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How to Get an Internship

Date post: 16-Jan-2017
Author: erika-barth
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successfully get an internship Erika Barth Megan Newton SAB Fall 2014

How to successfully get an internship

How to successfully get an internship Erika BarthMegan NewtonSAB Fall 2014

Before the Internship Get involved with organizations that promote professional development/ build your portfolio Attend visiting professor and other guest speaker events Take the time to network whenever possible (you never know who could help you out later)Review your resume (make sure there are no mistakes-Career Leadership and Development Center can do this as well)

Social Media Be aware of everything you post online (potential employers can see these sites)Create a LinkedIn- dont be afraid to reach out but be selective who you connect with Reach out to people you know about potential internships

Attend Career Fairs Ohio University offers two major career fairs per year (Fall and Spring: Feb. 17 and 18)Dress to impress (Business Professional)Carry a padfolioDo prior research on all companies you want to talk to Introduce yourself and ask about internships!

Take advantage of resources Check out the Career and Leadership Development Center Attend workshopsSign up for Bobcat Career Link Check out the CLDC job search guide

Reaching out to AlumniAlumni are always willing to help fellow BobcatsFind alumni in the city/field youre interested inAsk to meet for coffee, send an email, etc..Dont be afraid to put yourself out there, you never know what could happen!

The InterviewResearch about the position/ company you are interviewing for Write 4-5 questions beforehand to ask during the interview Dress for the job you want First impression is important- make it a good one

Examples of Questions to ask What skills or attributes do you value most for someone hired for this position?How would you describe the culture here? What type of people tend to thrive in this environment?Can you describe a typical work day for the position?What are the next steps?

After the interview Follow up with a thank you email, or personalized card Regularly check email for updates Be patient! Just because the company hasnt got back to you doesnt mean you're out of the running for the position

Example Follow up emails

Dont judge an internship before you experience it...Experience is experience.You NEVER know what connections youll make and where they can help you go.It may not be your dream internship, but it sure can help you get there.

Good Luck! Hopefully with all these tools you will be able to land the internship of your dreams