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How to rock at media literacy

Date post:04-Dec-2014
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This is my presentation from my #METC14 pre-con on ways to integrate media literacy into the classroom
  • 1. MEDIA LITERACYTo save the world Julie Smith @julnilsmith

2. SO WHAT IS IT? Too many official definitions 3. WHAT IT IS NOT Not media bashing Not educational technology 4. DEFINITIVE WORDS AccessCreateAnalyzeParticipateEvaluateInquire 5. A 21 ST CENTURY SURVIVAL SKILL We want critical media consumers Like a food critic? 6. THE CHALLENGE : 7. WHY BOTHER? 8. 72% of middle schoolers have three hours of screen time per day 9. 20% of toddlers under 3 have TVs in their rooms 10. 46% of students get news The Daily Show Colbert Report South Park. 11. 10% of teens say they are not interested at all in the news because it is not presented in an interesting way. 12. AVERAGE HOUR OF PRIME TIME: 2 mins 51 seconds of in-show brand appearances 18 mins 12 seconds of commercials(35% of the hour) 13. TOP TRAFFIC SITES 2013 14. Average age when a child begins consuming online information :8 15. 25% of kids log onto social media sites more than 10x / day 16. 1/3 users check 5x day350 million photos uploaded daily Fastest growing age group on Facebook? Minimum age = 13 17. TWITTER FACTS 32% of internet users are on Twitter 1 million accounts added daily in 2012 40% of Twitter users have never tweeted 18. INSTAGRAM Photo sharing website You follow users and like their photos HOT for middleschoolers Visually based 40 million photos uploaded daily 19. VINE Just like Twitter but with 6 second looping videos only no text Only a MOBILE app Minimum age now 17 to download 20. SNAP CHAT Only a MOBILE app Photos disappear after 10 seconds Minimum age - 13 21. WHISPER Totally anonymous No emails required No user profilesAge minimum = 17 3 billion views/month 22. HOT OR NOT 23. the time black holeconstant state of inadequacy 24. ASK FM Needs to be 13 Anonymous contentLinked thru FB & Twitter No privacy settings 25. OTHER SOCIAL APPS 26. FROM A 6 TH GRADE SURVEY :Social media help me with my comunation 27. When I had instagram, I felt like I fit in. Now that I dont have it, I feel more ignored. I feel almost left out I guess 28. WE SEE 3000 ADS PER DAY 29. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN.. 30. MY THEORY : We cant change the message We cant change the sender We CAN educate the receiver 31. HOW? We ask questions. Lots of them. 32. WHO IS THE COMMUNICATOR? 33. WHAT IS THE FORMAT? 34. NEWS THE WEEK OF JAN 16-22 35. NEWSPAPERS 36. INTENDED AUDIENCE? (why are there no shows aimed at senior citizens?) 37. WHAT IS THE CONTENT? 38. WHAT TECHNIQUES ARE USED? 39. QUARTER POUNDER 40. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? 41. YOUR MISSION: Become a media literacy rock star. You can do it! Heres how: 42. TEACH ENGLISH? How does the form change the content? 43. TURN AUTHORS INTO ADVERTISERS 44. ANALYZE WORD CHOICE IN THE NEWS 45. TEACH MATH? 60 Min ProgramContent Ads 46. TEACH SCIENCE? 47. TEACH SOCIAL STUDIES? 48. VID OF MSNBC INTERVIEW 49. TEACH HEALTH? 50. TEACH MUSIC? How does music change the story? 51. TEACH ART? 52. - BE A BIT OF A MEDIA JUNKIE 53. - EMBRACE TEACHING ON THE FLY 54. - LEARNFROM YOUR STUDENTS 55. -HAVE ENTHUSIASM! After all.you get to talk about Twitter! Jersey Shore! Justin Bieber! Other peoples mistakes! 56. - BE PREPARED TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO Its the most important topic in the world, but people wont understand. Its okay. 57. - BEPROUDYou will be the most important teacher they have . 58. WHERE TO START??? LiveBinders for plans & ideas Twitter for other ML teachers & info # medialiteracy Pinterest for Media Lit/ Ad Boards & examples Current Issues for discussion topics/ideas 59. WWW.MEDIALITERACYED.NET

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