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  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player


    ver. 1.4EN

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    Thank you or purchasing a COWON product.

    We do our utmost to deliver DIGITAL PRIDE to our customers.

    This manual contains inormation on how to use the product and the precautions to take during use.

    I you amiliarize yoursel with this manual, you will have a more enjoyable digital experience.

    Introduction to website

    + The address o the product-related website is http://www.COWON.com.

    + You can download the latest inormation on our products and newest rmware rom our website.

    + For rst-time users, we provide an FAQ section and a user guide.

    + Become a member o the website by using the serial number on the back o the product to register the product.

    You will then be a registered member.

    + Once you become a registered member, you can use the one-to-one enquiry service to receive online customer advice.

    You can also receive inormation on new products and events by e-mail.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    All rights reserved by C


    + COWON is a registered trademark o COWON SYSTEMS, INC.

    + COWON SYSTEMS, INC. owns the copyright to this manual, and any unauthorized distribution o its contents, whether in

    is strictly prohibited.

    + COWON SYSTEMS, INC. complies with laws and regulations related to records, disks, videos and games. Users are also

    comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

    + As soon as you purchase the product, visit the website (http://www.COWON.com), and become a registered member.

    You will benet rom various member services.

    + This manual is based on product specications, and various exemplary texts, illustrations, pictures, detailed unctions and

    specications contained herein can be altered without any prior notice by the copyright owner.

    BBE inormation

    + BBE Sound, Inc. owns the license to the BBE name and inormation as applied to this product, in compliance with USP4and 5736897.

    + BBE and the BBE symbol are registered trademarks o BBE Sound, Inc.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player


    +CONTENTSBeore you start!


    Package Contents

    Names o Parts and Functions


    Connecting and Disconnecting the PC

    Firmware Upgrade

    Basic UseLED Lamp Description

    Music Playback and Using the Product

    AdditionalProduct Specications

    COWON MediaCenter Converting Music CDs with JetAu


  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player


  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +PrecautionsAs these precautions are provided or the correct use o the product as well as user saety, be sure to amiliarize your

    company will not be held responsible or any accident that may occur due to the ailure to heed these precautions. Th

    applies commonly to all products manuactured and produced by COWON SYSTEMS, INC.

    + Do not use this product or other purposes than those described in this manual.

    + Handle manual, product package materials, accessories, etc with care to prevent cuts and injuries to your body.

    + Do not view videos, pictures and texts stored in your player while driving a vehicle or your saety.

    Operating other eatures o the player is also dangerous and may cause atal accidents while driving.

    + The wearing o earphones while operating a vehicle, exercising, or walking may impair driving, mask or prevent recognition

    signals, alarms, announcements, the approach o vehicles and human speech. Doing so may also be unlawul depending

    + Do not use detergent or other chemicals on the product surace as it may cause ading. In this case, wipe the polluted area care

    + Do not expose the player in either cold weather o under 0 or hot temperature over 40 such as inside automobiles.

    This may cause atal damages to your player.+ Do not expose the player to water or keep it in a damp or humid location or an extended period o time. I the player is da

    as described above, product ailure is then classied as a users misuse.

    + Take extra care not to apply external shock or pressure when using products with displays(LCD, AMOLED, or Touch Pad

    voided i damage occurs due the aorementioned circumstances.

    + Do not attempt to disassemble the player. Disassembly will void the warranty and the unit will be permanently disqualied


    Beore you start!

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Precautions+ Do not mix directions when connecting cables to your player or PC. Connecting cables incorrectly may damage your pla

    Also, do not bend or press connection cables with heavy objects.

    + I you smell something burning or eel excessive heat while using the product, press the RESET button to stop operation

    o purchase.

    + Touching the player with wet hands may cause damages and malunctions. Handle the power plug only with dry hands (

    shock may occur).

    + Listening at high volume (85 dB and above) or an extended period o time may harm your hearing.

    + For your protection, use the player in a well lit area where LCD screen will not overly strain your eyes.

    + Using the player in places with high occurrences o static electricity may cause malunctions.

    + In case o using this device primarily or a storage device, it is recommended to back up all data beore use. COWON SY

    responsible or any data loss due to hardware ailure.

    + All data stored in the player may become deleted when being serviced. Our Service Center does not back up les while r

    Please note that COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. is not responsible or any data loss rom products entrusted to us or service.+ Keep the player in cool and ventilated places, away rom direct sunlight as it may cause deormation and damages to internal c

    + For your own saety, it is recommended that customers use the USB power adaptor and simple USB connector approve

    SYSTEMS, Inc.

    + I you are using a product that comes with an AC power adaptor, please use the genuine charger oered by COWON.

    + When connecting to a PC, use only USB ports on the mother board or a USB Host card. Using an external USB hub ma

    operation (e.g. USB ports on a keyboard or an external USB hub).

    Beore you start!

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    + When ormatting the built-in memory, select the le system specied in the manual ((e.g. FAT32 / FAT16 / NTFS).

    + Be sure to disconnect the power supply to the PC and USB power adaptor during lightning or thunder storm, to prevent

    the risk o re hazards.

    + Keep the player away rom magnets and direct magnetic elds, as they can cause malunctions.

    + Do not drop or expose the product to hard impact. This may result in malunctions and/or unit ailure, voiding the warranty

    + I you nd any abnormalities with the battery such as swelling, press the RESET button immediately to stop the operation

    o purchase.

    + The price o the product may fuctuate due to unexpected commercial conditions. COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. accepts no l

    any price fuctuation.

    +PrecautionsBeore you start!

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player


  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Names o Parts and FunctionsBeore you start!








    Earphone Jack / USB

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +ChargingBeore you start!

    To charge iAUDIO E2, use the simple USB connector to connect

    the product to the PC.

    iAUDIO E2 supports USB charging only.

    The red LED lamp appears when charging, and it takes about 1.5

    hours beore it is ully charged.

    The green LED lamp appears when ully charged.

    - I you use the Saely remove the hardware unction i

    USB rom iAUDIO E2, charging will not take place.

    - When charging the player or the rst time or the playe

    an extended time, ully charge the battery beore use.

    - iAUDIO E2 has a built-in Lithium Polymer battery. To p

    battery, it is recommended that you charge the deviceully discharging and then charging the device.

    - When connected to a USB hub, the player may not c

    connecting the player directly to a USB port on the PC

    - For saety during charging, use simple USB connector

    SYSTEMS, Inc.



    Connect part 1 rst, and then connect part 2 .1 2

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Connecting and Disconnecting the PCBeore you start!

    1. Use the simple USB connector to connect iAUDIO E2 to the PC.

    (Connect [1] [2] )2. Check whether the LED lamp on the back o iAUDIO E2 turns

    green (ully charged) or red (charging in progress).

    3. The contents o iAUDIO E2 can be viewed by using My Computer

    or Windows Explorer while it is connected.

    4. Copy music les to iAUDIO E2.

    5. When done, click the icon on the system tray to saely

    remove iAUDIO E2 rom the PC.

    - The player can recognize up to 100 olders, and up to

    - Disconnect the product ater perorming Saely remo

    - The ollowing message may appear randomly, but it d

    product is abnormal condition.

    - I your operating system does not display the Sae To

    window, disconnect the player ater all transer operat

    - Only simple le transer operation is available or Linux





    6. Click the popup message.

    7. Saely remove the hardware and disconnect



    1 2


  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Firmware UpgradeBeore you start!

    Firmware is sotware that is embedded within the hardware.

    Upgrading it can enhance system stability and provide additional


    The perormance and usage o iAUDIO E2 may be changed

    through the rmware without any prior notice, and slight malunc-

    tioning may occur in some rmware.

    How to Upgrade the Firmware

    1. Download the latest rmware rom the SUPPORT section o the

    website (http://www.COWON.com).

    2. Use the simple USB connector to connect iAUDIO E2 to the PC.

    3. Unzip the rmware le and copy it to the root older o iAUDIO E2.4. Perorm Saely remove the hardware unction beore

    disconnecting the simple USB connector.

    5. When you turn on iAUDIO E2, the rmware will be upgraded


    6. Turn on iAUDIO E2 again, and conrm that a music le can play

    back normally.

    - Fully charge the player beore upgrading the rmware

    - Do not turn o the player beore rmware upgrade is c

    the product, and will void any warranty.

    - Back up any important data beore the rmware upgra

    the device may be deleted during the process. COWOany loss o data.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +LED Lamp DescriptionBasic Use

    Function LED display Outline Description

    POWER ON Green LED On O ater booting It appears immediately ater the producthe USB is connected, and turns o at


    OFFRed LED On O

    It appears immediately ater the producthe USB is connected, and turns o at

    Playback ...Green LED On O On(repeated blinking at intervals o3 seconds)

    Music le is being played ater booting.

    ChargingRed LED On(with the USB connected)

    The battery is charging.



    Green LED On

    (with the USB connected.) Charging completed. Connected to PC



    Red LED On O On O(with the USB connected, blinking atintervals o 0.5 seconds)

    Error occurred while charging.

    DischargedThree warning beeps will sound andthe red LED will blink three times,and the power is turned o.

    Low battery.



    The green LED will continue to blink atintervals o 0.25 seconds.

    Firmware updating is in progress.

    The iAUDIO E2 LED can display either green or red.

    The ollowing table provides a detailed description o the colors and the LED status.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Music Playback and Using the ProductBasic Use

    [POWER on/o and music playback]

    1. You can turn on the product by pressing the POWER button on

    the right. As an indication, the green LED lamp blinks momentarily

    and music starts playing.

    - With the power turned on, connect the earphones to the iAUDIO E2,and then music will automatically play. Once the earphones areremoved, music playback stops.

    - More than one minute ater the earphones are removed, iAUDIO E2automatically turns o.

    - When there are no music les in the unit memory, the green LEDlamp will blink, and you will hear no sound.

    2. iAUDIO E2 can be turned o with a beep sound by pressing the

    POWER button.

    [Adjusting the Volume]

    - Use + and button to adjust the volume.

    - Maximum volume or iAUDIO E2 is 40.

    Protect your hearing with iAUDIO E2s aut

    iAUDIO E2 automatically plays music i an

    connected and powered on. When the la

    higher than level 20, it will be automatically

    when turned on next time. In case the vol

    than level 20, there will be no change.

    [Selecting a track]

    Briefy press FF/REW button to select the mu

    - Briefy press FF button to skip to next track.

    - Briefy press REW button to return to the pre

    the music plays or more than 5 seconds it g

    beginning o the track

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Music Playback and Using the ProductBasic Use

    [Rewind/Fast Forward]

    Press and hold FF/REW button to rewind or ast orward.

    - A beep will sound during FF/REW.

    [Setting up the sound eect]

    Press the menu button to assign various sound eects.

    - iAUDIO E2 is equipped with 9 sound eects eaturing BBE+


    - Each preset is announced by a voice guide when pressing theMenu button.

    - Sound eect sequence as ollows:

    BBE+ sound eect

    Normal BBE BBE ViVA BBE ViVA 2

    BBE MP BBE Headphone BBE Headph

    BBE Headphone 3 then, loop

    Press and hold menu button to activate shuf

    (voice guide: Shufe On).

    The shufe unction plays back stored music


    Press and hold menu button again to deactiv


    Press reset button on the rear o the unit to c

    iAUDIO E2.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Music Playback and Using the ProductBasic Use

    - The Reset unction should be used only when iAUDIO E2 is not


    - Use a pencil or clip that has a pointed end when you reset the

    product, and use caution not to press the LED lamp next to the

    Reset button instead.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player





    Earphone Channel Stereo

    Frequency Range 20Hz ~ 20KHz

    Sound Output Let 12mW + Right 12mW (16 Earphone)

    SNR 95dB

    PowerBattery Internal Lithium Polymer Battery

    Charging USB: ~ 1.5 hrs * on the condition that Input exceeds 5V/500mA *

    Capacity Flash Memory 2GB / 4GB, FAT32 fle system **

    USB Interface USB Device USB 2.0 High Speed

    Buttons POWER, MENU, VOL+, VOL-, FF, REW


    Dimension 26.6mm x 64.2mm x 7.7mm (W x L x H)

    Weight 16.6g (Including internal Battery)

    Working Temperature 0 ~ 40



    CPU Pentium III 500 MHz or higher

    OSWindows Vista / XP / 2000 / ME

    MAC OS 10.X / Linux v2.4 or higher: Data transer supported ***

    USB Port 2.0 High Speed Recommended

    +Product SpecifcationsAdditional

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Product SpecifcationsAdditional

    Applications - Application can be modifed with improvements.

    Music Player

    File Format MP3/2, WMA, FLAC (FLA), OGG, WAV

    Audio Codec

    MP3 : MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, ~320Kbps, ~48KHz, Mono/Stereo

    WMA : ~320Kbps, ~48KHz, Mono/Stereo

    OGG : ~Q10, ~44.1KHz, Mono/StereoFLAC : Compression Level 0 ~ 8, ~44.1KHz, Mono/Stereo

    WAV : ~48KHz, 16Bit, Mono/Stereo

    Sound Eects

    BBE+ 9 Presets

    (Normal, BBE, BBE ViVA, BBE ViVA 2, BBE Mach3Bass, BBE MP, BBE H

    BBE Headphone 2, BBE Headphone 3)

    Playback time Up to 11 hrs and 30 mins ****

    * The status of battery left may vary according to the conditions of PC.

    ** Due to the system space, the actual storage may differ from the indicated memory storage.

    *** MAC OS users are recommended to start using iAUDIO E2 after formatting to the MS-DOS (FAT).

    **** Battery performance test was conducted based on the manufacturers standard. Actual performance may differ.

    iAUDIO E2 sold in EU region is set to limited volume level for hearing protection.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    1. Install and run the COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio.

    2. To convert music CD into an audio le, clic

    (CD ripping) in the upper let-hand corner.

    3. When the audio CD extraction window appea

    name and inormation o each track is correct

    name does not appear or the text appears br

    rom CD Data Base Server button as illustrate

    ID3 tag. In some cases, certain CDs may not

    the Internet CD database server. In this case, enter CD inormation.

    COWON MediaCenter - JetAudio is downloadablerom www.cowon.com.

    +COWON MediaCenter Converting Music CDs with JetAudioAdditional

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    4. Check the track inormation and other ID3 tag inormation,

    and then speciy the ormat o the audio le to save.

    (This manual assumes an OGG le.)

    For more detailed inormation on the specied audio ormat, click

    the Conguration button.

    5. Speciy the le ormat to convert and nish

    and then press the Start button.

    6. The CD track will be converted to the spec

    7. Copy/move the converted audio le to the

    +COWON MediaCenter Converting Music CDs with JetAudioAdditional

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    +Troubleshooting+ My booting speed seems slower.

    * When the battery is not enough or has been completely discharged.

    * When the player turned o by pressing reset button.

    + I am still conused even ater reading the manual.COWON website(www.COWON.com) provides support or users oCOWON products with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Users are

    strongly encouraged to check out the website or urther inormation

    regarding product usages and rmware upgrades. For individual inquiries,

    please contact us on-line as we will try to help you as best as we can.

    + I would like to set the device as actory deault.To delete all les in iAUDIO E2, connect it to a PC, and ormat them as FAT32

    les. Once ormatted, all les in the product will be deleted.

    + The player does not turn on.I the battery is completely discharged, charge the battery beore you start

    the player. The charging time may vary depending on the batterys discharge

    status. I the player does not work at all, press the RESET button on the rear

    side. For your inormation, RESET will just disconnect the power and does

    not damage the product or delete any les stored on the device.

    + I cant hear any sound.Check i the volume is set to 0. Check i there is an

    player. I there is no le in the player, you will not hear

    that corrupted les will result in a noise or discontinu

    the earphones are connected properly. Impurities in

    cause a noise.

    + Computer cannot recognize the playconnected.

    Try the RESET button in the back. I you experience

    or unstable connectivity, connect the player directly t

    PC, rather than a separate USB hub. As COWON p

    connection or the main power system, unstable pow

    connection ailure..

    + Memory capacity o the player is dithan specifed.

    The memory capacity indicated by Windows may b

    indicated by the memory manuacturer. The actual c

    rom the original size because some space o the m

    the system area or normal operation.

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    + The player does not play properly when memory is ull.For the player to unction properly, it requires at least 5 MB o space or saving

    settings and other system les.

    + PC connection is unstable.Connect the player directly to the USB port o the PC. When connected toa laptop, try removing other connected USB hardware, or try connecting to

    PCMCIA USB host card.

    Fully charge the product, or connect the product to the pc while charging with

    genuine COWON adapter.

    + Files do not appear in the product when fles aretranserred with a MAC computer.Format the product as MS-DOS(FAT), and transer the les.


  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    This equipment has been tested and ound to comply with

    the limits or a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15

    o the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide

    reasonable protection against harmul intererence in a

    residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and

    can radiate radio requency energy and, i not installed andused in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmul

    intererence to radio communications. However, there is

    no guarantee that intererence will not occur in a particular

    installation. I this equipment does cause harmul intererence

    to radio or television reception, which can be determined by

    turning the equipment o and on, the user is encouraged

    to try to correct the intererence by one o the ollowing


    Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and


    Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different

    rom that to which the receiver is connected.

    Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician

    or help.


    Modications not expressly approved by the p

    or compliance could void the users authority


    FCC Compliance Inormation:This device complies with Part 15 o the FCC R

    is subject to the ollowing two conditions: (1) T

    not cause harmul intererence, and (2) this dev

    any intererence received, including intererenc

    undesired operation.


    FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement:

    This equipment compl ies with FCC RF radiatioorth or an uncontrolled environment. This equ

    installed and operated with a minimum distanc

    between the radiator and your body. This trans

    co-located or operating in conjunction with an


    + FCC Inormation to User

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player



    The rechargeable batteries have limited number o charge cycles,

    and it will require a replacement as capacity to hold power will

    eventually diminish.

    The rechargeable batteries in COWON products should be replaced

    only by ocial COWON service centers. Please contact

    [email protected] or more inormation on ocial COWON

    service centers.

    COWON products contain built-in rechargeab

    must be separately disposed rom household

    products with regular waste may cause pollut

    to the waste batteries inside. Contact your loc

    specied locations/guidance o E-waste and w

    dispose them in compliance with local regulat

    +Battery Replacement +Product Disposal

  • 7/27/2019 iAudioE2 MP3 Player