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Hunting and Fishing

Date post: 23-Feb-2016
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Hunting and Fishing. How innocent animals are being wiped out. . No more hunting and fishing. A major issue in environmental sustainability is endangered animals. We can NOT keep killing innocent animals for ‘research’ or as a sport! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Hunting and Fishing How innocent animals are being wiped out.
Page 1: Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and FishingHow innocent animals are being wiped out.

Page 2: Hunting and Fishing

No more hunting and fishing• A major issue in environmental sustainability is

endangered animals. We can NOT keep killing innocent animals for ‘research’ or as a sport!

• If we do keep killing animals, they will become critically endangered and eventually extinct. This will destroy the balance of the ecosystem beyond repair.

• Whale’s main food source is krill. Krill eat plankton (which produces 50-90% of earths oxygen). If there are no whales, then there is too many krill. Krill will eat all of the plankton. This will alter the oxygen levels in the atmosphere.

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• The earliest form of whaling began in the 12th century.• In the 19th century, whaling techniques were

modernised, triggered by a demand for whale oil. • Later, in the 20th century, the demand changed into

margarine and meat.• Recently, Japanese whalers claimed that they were

killing whales for ‘research’ • Hunting began as a sport in the 19th century. Hunters

use the head or pelt of an animal as a trophy.

When did it start

Page 5: Hunting and Fishing

Whaling facts• Japan has killed over 8200 minke whales in Antarctica since 1986,

for “scientific research”. • Currently, nothing important has been found in their “scientific

purposes” whaling scheme. • In the 2006/2007 season, Japan killed a total of 866 whales

including 3 Southern Hemisphere fin whales, 508 Southern Hemisphere minke whales, 197 North Pacific minke whales, 51 North Pacific Brydes whales, 101 North Pacific sei whales and 6 North Pacific sperm whales.

• In 2012, Japan caught 266 minke whale and 1 fin whale in the Antarctic ocean

• Norway has taken 545 in the 2006 season.

Page 6: Hunting and Fishing

• 20% of foxes who have been wounded by hunters are shot again.

• 11% of deer who had been killed by hunters, only died after been shot at least 2 times. Some wounded deer suffered in pain for 15 minutes before dying.

• 50% of animals that are shot with a crossbow are seriously injured but not killed, leaving them in agony.

• Hunting disrupts animals families, migration and overall the environment.

• Hunting is the cause for more than 50% of the crippled and wounded animals rate.


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Page 8: Hunting and Fishing

• Thankfully, there are lots of organisations to help the majority stop fishing and hunting. These groups include Greenpeace, In Defence of Animals (IDA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Friends of Animals, Fish Feel, Animal Rescue Team, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), etc.

• We are also having a lot of protests and campaigns. Laws are being placed to stop hunting and fishing.

• Below are some links on environmental organisations. • http://www.idausa.org/campaigns/wild-free2/habitats-campaign/anti-hunting/ ~

http://www.peta.org/issues/wildlife/why-sport-hunting-is-cruel-and-unnecessary.aspx ~• http://friendsofanimals.org/ ~ http://www.fishfeel.org/ ~ • http://whalerescueteam.org/ ~ http://www.sharkonline.org/ ~

http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/ ~


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Page 10: Hunting and Fishing

• More protests – get more people aware and willing to help• The law: “No hunting, fishing or hurting animals at all

times, everywhere and no excuses” – completely ban it• Heavy fines and gaol sentence if illegally committing the

crime – help stamp it out!• Stop selling guns, harpoons, lances etc. – limit the places

where they can do damage. • If you are fishing for recreation, once you catch a fish, throw it

back (if alive)• Have places were you can shoot dummies. So you can have

‘fun’ but not kill animals.

Our ideas on how to fix the issue

Page 11: Hunting and Fishing

They need your help!