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Human Robot Interaction

Date post: 05-Jan-2016
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Human Robot Interaction. Steven Shark Aerospace Engineering Arizona State University Mentor: Dr. Winslow Burleson. Introduction. Human Robot Interaction Curriculum Basics to robotics and programming Terrain Mapping Pet Replication Designed for secondary education and above. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Human Robot Human Robot Interaction Interaction Steven Shark Steven Shark Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering Arizona State University Arizona State University Mentor: Dr. Winslow Burleson Mentor: Dr. Winslow Burleson
  • Human Robot InteractionSteven SharkAerospace EngineeringArizona State UniversityMentor: Dr. Winslow Burleson

  • IntroductionHuman Robot Interaction CurriculumBasics to robotics and programming Terrain Mapping Pet Replication Designed for secondary education and above

  • TechnologyFor humans by humansTechnology makes our lives easierHelps get tasks/goals completedEverything from getting into space to cleaning the floor.

  • RoboticsAutomation is the keyRepetitive tasksIncomparable precision Artificial intelligence is rapidly progressingThe three DsDirtyDullDangerous

  • The InteractionWith increasing robotic technology, the need to bridge the gap between humans and robots also increases.

    Need for basic understanding of robotic principles, control, and application.

  • Human Robot Interaction Curriculum Build a core foundation of robotic principlesEngineering Design ProcessCreative and Critical ThinkingRobotic TechnologiesProgrammingSensor Incorporation

  • Application of Core

    Develop an understanding for how robotics are used.

    Be able to use what was learned and apply to real life engineering situations.

  • Terrain Mapping with robotsApplied in situations where humans lack the precision and/or the environmental sustainability to properly carry out the procedure.e.g. Mars

  • Pet Replication with robotsDesign of pet behavior replicationUsing more advanced programming theories to produce AI type resultsRandom motions and reaction to stimuli.

  • IRobot CreateBased off the IRobot RoombaFully programmable robotVariety of sensorsBump, Infrared, Cliff, Wheel dropAll Movements can be controlledPerfect tool for application of a basic robotics curriculum

  • Programming LanguageJAVAStraight forwardEasy to use and learn

    Used to set up basic libraries specific for the Create.

  • Final ProductA curriculum that teaches the basics of robotics and the application of the technology and theories usedAllows for the understanding of how humans and robots interactAllows for students to gain an interest in science in technology

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