Ibis trail

Date post:23-Jan-2015
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A website design proposal for the book trilogy: The Ibis trail by Amitav Ghosh. Also covers a few basic ideas for social media activation
  • 1. creativethematicInventive & adaptivesoundsBE tease intrigueengagingsurprisevisuals express narrate

2. Beyond the storiesINSIGHT: Abrupt ending of SOP (reviews)Convert INSIGHT into an OPPORTUNITYInvite the audience to share their experiencesSpeculate the turn of events Sea of PoppiesShape the fate of the characters River of Smoke 3. Integrate MediaTEASER WebsiteLAUNCH Social MediaENGAGEMENT MobileFEEDBACK PR / TelevisionVIRALPURCHASE POS / POP 4. Digital media ideasQR CODE Launch of book cover, book excerptsCHARACTERS ON TWITTER Pre-Launch ofbook to create buzz if characters have recall value?LASKARI several words are hindi-english jargonand can be popularized through social mediaWEBCAST live viewing of the book launch and/or readings + city tours by the author. 5. Thank You!

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