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If you joined the training via telephone, please select Telephone and enter your audio pin if you...

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If you joined the training via telephone, please select Telephone and enter your audio pin if you havent already. If you joined with a microphone and headset or speakers (VoIP), please select Mic & Speakers. We will start promptly at the hour. Welcome to LSNTAPs 50 Tech Tips webinar! Slide 2 Maximize/minimize control panel with the orange arrow. VOIP users select Mic & Speakers. Telephone users select Telephone, and then enter the audio pin. Ask a question or tell us something in the Questions box. Raise your hand by clicking on the Hand at the bottom of the tool bar if you want to talk. (We will stop after presenters.) A few logistics before we start Slide 3 LSNTAP is recording this training and will post it to their SlideShare account for the LSNTAP and SWEB websites. Registered attendees will receive an email with a link to this information once it has been posted. Slide 4 50 Tech Tips You Absolutely Should Know June 20, 2012 Slide 5 Todays Tips Brought to You By Jim Wiegand Director of Technology, Pro Bono Net Karin Romans Development Associate, Pro Bono Net Allison McDermott Deputy Director, Pro Bono Net Slide 6 Jims Tech Tips Skype Security Spybot Programming Tools Your Most Important Tool Jim Wiegand Director of Technology, Pro Bono Net Slide 7 Multiple Skype Accounts? No problem. You can run more than one Skype account at the same time. Slide 8 Set Skype Logging Be sure to review how Skype logs your activity, if you want to control your privacy. Slide 9 Skype + Google Voice + iTouch Using Google Voice as your main number linked with Skype and iTouch will provide a very low cost alternative cell phone. Slide 10 Step 1: Skype Manager Slide 11 Step 2: Skype Manager Slide 12 Record a Skype Conversation Dont forget to tell everyone on the call you are doing so! Slide 13 Never Forget a Password Again (without risking your security) Slide 14 True Crypt Free, open source encryption software. Ensures that your local information is safe if your laptop is stolen. Slide 15 AVG Do Not Track You can block everything, then allow only what you want. Slide 16 Run Spybot as an Admin Slide 17 Step 1: Run Spybot in Advance Mode Slide 18 Step 2: Review startup apps Slide 19 Step 3: Update System Slide 20 Immunize and Search/Destroy Every Week Slide 21 XML Marker Slide 22 Firebug Slide 23 Notepad++ Slide 24 Keep Your Most Important Tool Up to Date Mensa Brain Test AppMoron Test App Sodoku App Slide 25 Karins Tech Tips Social Media Fundraising Karin Romans Development Associate, Pro Bono Net Slide 26 Tracking and Timing are Key Use available tools to track your analytics to see when and to what content your supporters are responding. Available Tools: Facebook Insights Tweetstats Bit.ly Twitter Analyzer Klout Pay attention to when supporters are listening and responding 9 A.M.? Noon? 5 P.M.? Slide 27 Include Calls to Action in Your Post Social Media may not make millions but it can quickly mobilize supporters. Outraged? Frustrated? Excited? Rev people Up! Create creative comments on FB Create a unique hashtag on Twitter Create a video and share it Share a timely blog post Get people talking and direct them to your website! Slide 28 Make Sure Your Website is Worth Visiting Donate Now button is above the fold and visual Have a variety of ways for supporters to connect Have a clear call to action or ways for supporters to donate Slide 29 Always Watch the Competition What to do? Identify your top competitors Track what they are doing Create a private list on Twitter Why? Find out what they are doing that works How are they engaging supporters What are they saying Slide 30 Dont Ignore Your FB Cover Image A good cover image says it all. Your Facebook cover image tells your story. Have a targeted image and messaging. Need help crafting your message? Ash Shepherd provides a good template in Photoshop. www.ashshepherd.comwww.ashshepherd.com Facebook Timeline Cover Resources Slide 31 Dont Be Messy You can edit the headlines of articles as well as the text below them to specify them to your needs. Always clean up your posts, delete the links so it is easy to read. Slide 32 Are You Interacting? Social Media isnt the only stop. Interacting with donors is important. $ isnt always the main message. Most donors fall off because of lack of attention. Invest in email marketing systems such as Constant Contact, iContact, or Vertical Response, among others. Slide 33 LinkedIn Can Be a Powerful Tool Research Potential Board Staff Sponsors Partners Make Connections Find Solutions Join Groups Ask Peers for Help To Fundraise Slide 34 Find New Ways to Promote Your Work You do great things. Share them. Create video and content. Find your legal aid peers: http://lsntap.org/Programs_On_YouTube_2009 Slide 35 Theyre Everywhere Increase Your SEO Optimization Post and publish links wherever possible Use share the page tools and share pages on your networks Direct traffic to your donation page Slide 36 Widgets for Fundraising Fundraising Widgets like those used by SixDegrees.org allow you to create family of fundraisers. Staff, Board and Supporters can create a page and tap their friends and family. Integrate them into websites, social media and your email signature and you can watch funds grow. Slide 37 Get Your Data Together Data about our donors and potential donors is often kept in multiple places. If you have data on an excel sheet about donors, volunteers or partners makes sure that data is going into your donor management system. Capture information about relationships, partners, how often they volunteer, what are their interests, who are they friends with. Slide 38 Go the Extra Mile Track Food Track Exercise Target Weight Comprehend Calories Share/Forums Free! Slide 39 Allisons Tech Tips Hodge Podge Home Grown Tips for Tips Share! Allison McDermott Deputy Director, Pro Bono Net Slide 40 The Cloud is Your Friend This is Nelson. Nelson has stolen my iPhone. Slide 41 Apple iCloud for iPhone Google+ Instant Upload for Android Slide 42 Yes, but Is it Usable? Customize your usability tests Fast user testing turnaround Cheap per user costs Slide 43 I Do Not Like the Office Ribbon http://www.ubit.ch/software/ubitmenu-languages/ UBitMenu adds the old Office Menu to the ribbon Slide 44 But I Do Like No More PrtScn Office 2010 integrates screenshots into its applications (ht Sue Encherman) Slide 45 I also Like the Snipping Tool http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/features/snipping-tool Windows 7 tool for grabbing screenshots and other graphic snippets Slide 46 Rage Against the Email The Twitter of email. No attachments Plain text 500 characters Could you do it? https://shortmail.com/ (ht to Kate Bladow) Slide 47 Swype Your Email http://www.swype.com Slide 48 Share Your SurveyMonkey ht to Sue Encherman Transfer surveys and responses to other professional accounts Slide 49 Find Video Content http://www.sharelawvideo.org/ Developed by Atlanta Legal Aid Society Slide 50 Find SWEB Content http://www.sharelaw.org/ Developed by Arkansas Legal Services Partnership Slide 51 Write Clearly, Please http://www.writeclearly.org Developed by Legal Aid of Western New York Slide 52 Tricks of the Internet Marketing Trade www.lawhelp.org/ny/toolkit Developed by Legal Services NYC and LawHelp/NY Search engine optimization and online marketing techniques for legal aid orgs Slide 53 Ask Brian for Help http://lsntap.org/helpdeskchat Run by Northwest Justice Project Slide 54 Your Tech Tip Cup Runneth Over http://dailytekk.com/tag/top-100/ 100 new tech tips every Monday. Really. Slide 55 Life Hacker http://lifehacker.com Tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done Slide 56 How to fix Mom and Dads computer Kill the spyware Update Windows Switch default browser to Firefox Uninstall unneeded programs Trim down the startup program list Install a firewall Scan and defrag the hard drive Add a hard drive or PCI card From http://lifehacker.com/138113/geek-to-live-- how-to-fix-mom-and-dads-computer Slide 57 Peer Wisdom Since 2006 50 Tech Tips Office Tips Time Management Tips Google Tools for Advocates Firefox extensions Slide 58 While we look at a few oldies but goodies Share your favorite tech tips with us now! Slide 59 All Things Google Slide 60 Turning Off Word Auto-Format ht to Glenn Rawdon, the king of 50 Tech Tips Slide 61 Xobni for Outlook Slide 62 HipMunk Slide 63 What are your favorite tech tips? We will add them to this slide after the training! Slide 64 THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING TODAY! Next up: The Cloud Beckons, but Is It Safe? July 11, 2012 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET More information at www.lsntap.org Slide 65 Contact Information Brian Rowe ([email protected]) or via chat on www.lsntap.org Dont forget to take our feedback survey!

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