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IBM BI & Analytics Briefing for OCBIG Why Cognos...

Date post: 24-May-2020
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© 2016 IBM Corporation IBM BI & Analytics Briefing for OCBIG Why Cognos in 2016 June 17 th 2016

© 2016 IBM Corporation

IBM BI & Analytics Briefing for OCBIG Why Cognos in 2016 June 17th 2016

© 2016 IBM Corporation 2


What’s new with Cognos Analytics

IBM Point of View

What’s Next

© 2016 IBM Corporation 3


What’s new with Cognos Analytics

IBM Point of View

What’s Next

© 2016 IBM Corporation 4

Introducing Cognos Analytics

Empowers users to make analytics part of their daily actions

Improves personal productivity, eliminates IT backlog

© 2016 IBM Corporation 5

Self-service Covers a wide spectrum of users

Power users Consumers Creators

Level of Management Required

High Low

Static reports

Interactive reports

Dashboards & infographics

Data modules & ad hoc reports

Data model & professional reports

© 2016 IBM Corporation 6

IBM Cognos Analytics Analytics when, where and how you need it

Designed for ease of use

Consistent experience on desktop / mobile

Single portal for graduated user experience

Enables highly interactive content

Smart contextual search guides users

Personalization options

© 2016 IBM Corporation 7

IBM Cognos Analytics Make your data work for you

Empower the business users and speed time to answers

Breadth of data access

Can report directly from data sources

Self-service data prep /data quality

Data modules and intent driven data modeling - easily join data sources

+ Advanced data modeling capabilities

© 2016 IBM Corporation 8

IBM Cognos Analytics Bring your data to life

Easy NEW way to create dashboards

Start with a template – drag and drop

Intelligent visualizations generated for you

Enter key words and visualization appears (intent driven authoring)

Create professional reports to distribute

© 2016 IBM Corporation 9

Datawatch for IBM Analytics New self-service data preparation option

Intuitive data prep built for business users – no scripting or technical skills required

Point-and-click functions to manipulate, enrich and combine

Automatic extraction and preparation from multi-structured web pages, PDFs, text reports, HTML, JSON (adds semi-structured data)

Datawatch Monarch available thru IBM including 30 day free trial

© 2016 IBM Corporation 10

World class mapping and geospatial solution

Better than the competition

No added base cost to customers

Common across Cognos Analytics reports and dashboards

Common capabilities across all platforms

Best in class polygons


+ much more

Announcing Today – new Partnership with MapBox Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics

© 2016 IBM Corporation 11


What’s new with Cognos Analytics

IBM Point of View

What’s Next

© 2016 IBM Corporation 12

A Cognitive Business Requires the Right Foundation

Discover Report Analyze

Predict Decide Act

Understand Reason Learn

Customer records Transactional systems Institutional expertise Operational systems Content systems

News Events Image data Social media

Internet of Things Sensory data Geo-spatial Weather



Make sense of industry business needs and take action

Gain unique insight into people, things and businesses:

© 2016 IBM Corporation 13

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Citizen Analyst

Data Lake

Provision Govern Discover Store Operationalize

Analytics Insight

Detect Discover Test Iterate Model

Self-Service Build

Build Configure/tailor Security/Workflow Test Maintain

Self-Service Analysis

Discover Analyze Understand





The New Analytics Stack

Self Sufficient Builder

© 2016 IBM Corporation 14

Factors shaping the future

Trends: Intuitive/Immersive User Experiences

Focus on Analytics & Discovery Users Direct Data Preparation

Self-Service Analytics

Data Governance

Trends: Data Governance

Business – IT Collaboration


Operationalizing BI & Analytics

Smarter, more Embeddable Analytics

© 2016 IBM Corporation 15

Generation One

Generation Two

Generation Next


• Query, Reporting and Analysis


• Enterprise BI

• Statement Reporting


• Data Discovery

• Self-service

• Visualization


• Smart Data Discovery

• Cognitive query

• Storytelling

• + Modernized for skillset

• Governed/ungoverned data

• Determine intent & anticipate

Analytics Evolution

© 2016 IBM Corporation 16

1. What is it?

2. What makes

it for business


• Interaction through natural language

• Out-of-the-box data patterning that removes the bias from data discovery

3. What are the

use cases?

• Sentiment, trends, retention, churn, productivity, effectiveness etc… across Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Support, HR and IT

4. What’s the



• In 18-months has users across 40,000+ organizations

• In curriculum of over 450 academic institutions

• A smarter / unbiased data discovery tool for business users

Watson Analytics simply stated

© 2016 IBM Corporation 17

Enhanced flow of insights to continuously improve decisions

Data to insight lifecycle

Operational reporting

Smarter decisions

Operationalize insights

Data augmentation, contextualization

Data discovery, pattern analysis and predictive


© 2016 IBM Corporation 18

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media Extend social media analytics through the Watson Analytics platform

Watson Analytics for social media identifies the pulse of an audience by revealing insights in every relevant conversation across social channels and providing guided analysis for business users of social media data to drive

better business outcomes.

© 2016 IBM Corporation 19


What’s new with Cognos Analytics

IBM Point of View

What’s Next

© 2016 IBM Corporation 20

#1 Make the old new New self-service capabilities applied to existing content


Create new interactive dashboards off Framework Manager Packages

Continued enhancements to Interactive Viewer

Multiple FM packages in a single report

Near real-time refresh of data

Cognos Analytics on cloud accesses Powercubes

© 2016 IBM Corporation 21

#2 See things clearly with Visualization Enhancements Interactive and engaging


Shared visualization library with Watson Analytics

Visualizations in the box!

Performance and interactivity

Smaller footprint on Active Reports

Support for D3 visualizations

Mapping via Mapbox

© 2016 IBM Corporation 22

#3 Easier and easier to use


Analytic gestures in dashboarding

• Eg: Lasso, …etc

Communicating / Sharing your findings

Content creation

Do the simple things faster

Type-in drop zones


Smart joins / suggestions

Drill / Navigation paths / hierarchies

Expanding support for more sources


© 2016 IBM Corporation 23

#4 Make it your own Branding, Theming, Extensibility & Embeddability

Your color here! Your logo here!

Your button here!

Your background here!

Your text here!

Your toolbox item here!

© 2016 IBM Corporation 24

#5 Communicate Findings through Storytelling

Collect elements from other dashboards

Freeze the data behind your story

Play your story end to end with annotations

© 2016 IBM Corporation 25

Cognos Analytics – Rapid Function Delivery through 1H 2017

Short-term Medium-term Longer-term

• Complete Accessibility

• Active Report List performance

• UI Improvements

• Modeling enhancements

• Default action URL (Link URL)

• Denodo support (RFE)

• Dashboards

• Packages – Phase 1

• Analytic gestures

• Timed auto refresh

• Multi-package support in Authoring

• RAVE 2.0

• Branding / Theming (UI)

• Easier sharing of content

• Remove Query Studio

• Embeddability

• Extensibility

• Geospatial Mapping

• Packages in dashboards – Phase2

• Assembly by parts

• Storytelling

• Improved support for media in

dashboard and reports

• Smarts about your data

• Understanding of time

• Branding / Theming (+Content)

• Remove CW and AS

• CA WA glides

• Embeddability cont’d

• Extensibility – Phase 2

2H 2016 1H 2017

Short-term Medium-term Longer-term

• Multi-package in Authoring • Denodo support (RFE) • Dashboards

• Packages – Relational • Analytic gestures • Timed auto refresh

• Improved visualizations • Interactive • Consistent experience

• Branding / Theming (UI) • Easier sharing of content • Embeddability • Extensibility

• Geospatial Mapping • Packages in dashboards – OLAP • Instant infographic • Storytelling • Smarts / Intent about your data • Understanding of time • Branding / Theming (+Content) • Remove QS, CW and AS • Cognos Analytics Watson

Analytics glides

• PowerPlay 11 • Improved TM1 integration • Simple forecasting • Simple linear regression • Auto insights (from WA) • Weather data • Cognitive Intent based Dashboards • Cognitive Intent based Stories

© 2016 IBM Corporation 26

Building Community | Always-on

• How-to Videos

• Expert Blogs

• Discussion Forums

• Self-service Support


© 2016 IBM Corporation

using Watson Analytics daily to asses student academic success

Moved from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v 8.4.1 to IBM Cognos Analytics


“We are excited about the new self service

and visualisation capabilities of Cognos

Analytics, it will enable our users to make

more informed decisions.”

Lizette Robles – BI Project Leader –

Universidad de Guadalajara

“We are currently working on new business

and use cases to expand the use of Cognos

Analytics throughout the University network.”

Oscar Preciado, CEO, Technology &

Performance Solutions

IBM Premier Business Partner

2nd largest public university in Mexico with ~250,000 students

and 30,000 academic and administrative workers

Distributed facilities within the state of Jalisco and central

management at Guadalajara City

500 reports for ~120 user profiles upgraded in ~two weeks

including install and configuration

© 2016 IBM Corporation 28

Why IBM Analytics?

Common set of User


Shift in skillset

Self Service Analytics & Managed Reporting

in one

Self service data


Search based UX and

intent driven automation

Enterprise class

Security + Governance

Ease of sharing and

re-using content

Rapid Function

Delivery & Deployment


Natural language


Unbiased analysis

Analytic accelerators

Predictive analytics

Social trends and


Partnerships i.e. Twitter,

Apple, Datawatch,


IBM Synergies i.e.

Watson, Weather