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Immigration, TR, and the Progressive Movement. Immigration

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Immigration, TR, and the Progressive Movement Slide 2 Immigration Slide 3 Old Immigrants Between 1840-1870 Came from Northern Europe Western Europe included Germans, Scandinavians, Irish often became farmers Slide 4 New Immigrants Between 1870-1924 Came from: Southern Europe Eastern Europe Japan and China included Poland, Italy, Russia found jobs in cities; factories created ethnic neighborhoods Slide 5 Ports of Entry 1. Ellis Island The Golden Door New York Harbor long inspection in order to enter U.S. about 2% were sent back as many as 11,000 people entered in 1 day many experienced culture shock Slide 6 Ports of Entry 2. Angel Island San Francisco Bay more harsh than Ellis Island long detention process until govt allowed them in Slide 7 Melting Pot? Better comparison? Slide 8 Urbanization Slide 9 1. Positives Skyscrapers were built Why? Slide 10 Mass Transit Cable cars, trolleys, subways Slide 11 Jobs Slide 12 2. Negatives Crime Alcohol contributed to this Slide 13 Pollution Disease spread through drinking water Over crowding Dumbbell tenements Slide 14 Slide 15 Political machines Took advantage of citizens Lots of corruption Slide 16 Urban Reform 1.Helping the poor - YMCA, Salvation Army, settlement houses established - Jane Addams (Hull House) 2.Attacking Political Machines - Thomas Nast (political cartoons) Slide 17 Political Machines 3-tiered system: A. Party Boss - controlled politicians and governed the machine B. District Captains - mobilized local support C. Party Loyalists - supported the machine w/ votes in return for services Slide 18 Slide 19 Fads, Trends, and Developments Slide 20 1. City Planning Slide 21 2. Airplanes Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk, NC Slide 22 3. Electrified Transportation Subways, elevated trains, streetcars Slide 23 4. Photography Kodak camera Slide 24 5. Education illiteracy rate cut high schools grew racial divide Tuskegee Institute formed Booker T. Washingon Slide 25 6. Leisure activities biking amusement parks Slide 26 Coca-Cola and Hershey Slide 27 Boxing and baseball Slide 28 Vaudeville Ragtime music Scott Joplin Slide 29 movies The Great Train Robbery department stores Marshall Fields advertising mail order catalogs Slide 30 Fads, Trends, and Developments Slide 31 Slide 32 Discrimination Slide 33 1. Segregation Slide 34 Voting Restrictions Literacy tests and poll taxes in the South Grandfather Clause Slide 35 Jim Crow laws Separate public facilities for whites and blacks Slide 36 Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case that legalized segregation Slide 37 2. Nativism Anti-immigrant Jobs were being taken? Slide 38 Progressivism 4 goals of Progressivism: Protecting social welfare Promoting moral reform Creating economic reform Improving efficiency Slide 39 Key Figures of the Reform Movement worksheet Slide 40 Square Deal worksheet Slide 41 Slide 42 Election of 1912 Wilson Taft Roosevelt

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