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IBM Cognos Analytics - of data. Pixel-precise design of reports. ... mayato Portfolio IBM Cognos...

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    mayato Service Quotation for an Upgrade

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    IBM Cognos Analytics

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    Cognos Analytics A New Generation

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    The new Cognos Analytics solution with a lean and modern design strongly focuses on self-service BI, ease of use, and mobility. Comprehensive functions help users create conclusive and reliable reports.

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    New Features in Cognos Analytics General

    Fully web-based functions Optimized user interface

    Enabled for cloud Enhanced functions for data governance

    Can adapt to companys own corporate identity SaaS analysis solution

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    Creation of dashboards Use of storytelling Mobile devices can be used to work on reports

    New Functions for Reporting

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    Recommendations for the visualization of data

    Pixel-precise design of reports

    Use of maps in reports

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    Access to all relational data sourcesHelp with data modeling thanks to recommendations based

    on data structuresSimultaneous use of several data sourcesCreation of data modules for simple ad-hoc queriesSupport of new data sources, such as MongoDB, SAP

    Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), and Microsoft SQL database on Azure

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    Selected New Features for Data Use and Modeling in Cognos Analytics

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    Support of IBMid Authentication: cloud-based solution for identity access and management that offers identity and single sign-on services for IBM applicationsEnhanced logging functions (diagnostic and user session logging)Integration of JavaScript for use in reportsDefinition of parameters for cross-report useIntegration of Cognos Analytics assets into Microsoft Office (plug-in)Creation of data source query subjects in the Framework Manager,

    which SAP HANA input parameters can process in analytic and calculation views

    Selected New Technical Features

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    Bad experiences with previous updates or upgradesDowntimes must not occurUpgrade seems complicated and the effects are difficult to

    predictCompany- or user-specific customization that would be lost

    in an upgrade is not documented or is not knownThere are more important things to doBut the application works as it is!

    Typical Challenges in an Upgrade

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    Installation and configuration instructions > 380 pages Tasks that IBM recommends are performed before the

    upgrade include: Review all the release information Complete critical configuration actions (imperative before the

    upgrade) Check the supported environments Check the system requirements Check the Java requirements Check the standard portal settings

    Preparation Required If a Company Performs the Cognos Analytics Upgrade on Its Own

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    External Support for an Upgrade Business Benefits

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    Assured support from decision makers, so the necessary resources can be made availableClean house removal of superfluous content before

    the upgrade, to enable concentration on the content that is actually usedCreation of backups, including of the configuration and the

    contentPerformance of a consistency check before and after the

    upgrade, for example, with the Lifecycle Manager

    Some of the Success Factors in an Upgrade to Cognos Analytics

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    Recommended Procedure for Upgrading to Cognos Analytics

    ... then the use of the new functions

    First the upgrade ...

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    Examine documentation

    Analyze and evaluate existing environment

    Check system requirements and the compatibility of related components

    Create an upgrade plan


    Prepare and deploy the development or test environment

    Start iterative test process (applications, reports ...)

    Adjust upgrade plan, if necessary

    Optional: test new features


    Prepare and deploy the production environment

    Repeat the iterative test process


    Develop a plan to apply and integrate new functionalities

    Recommended Upgrade Process

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    mayato Service Quotation for an Upgrade

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    Installation of Cognos 11 on the server instance


    Export of the content store from Cognos 10.x and import of the content store into Cognos Analytics

    Implementation of the Framework Manager Model from Cognos 10.x into Cognos Analytics

    Technical upgrade

    Assurance that reports created in Cognos 10.x can also be used in Cognos Analytics


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    Provision of test cases and performance of tests for security, Framework Manager Model, and reports


    Development and integration of Cognos Analytics skins and themes

    Alignment with companys corporate identity

    mayato Service Quotation for an Upgrade

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    mayato GmbH Headquarters: Am Borsigturm 9 13507 Berlin Germany Offices in: Bielefeld, Mannheim, Vienna

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