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How to Grow Right by Tao Tao (GetYourGuide)

Date post:22-Nov-2014
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  • 1. How to grow right // How to make decisions Wayra Prague, 20 May 2014
  • 2. Small founder toolkit for making decisions May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 2
  • 3. Growth is the single defining characteristic of startups. -- Fred Wilson
  • 4. What I wont be talking about ! How to operate through the different growth phases (idea product/market fit growth company building) ! Book: Steve Blank ! How to deal with the psychological stress while growing ! Book: Ben Horowitz ! How to maintain >100% growth rates May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 5
  • 5. May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 6 Growth from the drivers seat = Making many good decisions
  • 6. Making
  • 7. Making decisions ! Recognize and ignore any fear related to the decision ! Make sure you have enough but not too much information (40-70%) ! Trust your gut May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 8
  • 8. many May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 9 many
  • 9. Speed wins Bad Good Product Take 8 months to release major feature Rapid A/B Tes9ng People Hire fast, re slow Hire slow, re fast Company Annual strategy Quarterly OKRs May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 10
  • 10. good decisions
  • 11. By three methods, we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. -- Confucius
  • 12. Where to apply which decision type? Company- Specicity Need for speed Dynamic Eciency Cost of failure Imita>on / Learning Low High Low High Reec>on / Analyzing High Low High High Experience / Doing High Low High Low May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 13
  • 13. Where we have made bad decisions People Product Company Imita>on Culture Applying hotel UX to ac9vi9es space Strategy Reec>on Organiza9onal structure 8 months to release one major feature Opera9ons Experience Finance May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 14
  • 14. Where we have made better decisions People Product Company Imita>on/Learning Organiza9onal structure Training A/B Tes9ng ideas Opera9ons Finance Reec>on Culture Give customers what they want Strategy Experience Hire & Fire A/B Tes9ng May 20, 2014 GetYourGuide AG 15
  • 15. Make Many Good Decisions
  • 16. Good luck Bad decisions make good stories

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