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How to get an internship in the US?

Date post: 21-Jan-2017
Author: pierre-faure
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How to get an in the internship In english for French people ?
  • How to get an

    in theinte


    In english for French people


  • I thought is was impossible until I tried

  • Heres

    My english level

    h w

    Search and get a job

    And what I did to improve it



    Where, how, Visa

    Visa, Trip, Housing, Food

    Find the good one

  • My english level

    before ...

  • ... and after

  • Like most of the french students, I did

    10 yearsof fill in the blanks exercices and it didnt help me.

  • I used MosaLingua Apps (~6 both)

    I took private classes on LiveMentor

    With Rachael, native from San Francisco


    5 to 10 new cards a day with each app

    Ive heard a lot of good things about duolingo too


  • Search and get a job

  • Search ...

    twitter.com (#Search & @tweet)

    angel.co(Mostly startups)

    linkedin.com (Mostly big companies)

    indeed.com google.com


  • Order the offers by interest and

    trainwith the less interesting ones

    I failed miserably for my first interview and it was one of the startups I wanted the most.

  • their attention

    You can have up to 12 months with J1 Intern. Use that!



  • otivation letter email


    Why them?

    Skills & Experience

    Contact info

    1 sentence: Name and what you do

    1/2 sentences: What did you like about the website/strategy? 1 sentence: How long & when can you work for them?

    3 bullet points: List of your main skills described with 1 sentence about your experience.

    Website, Contact, Phone, Skype, LinkedIn, enclosed resume (US paper format),

    ! Tweet me something @pierrefaureweb, Ill forward you mine ;)

  • esume / CVR

    You are not supposed to tell your age.

    This is the resume I sent

  • ollow-up emailFPersevere

    Show them you want this internship!

    I sent a follow-up email with a pdf presentation " explaining why I wanted to work for them. I got an interview, then an offer :)


  • nterview

    Prepare basic questions and a presentation of yourself. Practice. Smile. Ask interesting questions.

    You must

    sell yourself

  • Got a Yes?

    Tell them its amazing and you are excited (Americans use excited a lot)

    Excited to - work with you - be part of the team -

  • Visa J1 Intern

    Your school must provide an internship agreement

    You need to be a student

    You can be paid

    DS-2019, DS-160, insurance, sponsor documents, various forms

    You will have lots of documents to fill

    A training period & long-term internship can be a good leverage

  • Other visas

    Up to 18 monthsNeed to have a masters degree + 1 year of professional experience

    J1 Trainee

    H1-BUp to 6 years This is a work visa, a company must sponsor you


  • Costs

  • Visa

    Travel Plane


    Company $0

    1500 - 2000

    700 - 1500

    You can negotiate with your company so they can help you

    E.g. If we are satisfied at the end of the training period, would you be able to help me with the cost of the visa?

    Depending on the duration & options Insurance is included with Parenthse

    Depending on the location, date & stops


  • Living in San Francisco


    $650 - $1200Depending on the nb of roommates, location,




    $1000 - $1800Depending on the nb of housemates,

    location, size,


    Forget it

    Private room


    monthly$300 - $500

  • $alaries

    In the tech industry you can definitely get a salary

    People get astonishing salaries as intern and you have the same brain/skills/capabilities than them. They just sold themselves better, try hard, find ideas and get results!

    Big company = Good salary

    Small company = You negotiate

    $0 to $7000 or more + equities (less likely)

    $0 to $5000 or more + equities

  • Housing

  • I first got a $1100 deal without food, then a $850 deal food included :)

    First housing

    Then once you are in the city

    AirbnbSafe and easy to use

    Craigslist, coworkers, ...

    It will be a bit more expensive the firsts months then youll find something there Be careful with people asking for money before visiting

    Search ...

  • Go for

    community livingyou will make good friends & meet awesome people

    I lived with 35 people for 6 months in the same house and it was full of benefits

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