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How to build a winning presentation
  • 1. A Winning Presentation In 10 Slides (or Less) IAAP Grand River Chapter March 2013 Curt Hammond, Chief Listening Officer Pearl Street Communications

2. pearlstreet.ca 3. pearlstreet.ca Today Telling vs sharing Thinking about audiences The value you bring vs what you do Tips and ideas 4. pearlstreet.ca What Makes A Good Talk? 5. pearlstreet.ca Story vs facts Paper vs person 6. pearlstreet.ca The 10 Slide Rule Guy Kawasaki 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point fonts Its a ruleso break it Focus 7. pearlstreet.ca Getting Started Slide 1: Title Name, org and date Slide 2: Tell a story or engage Big simple image Slide 3: Context 3 bullets to educate 8. pearlstreet.ca Down To Brass Tacks Slide 4: Key message #1 Slide 5: Key message #2 Slide 6: Key message #3 1 header, 3 bullets Slide 7: Re-enforce your value Why your 3 KM matter 9. pearlstreet.ca Close The Deal Slide 8: Ask Make a specific call to action Slide 9: Back to the beginning Close your story Slide 10: Thank you & co- ordinates 10. pearlstreet.ca The Basics About You About Them Practical Tips Practice Public Speaking 101 11. pearlstreet.ca Be you Be on time Be prepared Be flexible Be passionate The Basics 12. pearlstreet.ca Confidence, presence and energy Less is more Say it: The tip of the tongue, the teeth and the lips. Getting Ready 13. pearlstreet.ca Audiences can look tough, even if they are not Audiences want you to win Audiences do not know your organization well About Them 14. pearlstreet.ca Look around the room Breathe normally Stay in control of your hands and feet Start and end with a thank you When Talking 15. pearlstreet.ca KM #1 Less Is More Nike slogan Nike slogan written by non-profit steering committee 16. pearlstreet.ca KM #2 Its Not About You Start where the audience is Assume very little Less I and more you Watch sector jargon 17. pearlstreet.ca KM #3 Good Design Matters Do Use A template White background Two font families Strong pics Do NOT Use Clip art Too much animation More than 3 colors 18. pearlstreet.ca Un-deck Yourself Prezi Slide Rocket Haiku Deck (iPad) iStockPhoto 19. pearlstreet.ca Final Tips Tell a story about how your org makes a difference Stay away from stats Max 25 words per slide Be flexible and follow your audience 20. pearlstreet.ca Practice makes perfectYour Talk 21. pearlstreet.ca Thank You Curt Hammond Chief Listening Officer pearlstreet.ca @energyonthest 519.846.8130

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