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  • IBM World Wide Healthcare Team

    Smarter Healthcare

    Telemedicine 2015

    IBM Healthcare Solutions

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    Telemedicine A New Idea?

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    Healthcare Global Challenges

    Globalisation Healthcare costs are affecting competitiveness of companies, regions and countries

    Consumerism More knowledgeable, demanding citizens

    Changing demographics and lifestyles Aging and overweight populations

    Diseases that are more expensive to treat Increased prevalence of chronic conditions especially diseases of affluence

    New technologies and treatments Advances revolutionizing risk assessment, diagnosis, and treatment

    Financial constraints Pool of funds for healthcare is not limitless

    Societal expectations and norms Is healthcare a societal right or a market service?

    Lack of aligned incentives Few incentives to encourage the behaviour of collaboration and service transformation

    Inability to balance short and long-term perspectives Common focus on urgent short-term needs, rather than long-term sustainability

    Inability to access and share information Clinical data is being generated at unprecedented rates, but information sharing remains elusive


    Source: Healthcare 2015 Series, IBM Global Business Services and IBM Institute for Business Value

  • IBM Point of View on eHealth

    Innovative use of IT will enable new healthcare delivery models: Healthcare information becomes digital, and based on industry standards This enables views of the patient across organisational boundaries Minimise patient travel move patient information instead Extend the reach of healthcare services to the home, workplace, community Exploit the power of electronic media to educate, inform and support citizens

    This will deliver: More convenient and safer care pathways for the patient Improved demand management for medical (and social) care Better informed and more activated citizens Reduced costs for the healthcare system An affordable and sustainable service

    Electronic networks are a pre-requisite

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    Smarter Healthcare

    + + =

    Improve operational effectiveness

    Deliver collaborative care for prevention and wellness

    Achieve better quality and outcomes

    A smarter health system forges partnerships in order to deliver better care, predict and prevent disease and

    empower individuals to make smarter choices.

    Intelligent Instrumented Interconnected

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    IBM in Healthcare

    Integration Strategy Middleware Dashboards Analytical Tools Infrastructure Delivery and Transformational Services

    No Branded Devices No Front End Operational Applications Application Partners Demonstrations, Pilots and References

    Standards Based Integration and Presentation of Information for Smarter Healthcare

    Sharing of Information = Performant Networks

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    Home Care


    Health & Wellbeing










    Selective Ability

    New Care Delivery Models

    Advances in Medicine/Procedures



    Scenarios drive the need for Healthcare IT systems to exploit data & interoperability standards to:

    Connect integrate sytems across the enterprise boundary Share high value data among communities Accelerate Innovation rapid deployment of new services Improve Efficiency re-use existing assets and infrastructure Address Service Issues transparently allow service trends to be captured and analysed for refinement and development purposes and to identify best practice.

    Telehealth The Wider Health Ecosystem

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    Potential Entry Point Medical Device Integration

    MLLP HL7





    Vital Signs

    Web Services


    Hospital Patients

    Nurses Dashboard

    Clinical Applications

    Integration Engine - ESB


    Intellivue Information


    Alaris Gateway

    Home Patients


    Vital Signs

    Device Manufacturer Data Aggregator

    Collects data from devices for that manufacturer and sends out to other interested parties.

    Device Manufacturer Medical Devices

    Integration Engine - ESB

    Overarching Data Aggregator. Collects feeds from different Device Manufacturer Data Aggregators and creates a

    single feed in the format required for downstream




    IBM Remote Medical Device



    MLLP HL7

    Web Services

    Clinical Applications Clinical


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    Demonstration IHE Connectathon, Vienna, April 2009 Monitoring for Diabetes

    Wireless Pulse Oximeter

    Devices Device


    Care management platform for

    monitoring diabetes patients and

    supporting behavior change

    IBM Sensor Event Platform Aggregate data from large

    number of devices Perform event processing

    Map into Provider Application

    Collect device data

    Remote Monitoring


    Devices to collect personal health data regarding diabetes

    Wired Weighing Scale

    Medication Pack

    Wired Glucose Meter

    IHE Affinity Domain

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    Reference Dialog Pro-active Disease Management - Denmark

    15,282 Patients

    149 GP

    12 Specialists

    3 Out-Patient Clinics

    Municipality of Odense

    Implementation project in progress

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    Quality Monitoring

    National Clinical


    GP and Speicalist

    Out patient clinic







    Remote Monitoring

    Patient Plan

    Patient self treatment

    Chronic Disease


    Reference Dialog Pro-active Disease Management - Denmark

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    Reference Brigham and Womens Hospital Radiology Theatre

    Brigham Clinicians Share Medical Scans Remotely (e.g. Intensive Care and Cardiovascular Units) Providing Collaborative Diagnostics, Care Plans and Consensus of Opinion.

    Project IBM Blue Spruce Web Application Development

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    Fact: Accessing quality medical care in remote locations is difficult and time-consuming (in this case no airstrip - 7 days travel by sea to Capetown)

    Whats smart? Using telemedicine to provide access

    to clinicians in University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

    Provision of teleradiology, telepathology, doctor-to doctor, and doctor-to-patient consultations, all via satellite link

    Smarter Business Outcomes Immediate referrals and 2nd opinions Improves quality of patient care Eliminates need to travel (a very long

    way!) for specialist consultations

    Reference Telemedicine Tristan Da Cunha

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    IBM Healthcare and Telehealth

    Worldwide Strategy now being promoted in UK Investment in capability and resources Integration and aggregation strategy Utilisation of standards Start simple and expand Best of breed Demonstrations and simulations European and North American references UK pilots

    Better quality care - more consistent, more effective, more proactive, more efficient, less invasive and less


    Smarter Healthcare

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    Distinctions and Definitions

    Telecare Safety and security for independent living (panic buttons etc.)

    Telemedicine Using ICT as a collaboration mechanism between healthcare professionals for diagnostic, therapy and care services

    Telehealth Using ICT as a collaboration mechanism between the home and health service locations for proactive health monitoring, disease management and rehabilitation

  • A value-based healthcare system

    20% of people generate

    80% of costs

    Healthy/ Low Risk


    High Risk

    Active Disease

    Healthcare spending

    Early Symptoms

    Health status

    Source: IBM Global Business Services and IBM Institute for Business Value

    A value-based healthcare system should help citizens to better understand and manage their health risks

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    Automation of overall process Doctor/patient interaction Reconciliation / drug accountability

    Patient compliance Records medication usage with time stamp Improves patient compliance through reminders

    Electronic diary Records and link patient experience, with time stamp,

    to actual medication Data management

    Increase overall data quality Makes all data traceable

    Introducing Cypak IPP - core benefits

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    Wireless Vital Signs

    Disposable non irritant patch sensor Reusable wireless electronics Quick and easy to apply

    Respiration Temperature Accelerometers ECG Blood oxygen (coming)

    All in 1 disposable patch temp


    pulse ox



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    BiancaMed Contactless Sleep Monitoring


    First wireless sleep measurement Biosensor

    In the convenience of persons own bed!

    Biosensor/Mobile Phone

    Internet enabled, full service sleep data

    Features: Non-Contact Motion Sensor Measures body motion and respiration Continuously monitors the person as t

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