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How to Use Your StadiumRoar Website - For Recreation Directors

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  • How to Use Your StadiumRoar Website For Recreation Directors 1
  • Table of Contents Page 3 Login and Get Started Page 4 My Sites Page 5 Top Buttons Page 6 Start Customizing Page 7 The Home Screen Page 8 Registration Admin View Page 9 Registration Public View Page 10 Main Navigation Buttons Page 11 Basic Information Buttons Page 12 Facility Scheduling Part 1 Page 13 Facility Scheduling Part 2 Page 14 Discussions Page 15 Forms Page 16 Photos/Videos Page 17 Calendar Page 18 Scores/Stats 2
  • Login and Get StartedNow that youve signed up itsimportant to know all the benefits ofusing your StadiumRoar website.You can log-in anytime by visitingwww.stadiumroar.com. Enter youremail address and password andclick the green LOGIN button. 3
  • My Sites As soon as you log-in, youll be taken to your MY SITES section where you can manage your sites. Click on the link to your site to view the site as a Manager. This is also called the Admin view. Its important to note that the admin view, or your view of the site when you login, is different from the Public view, or the way a general person views your site during a browser session. As an admin, you can add, edit or delete any information on the site; public visitors cant make these changes. 4
  • Top Buttons As admin of your site, you are the only one that has access to the silver buttons at the top of the screen. These are MY SITES, PEOPLE & EMAIL, FACILITY SCHEDULER, SITE INVITES and MY USER INFO. PEOPLE & EMAIL allows you to store contact information for department staff, committee chairs, athletic directors, league directors, club directors, coaches, officials, etc. You can email participants individually or create email groups to send bulk emails directly from your site. FACILITY SCHEDULER allows you to easily manage time-slot schedules at the facilities your departments programs utilize (fields, courts, gyms, rooms, etc). SITE INVITES is where you receive invitations to become an admin of other StadiumRoar websites. If you decide to invite other people to be admins of your site, they will receive a site invite in their own personal Site Invites section. MY USER INFO allows you to change your password and other biographical information at any time. 5
  • Start Customizing Once you visit your site as an admin, the first thing youll want to do is make sure the main contact information, logo, and site colors are customized to your department. You can do this quickly by clicking on the ADD LOGO and CUSTOMIZE YOUR SITES COLORS in the upper left corner. Then click the ADD CONTACT INFO in the black scoreboard area. 6
  • The Home Screen 1) Management. You can add managers to your site at any time and make them Admins just like you. They will also be able to add, edit and delete information. 2) Description. Give your site a brief description which tells the public what your department and your new site are all about. This is a great place to add instructions about how you want visitors to use your site (ex: which buttons to click for certain material).3) Announcements. Keep your participants up-to-date with announcements. Just click the greenUPDATE button to post an announcement; you can post as many announcements as youd like, andeven attach files to your announcements (Word documents, etc). The announcements will beautomatically emailed to participants who register on your site using the REGISTRATION TOOL. 7
  • Registration Admin View The Registration Tool lets you set up online registration for your department. You can conduct online registration for all types of programs and events that your department oversees. The Registration Info button allows you to see who has registered for your programs. 8
  • Registration Public View Department participants click the REGISTER button when they visit your site in the public view. They can then choose if they want to sign up individuals for your programs (ex, a parent signing up a child) or sign up an entire team (ex, a coach signing up a team). As people sign up, you will receive all of their information in the admin view. 9
  • Main Navigation Buttons The blue buttons in the middle of the site are your main navigation buttons; they open up specific pages on your website. Feel free to use as many or as few of them as you need. 10
  • Basic Information Buttons General is your section to post any sort of general information related to your department. You can write freely about topics of interest to your constituents. News is your section to post articles about your department (ex: game write ups, player spotlights or news from within the department). As admin, you can decide whether site admins have exclusive rights to posting news or if all website visitors can post news (team parents, local reporters, etc). Programs is your section to add the programs and events that are related to your department; for example, leagues, clubs, teams, camps, tournaments, council meetings, fundraisers, etc. For each entry, you can include names, short descriptions, contact info and website links. Bios is your section to add names, photos and bios of players, coaches and directors. You can add names, background information and even photos of each person. Addresses is your section to add the names, addresses and directions for all game, practice and event locations that pertain to your department. You can also include links to Mapquest, Google Maps, or other sites that help with driving directions. 11
  • Facility Scheduling Part 1 To start facility scheduling, click the white flag at the top of the screen. Only admins have access to the buttons at the top of the screen. Facility Scheduling is an easy way to manage time slots for every playing location (LOCATIONS) and leagues/teams (PROGRAMS) that are involved in your department. You simply (1) add all of your playing locations, (2) add your leagues/teams, and (3) book time slots for leagues/teams at each location. Be as specific as possible when you add programs names. For example, a program name might look like this: In-Town Soccer League - U10 Boys Team A STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 1 12
  • Facility Scheduling Part 2 Once you create facility schedules, you can instantly share these schedules with department participants on your website. Click the blue Facilities button and then check off DISPLAY to post your schedules. Anyone can view or print facility schedules. In addition, people can even send you online requests for facility time slots. To accept online requests, click the Location Requests button and follow the simple steps to receive requests online. 13
  • Discussions Discussions allows anyone to create a topic and talk about that topic with other website visitors; this section works just like any website forum. If you ever want to disable Discussions, you can check a box at the bottom of the page and turn off the conversation. 14
  • Forms Forms allows you to post all of the important paperwork that you need filled out, signed or read by department participants. You can upload any sort of file in this section (Word documents, Excel documents, PDF documents, etc). Website visitors can download these documents with just a click. 15
  • Photos/Videos Photos/Videos is the media center for your department. Here you can upload all the photos that coaches and parents have taken and videos that coaches and parents have recorded. People can view your photos and videos at any time, and even post comments on them. You can turn off commenting at any time by clicking the Disable Comments button. 16
  • Calendar Your department calendar allows you to share programs day-to-day activities. Here you can post game match-ups, like Team 1 vs Team 2 on May 3, recurring events like practices every Tuesday at 8pm and single events like a tournament or team trip. Your calendar can be viewed in two ways the first, traditional view, is shown below. The second is the list view, and shows all events in a chronological list. Each view can be printed by site visitors with just a click. 17
  • Scores/Stats You and other admins (league directors, club directors, coaches, etc) can keep a record of teams game scores and player statistics. We automatically tally team stats and season totals for you. 18
  • Get Started Today! Visit http://www.stadiumroar.com Contact us with any questions: [email protected] | 908-591-5448 19
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