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Hydraulic fracturing presentation

Date post: 18-Nov-2014
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Hydraulic Fracturing Robert Sittman Christopher Conway Guadalupe Candanedo Einav Henenson Justin Pfledderer
  • 1. Robert Sittman Christopher ConwayGuadalupe Candanedo Einav Henenson Justin Pfledderer
  • 2. commercialhttp://youtu.be/X8du6pQbvyo
  • 3. 2005 Energy ActAdvances in the HF processChemicals
  • 4. Enormous potential for both the economy and theenvironmentJobs!!!Greenhouse gas advantagesNational security benefitsLower costs to consumersA safe process
  • 5. What the Frack?
  • 6. LandWater Air
  • 7. Intragenerational inequality-certain people suffer whileothers benefitIntergenerational inequality-contaminated waterresources for the futureInterspecies inequalityanimals are harmed
  • 8. Social Marginal Cost$ Private Marginal Cost$* Marginal Damage Marginal Benefit Q* Q
  • 9. Environmental damageTechnical advancesPolicy design and evaluationCost of policies
  • 10. Pass the 2012 Frac ActTechnological based performance standardPerformance bondQuasi option value
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