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HTML. Basic HTML HTML document – HTML headings – to HTML paragraphs – HTML links – HTML...

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HTMLBasic HTMLHTML document

HTML headings to HTML paragraphs HTML links HTML images

HTML AttributesAttributeDescriptionaltSpecifies an alternative text for an imagedisabledSpecifies that an input element should be disabledhrefSpecifies the URL (web address) for a linkidSpecifies a unique id for an elementsrcSpecifies the URL (web address) for an imagestyleSpecifies an inline CSS style for an elementtitleSpecifies extra information about an element (displayed as a tool tip)valueSpecifies the value (text content) for an input element.HTMLHeadingsTagDescription

Defines an HTML document

Defines the document's body

Defines the document's head element to Defines HTML headings

Defines a horizontal lineHTMLParagraphsTagDescription

Defines a paragraph
Inserts a single line break

Defines pre-formatted textHTMLStylesstyleattribute for styling HTML elementsbackground-colorfor background colorcolorfor text colorsfont-familyfor text fontsfont-sizefor text sizestext-alignfor text alignmentHTML Text Formatting ElementsTagDescriptionDefines bold textDefines emphasized textDefines italic textDefines smaller textDefines important textDefines subscripted textDefines superscripted textDefines inserted textDefines deleted textDefines marked/highlighted textHTML Quotation and Citation ElementsTagDescriptionDefines an abbreviation or acronymDefines contact information for the author/owner of a documentDefines the text directionDefines a section that is quoted from another sourceDefines the title of a workDefines a short inline quotationHTMLStyles - CSSHTMLstyleattribute for inline stylingHTMLelement to define internal CSSHTMLelement to refer to an external CSS fileHTMLelement to store and elementsCSScolorproperty for text colorsCSSfont-familyproperty for text fontsCSSfont-sizeproperty for text sizesCSSborderproperty for visible element bordersCSSpaddingproperty for space inside the borderCSSmarginproperty for space outside the borderHTMLLinkselement to define a linkhrefattribute to define the link addresstargetattribute to define where to open the linked documentelement (inside ) to use an image as a linkidattribute (id="value") to define bookmarks in a pagehrefattribute (href="#value") to link to the bookmarktargetattributeTarget ValueDescription_blankOpens the linked document in a new window or tab_selfOpens the linked document in the same frame as it was clicked (this is default)_parentOpens the linked document in the parent frame_topOpens the linked document in the full body of the windowframenameOpens the linked document in a named frameHTML ImagesHTMLelement to define an imageHTMLsrcattribute to define the URL of the imageHTMLaltattribute to define an alternate text for an image, if it cannot be displayedHTMLwidthandheightattributes to define the size of the imageCSSwidthandheightproperties to define the size of the imageCSSfloatproperty to let the image floatHTMLelement to define an image-mapHTMLelement to define the clickable areas in the image-mapHTML 's elementusemapattribute to point to an image-mapHTML Table TagsHTMLelement to define a tableHTMLelement to define a table rowHTMLelement to define a table dataHTMLelement to define a table headingHTMLelement to define a table captionCSSborderproperty to define a borderCSSborder-collapseproperty to collapse cell bordersCSSpaddingproperty to add padding to cellsCSStext-alignproperty to align cell textCSSborder-spacingproperty to set the spacing between cellscolspanattribute to make a cell span many columnsrowspanattribute to make a cell span many rowsidattribute to uniquely define one tableTagDescriptionDefines a tableDefines a header cell in a tableDefines a row in a tableDefines a cell in a tableDefines a table captionSpecifies a group of one or more columns in a table for formattingSpecifies column properties for each column within a elementGroups the header content in a tableGroups the body content in a tableGroups the footer content in a tableHTML Table TagsHTML List TagsHTMLelement to define an unordered listHTMLstyleattribute to define the bullet styleHTMLelement to define an ordered listHTMLtypeattribute to define the numbering typeHTMLelement to define a list itemHTMLelement to define a description listHTMLelement to define the description termHTMLelement to define the description dataLists can be nested inside listsList items can contain other HTML elementsCSS propertydisplay:inlineto display a list horizontallyUnordered HTML Lists - The Style AttributeStyleDescriptionlist-style-type:discThe list items will be marked with bullets (default)list-style-type:circleThe list items will be marked with circleslist-style-type:squareThe list items will be marked with squareslist-style-type:noneThe list items will not be markedOrdered HTML Lists - The Type AttributeTypeDescriptiontype="1"The list items will be numbered with numbers (default)type="A"The list items will be numbered with uppercase letterstype="a"The list items will be numbered with lowercase letterstype="I"The list items will be numbered with uppercase roman numberstype="i"The list items will be numbered with lowercase roman numbersHTMLBlock and Inline ElementsBlock-level ElementsA block-level element always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available (stretches out to the left and right as far as it can).Examples of block-level elements: - Inline ElementsAn inline element does not start on a new line and only takes up as much width as necessary.Examples of inline elements: HTMLClassesClassing Block ElementsClassing Inline ElementsHTMLLayoutsHTML Layout Using ElementsHTML Layout Using TablesHTML iframeSyntax:- Use iframe as a Target for a LinkW3Schools.comHTMLFormsThe element is the most important form element.The element has many variations, depending on the type attribute.Attribute of FORMDescriptionaccept-charsetSpecifies the charset used in the submitted form (default: the page charset).actionSpecifies an address (url) where to submit the form (default: the submitting page).autocompleteSpecifies if the browser should autocomplete the form (default: on).enctypeSpecifies the encoding of the submitted data (default: is url-encoded).methodSpecifies the HTTP method used when submitting the form (default: GET).nameSpecifies a name used to identify the form (for DOM usage: document.forms.name).novalidateSpecifies that the browser should not validate the form.targetSpecifies the target of the address in the action attribute (default: _self).HTMLForm ElementsTagDescriptionDefines an HTML form for user inputDefines an input controlDefines a multiline input control (text area)Defines a label for an elementGroups related elements in a formDefines a drop-down listDefines an option in a drop-down listDefines a clickable buttonHTML Input TypesInput type text Input type passwordInput type radioInput type checkboxInput type buttonInput type number - with restrictionsInput type number - with steps Input type date - with date pickerInput type date - with restrictionsInput type color - with color pickerInput type rangeInput type monthInput type weekInput type timeInput type datetimeInput type datetime-localInput type emailInput type searchInput type telInput type urlHTMLInput AttributesThe value AttributeThe name AttributeThe ID AttributeThe readonly AttributeThe disabled AttributeThe size AttributeThe maxlength Attribute