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Dual Tower Heat Reactivated Desiccant Air Dryer i DHPE Dryer i DBPE Dryer
  • D u a l T o w e r H e a t R e a c t i v a t e d D e s i c c a n t A i r D r y e r

    iDHPE DryeriDBPE Dryer

  • Moisture in compressed air is damaging. Without proper treatment, this vital energy source is a wet, gritty, acidic brew, silently destroying all that it comes in contact with. In todays competitive industrial markets, dry compressed air is a necessity not a luxury.

    The ICP Mojave Series of Heat Reactivated compressed air dryers hold the key for systems requiring high quality, reliable air in an energy efficient package. By installing an ICP iDHPE Externally Heated or iDBPE Blower Purge dryer the user will see immediate results in the removal of moisture and contaminants from their system.

    While there are many different applications where heated desiccant dryers apply, no two applications are exactly alike. Upon installation, there are a number of variables within the operating environment where the dryer may be located. Through ICPs process of Tuned Regeneration, the user can dovetail the dryer regeneration process to achieve optimal results. Overall Kw reduction and alleviation of dew point bumps can be realized through a process of tuning the interactive settings in the Logic Pro Master Controller. Understanding the Master Controller is so easy, most users are comfortable with system

    operation after only a few minutes of interaction. Because the ICP heated dryer is provided with three independent exhaust system temperature readouts, the user can quickly see the heating pattern of the regeneration tower. Adjustments to heating temperature, duration and cycling controls can all be made without the need for costly programming. Slight adjustments from winter to summer months can result in maintaining system peak operational efficiency, while reducing energy usage. Adjustments of cooling cycles can reduce dew point spikes and maximize air volume available to process.

    ICP Heated Dryers

    Eliminate Water from Your Compressed Air System

  • iDHPE Regeneration

    iDBPE Regeneration

    ICP heat reactivated desiccant dryers use the adsorption method to remove moisture from compressed air. Pressure dew points of minus 400F/C to as low as -700F (-560C) are achieved by directing the flow of saturated compressed air over a bed of desiccant. As the saturated compressed

    In order to fully and effectively regenerate the off line saturated tower of the iDHPE series , ICP utilizes the most advanced and highly tuned procedure in the industry. A regulated amount of already dried process air (approx. 7%) is heated by way of a low watt density heater and passed down (counter current) through the desiccant bed. This heated purge air, exhausted to atmosphere, removes all of the collected moisture adhered to the desiccant from the previous drying

    The iDBPE series of dryers also use heated air to regenerate the off line tower. However none of the process air is used during regeneration. A high efficient packaged blower assembly directs only heated atmospheric air counter current through the desiccant bed, removing all of the moisture that was collected during the previous drying cycle. Dewpoint spikes or heat bump can be avoided by tuning the regeneration cycle to meet the application.

    air flows through the drying tower, its moisture content adheres to the surface of the desiccant, resulting in reduced relative humidity and optimal dew points. The dried process air is final polished by 1 micron filter and sent to the plant air distribution system.

    Energy (KW) requirements are greatly reduced through the use of our exhaust system temperature controllers. Upon achievement of optimal temperatures in the regenerating tower, the heater system is turned off and the tower is cooled in preparation for its return to the drying process. Cooling and dry purge cycles can be customized to provide the best regeneration results.

    All ICP Heated Dryers are equipped with fail-safe, and heat-safe directional valves. Should there be a power failure or

    emergency stop the inlet air directional system will maintain its exact position, locking out the regeneration tower. This protects the user from allowing excessive heated purge to enter the distribution system, which can affect process and damage downstream pneumatic devices. Upon restoration of power, the retentive memory systematically steps the dryer back into process condition without interaction from the user, and without affecting the duration of the current regeneration.

    System Flow Schematics

    Air Out

    Air In

    Pre Exhaust Valve

    Main Exhaust Valve

    Inlet Valve

    Air Out

    Air In

    Pre Exhaust Valve

    Main Exhaust Valve

    Inlet Valve

    Air Out

    iDHPE and iDBPE Features:

  • With a combination of quality name brand components, superior craftsmanship and a software package delivering on ICPs many years of experience, Logic Pro represents a revolution in simplifying dryer control.

    All ICP dryers capitalize on the superior performance of Allen-Bradley PLC Controllers. Allen-Bradley controllers are established as highly reliable, repeatable, and expandable and are common within industrial controls environments.

    There is no need to open the control panel or access any internal working components of the control box. All functions are easily managed and displayed on the interactive panel mount controls.

    Chances are, when you purchase an ICP heated dryer, your facility operations team is likely already familiar with our controls platform.

    User Interface / Low Voltage Control Box Interactive control system with visual indication of current condition Run/Standby Mode Heatless Back Up Mode Cycle Stepping Interactive controls allow user to dovetail operational set points Temperature indication package with digital display and alarm Exhaust Temperature Monitors (Saves Energy) Dew Point Control (with DCC 8000 Demand Cycle Controller Option)

    Emergency Stop Durable sheet metal cabinet All Components independently fused to UL and CSA standards

    Digital Dew Point Readout High Humidity Alarm Communications through Allen Bradley controller

    Primary Voltage Control Box Gasketed, Lockable NEMA enclosure Service disconnect switch Single point connections Dual contactors for heater control Primary cycling contactor controls heater operation Secondary over-temperature contactor protects circuit Redundant contactors provide the ultimate in heater system

    protection Built-in fused secondary voltage transformer Blower overload protection and motor starters

    Logic Pro Master Controllers

  • All ICP dryers equipped with the DCC 8000 Demand Cycle Controller are pre-programed to accept the 4-20mA loop from the moisture analyzer probe. The DCC 8000 provides numerous benefits over a system that operates exclusively on an 8 hour NEMA cycle.

    Demand Cycle Operation

    DCC 8000 Demand Cycle Controller

    Packaged FiltersComplete Air Treatment System

    The significance of protecting a desiccant dryer system with suitable filtration cannot be understated. If incoming air is not filtered of oils, liquids and aerosols, contamination of the desiccant material will occur, leading to an eventual system failure. To keep your system operating at peak efficiency, ICP recommends factory installed filtration systems, designed and matched directly to the dryer and mounted on a common base. The resulting package reflects a complete air treatment system which provides easier installation, single point connections and data acquisition functions from a single Logic Pro control system.

    All ICP Heat Reactivated Air Dryers come complete with the pre and after filters mounted and piped.

    The Grade 6 coalescing pre filter (equipped with and auto drain/isolation service valve) and pressure differential indicator, ensures that oil aerosols and bulk liquids do not enter the inlet flow and contaminate the desiccant bed.

    The 1 micron particulate after-filter will remove any solids for truly polished and ultra clean, dry compressed air. Depending on your application, ICP can supply an assortment of filter configurations to suit your specific needs.

    Digital Dew Point ReadoutHigh Humidity Alarm with Output4-20 mA Output StandardUnit only switches when the dew point

    achieves user desired set point (factory set at -400F/C). Significant energy savings are realized by reduction of blower and heater KW consumption and purge.

    Unit continuously displays outlet dew point quality of air, and is visible on all menu screens. High dew point alarm is adjustable and flashed on main menu should upset condition occur.

    Allen Bradley Touch Pad with Interactive Menu Search Full on-board temperature and pressure menu with interactive set points and alarms Retentive alarm log with fault code readout and time stamping Communications package for remote monitoring (MODBUS RTU Standard, other

    languages available, consult factory) Step by step countdown timers for all operations Interactive service menu allowing direct control of parameters

    Touch Pad Controllers

  • All ICP iDHPE and iDBPE dryers are constructed using premium actuated positioning valves to direct the inlet flow of compressed air. All inlet directional valves are dual acting to assure proper air flow and continued operation even in a system fault condition or power outage. These premium valves are so reliable they carry a 3 year factory warranty. All components are sourced from reputable USA manufactures so both product quality and support are second to none.

    Through the use of Tuned Regeneration, the iDHPE and iDBPE heated dryers use only the energy required to provide a gentle and consistent low pressure air-flow to desorb the accumulated moisture from the regeneration tower. Continuous exhaust air temperature monitoring further reduces energy consumption by controlling heating cycle duration on demand.

    While there are many applications where heated desiccant dryers are the right choice for drying compressed air, no two installations are quite the same in terms of operations. All ICP dryers are provided with our advanced software package that allows the operations engineer to dovetail dryer operating set points to actual operating conditions. The ability to make fine adjustments to dryer operations in the field ensures the highest quality air to process, while reducing service and maintenance costs.

    ICP dryers exclusively use high quality USA manufactured activated alumina desiccants. These desiccants have a high surface to mass ratio, high crush strength and are designed specifically for air dehy-dration applications. For systems requir-ing extremely low dew points, ICP offers Molecular sieve as a polishing layer in combination with an alumina base layer.

    Premium Non-Lubricated Rotary Actuated Valves

    High Efficiency Blower and Heater Combination with Tuned Regeneration Premium Quality Desiccants

    Interactive Allen Bradley Controllers

    Touch Pad Interactive Display Screen ASME/CRN code pressure vessels Logic Pro Advanced Control System Field adjustable operating parameters System Run/Standby Selector switch Emergency stop button and alarm Premium Inlet Switching Valves with 3 year warranty Separate High and Low Voltage Control Boxes with Single Point

    Power Connections Tri-temp Heater Control System Heater Protection Over-Temperature Shut Down with Alarm Low Watt Density Heaters Exhaust Temperature Monitors Tuned Regeneration Temperature Control with dual contactors Industrial Duty Blower (iDBPE Only) Control Air Regulating Valve with Gauge and Orifice Union Control Air Filter (Required Only on iDHPE/iDBPE-1000 and Larger) -400F Pressure Dew Point Standard Adjustable/Selectable 2% Stripping Cycle (iDBP Only) Heatless Back-Up Mode Re-Pressurization Circuit Low Temperature Alarm Premium Directional Purge, Outlet and Blower Check Valves rated

    for high temperature service Premium High Temperature Exhaust Valves Premium USA activated Alumina Desiccant Full Flow Safety Relief Valves Heater Circuit Insulation and Aluminum Jacketing

    Premium Stainless Steel Bezel Pressure Gauges Tower Moisture Indicators Structural Steel Skids Equipment Lifting Lugs

    Factory Packaged Filters, Single or Dual Selectable System Bypass Packages (All) DCC 8000 Demand Cycle Controller Tower Insulation Outdoor Jacketing of Insulation Low Flow Alarm Switch Failure Alarm Special Voltage Low Ambient Insulation with Heat Tracing Communications Packages for Remote Monitoring (Standard on

    iDHPE/iDBPE-2000 and Larger) 575v/3

    All Welded Construction Extra Heavy, Non-Yellow Metal Construction Full Base Top Plate or Diamond Plate



    Special Options

    ICP Heated Air Dryer Features


  • Model ElectricsSCFM @100 PSIG

    Line Size(Inches)

    Max HeaterKW


    DimensionsW x D x H(Inches)






    11 1/21 1/2













    46 x 42 x 8846 x 42 x 8850 x 46 x 9550 x 46 x 9860 x 50 x 9860 x 50 x 98

    68 x 60 x 10068 x 60 x 10680 x 80 x 11080 x 80 x 11290 x 95 x 105

    100 x 105 x 105113 x 110 x 105

    113 x 80(46)(1) x 106CF*CF*

    iDBPE Blower Purge Dryers

    500.56 0.65 0.74 0.83 1.04 1.120.91 1.08 1.16 1.2

    60 15014013012090 11080 1001


    Correction factor for inlet air pressure (PSIG) 0F0C 21

    Factor 1.12













    70 12011511090 105100



    Correction factor for inlet temperature

    (1) Units 4000 SCFM and larger with factory packaged filters are provided on two bases designed to bolt together at installation. * Consult FactoryAll specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice. All units 200 SCFM and larger available with 575/3/60 electrical supply.

    Corrected flow = Normal capacity of dryer (SCFM) x inlet pressure factor x inlet temperature factor

    Model ElectricsSCFM @100 PSIG

    Line Size(Inches)

    Max HeaterKW

    Approx Purge(SCFM)

    DimensionsW x D x H(Inches)







    1 1/21 1/2










    46 x 42 x 8846 x 42 x 8846 x 42 x 8850 x 46 x 9550 x 46 x 9860 x 50 x 9860 x 50 x 98

    68 x 60 x 10068 x 60 x 10680 x 80 x 11080 x 80 x 11290 x 95 x 105

    100 x 105 x 105113 x 110 x 105

    113 x 80(46)(1) x 106CF*CF*CF*

    iDHPE Externally Heated Dryers


    Capacity Correction Factors

  • 2015 Independent Compressor Partners Brochure # iDBPE-iDHPE 215.1

    Patents Issued