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Identities: A Prose Poem

Date post: 02-Jun-2017
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Identities: A Prose Poem By Jane Gilgun The core of our identities is light and desire for light. All other identities radiate like petals that grow from the core. The petals open to the light like arms. Clouds of shame and doubt and responses to them threaten to block the light. The light from outside breaks through to our core. The light from within breaks through to get to the outside light. A twoway desire. Think of fields of sunflowers. They move in response to the streams of the brightest part of the light. We can tell the time of day by the position of sunflowers. Happy are we who open to the light and move with it.
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Identities:  A  Prose  Poem      

By  Jane  Gilgun        


 The  core  of  our  identities  is  light  and  desire  for  light.    All  other  identities  radiate  like  petals  that  grow  from  the  core.  The  petals  open  to  the  light  like  arms.  Clouds  of  shame  and  doubt  and  responses  to  them  threaten  to  block  the  light.  The  light  from  outside  breaks  through  to  our  core.  The  light  from  within  breaks  through  to  get  to  the  outside  light.    A  two-­‐way  desire.    Think  of  fields  of  sunflowers.  They  move  in  response  to  the  streams  of  the  brightest  part  of  the  light.    We  can  tell  the  time  of  day  by  the  position  of  sunflowers.  Happy  are  we  who  open  to  the  light  and  move  with  it.