIS SOMETHING! </li><li>YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD BE AN ANSWER TO ONE OR MORE CONFLICTS </li><li>AND YOUR APPROACH SHOULD BE DONE TROUGH AN ARCHETYPE </li><li>BY THE WAY, THERES 12 OF THEM </li><li>SO, BETTER SAID... YOUR STORY IS ABOUT HOW AND WITH WHICH TONE OF VOICE YOURE GOING TO BRING A RESOLUTION! </li><li>THESE FOLKS ARE DOING IT JUST RIGHT: </li><li>Im planning a Wedding and its a lot of work! It takes a lot of time! There a lot of stuff that need to be done. The Consumers Conflict Example #1 </li><li>Dont worry, I GET IT! AS Example #1 </li><li>Emotion.me was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs that was getting married while working hard on their business. They didn't have time, so they hired a wedding planner, which is a very expensive service. Here they've noticed a gap where technology could be applied to make the life of brides and grooms easier. Example #1 The Resolution </li><li>Band t-shirts are kinda boring Is there any innovation that could make it more FUN? The Consumers Conflict Example #2 </li><li>Lets mix SKULLS with CUPCAKES! AS Example #2 </li><li>Example #2 The Resolution Johnny was a guy who thought band t-shirts were way too dark and boring. He decided to put some cupcakes on it as a joke. Guys thought it was funny, girls thought it was cute. He started to sell them from his truck and after a few years he opened shops he calls Bakeries. </li><li>I want to share things on the internet but I dont want people I know to see it. Facebook has too many social rules Boring. The Consumers Conflict Example #3 </li><li>LETS SHARE ANONYMOUSLY! AS Example #3 </li><li>Some people got sick of the fact that all the motivation there is behind social networks content publishing is ego and vanity. Whisper arises an anonymous social platform for people who want to creatively share and connect with others over experiences, feelings, thoughts and dreams that they can't communicate anywhere else. Example #3 The Resolution </li><li>NOW ITS YOUR TURN! </li><li>WHY DOES THE CONSUMER NEED YOU? THE CONFLICT </li><li>HOW IS IT GOING TO BE YOUR APPROACH? THE ARCHETYPE </li><li>WHAT DO YOU DO TO HELP THE CONSUMER ACHIEVE THEIR WISHES? YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE </li><li>GOOD LUCK!!! www.lukso.com.br </li></ul>
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