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Hygienic Keyboards & Mice

Date post:21-Mar-2016
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  • MAN & MACHINE presents

    [email protected] www.man-machine.com Phone (301) 341-4900

    The Key to Infection Control!

    Man & Machine offers a complete range of cleanable keyboards and mice to accommo-date varied medical environments and budgets. In fact, our products are used in many of the largest hospitals, laboratories and medical offices worldwide. Designed with you in mind, our peripherals enhance patient safety and infection control. All with features and options that anticipate your needs. Plus, the unsurpassed performance and reliability that allows us to provide the best warranties in the business.

    Washable & Waterproof

    Used in hospitals World Wide

    Our client list incluedshundreds of Hospitals, Medical Offices & Laboratories Worldwide

    inCrediblY dUrable

    Hygienic Keyboards & MiceKeyboards so Clean people Cant Wait to Get their hands on them

    diRT &GeRms

    Blood &Fluids

    Bacteria &Virus

    The Problem with Most Keyboards

    Most keyboards cant take the rigorouscleanings required to enhancepatient safety and infection control. They have seams that allow liquid topenetrate and crevices wherebacteria gather, creating a hazard forstaff and patients.

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  • [email protected] www.man-machine.com Phone (301) 341-4900

    Medical Keyboards & Mice

    Premium ProductsOur rugged, fully-sealed keyboards, with no moving parts to replace, set thegold standard for infection control.

    Value Products

    Really Cool

    Really Cool Touch

    Really Cool LP

    Slim Cool +

    Slim Cool

    U Cool

    KeYboard loCKOn Every KeyboardSimply hold both control keys to lock the keyboard for easy cleaning while still attached to your PC.


    MaGfix Built in magnets allow typing at any angle. No VelcroTM needed.

    3-WaY baCKliGhtOur backlight lets you type in low light or total darkness.

    Options & Features

    Man & Machine Keyboards arean intergral part of anymedical toolkit.

    Fitted DrapesA Fitted Drape makesyour U Cool or B Cooleasier to clean.

    short CableCustom cable lenghts meansno more tangles.

    MightyMouse 5


    B Cool

    Simply Cool TouchSimply Cool

    Budgets stay healthy with our value line of disinfectablekeyboards and mice.

    rev 1.0

    The Key to Infection Control!

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