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In-Car Video Management: Technology and Trends

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In-Car Video Management: Technology and Trends. Agenda. Things to Consider Analog vs. Digital What Makes a good Video Solution It’s All about Protection Protecting: Officers, Evidence, Community and Citizens Things to Come. Analog vs. Digital Technologies. Pre and Post event recording - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • In-Car Video Management: Technology and Trends

  • AgendaThings to ConsiderAnalog vs. Digital What Makes a good Video SolutionIts All about ProtectionProtecting: Officers, Evidence, Community and CitizensThings to Come

  • Analog vs. Digital TechnologiesPre and Post event recordingGreater reliability less moving partsHigher capacity and more compact storage mediaBetter evidentiary value of the digital video file Wireless transfer capability (easy and secure)Ability to record additional metadata such as GPS, speed, brake, etcBetter authentication and security capabilitySignificantly better search, storage, and securityEase of sharing files

  • What Makes a Good Video Solution ?Quality and reliability of the video output Quality and reliability of the CameraQuality and reliability of the RecordingQuality and reliability of the PlaybackAbility to safely store, transfer, search, copy, archive, secure, and provide sustainable evidence in court THE BACKEND!Its a Business Driven SolutionSystem Support

  • Extra Slides(6)Camera and Video EquipmentData Transfer ManagementStorageIntegration Support

  • A Good Digital Video SolutionIS Protection

  • Officer SafetyTraining ToolImprove technique, SOPs Wider AngleAllows officer to move out of traffic and danger zones but still be in frame Zoom & Low-light RecordingSurveillance at safer distanceSee what others cant Protects from false claims that can derail careers and limit advancement

  • Protects the Evidence Clear & Detailed Highest quality video ReliableRebuttable & Proven Technology Secure & Tamper-proof EfficientSmallest file size, best file management

  • Protects the CommunityRisk MitigationProtects from false claims that can cost millions of dollars and cause bad community relationsImproved adherence to SOPInvaluable investigative toolProtected VideoTry your case in court, NOT the court of public opinionOut-of-context video Someone WILL record the event. You need a complete & accurate record

  • Protects the CitizensProvides Visual accountabilityHigher convictions rates takes dangerous criminals off the streets

  • Cameras that offer Wider Angle Lens Improves Officer Safety

  • Traffic Stop with Wide angle Lens

  • In 2006,247 Officers wereKilled hereLets look at that traffic stop again

  • The Goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce this danger zone

  • In an effort to improve officer safety, many departments have adopted a turn-out SOPThe only issue is a normal camera angle WILL NOT capture the entire sceneA System with a Wide angle Offers Better Coverage!

  • Here is an alternate form of a similar Turn-out SOP

  • Here is what you get with a wide angle lens And what you lose with standard systems

  • What does the Future Hold?

  • Arbitrator 1.1 ForecastCombined Technologies

    Fixed Video ALPR Streaming Video

  • The Goal: Be able to present an accurate depiction of an event from cuffs to court

  • The Next Big ThingH.264Quality and Size (Bit-rate)H.264 clearly has a bright future, mostly because it offers much better compression efficiency than previous compression schemes.The improved efficiency translates into three main benefits, or a combination of them:Higher video quality at a given bit-rate: reduction in artifacts such as blockiness, color bands etc.Higher resolution: as the video world transitions to High Definition, a mechanism is needed to deliver it.Lower storage requirements: lower storage requirements will allow for large amounts of content to be delivered on a single disc.

  • The Difference is ClearFor a given bit-rate, the level of video quality or resolution is greatly enhanced with H.264MPEG 2H.264

  • Wearable Camera Concept OverviewWhat is WearableAttaches to the officer (no need to hold)Able to record video / still images/ audio data without any officer intervention

    Wearable Camera FeaturesImage StabilizationPrevents the undesirable shake and vibration from walking / running

    Super Wide Angle 180 DegreeCapturing panorama image (180 deg)by Super Wide Angle MirrorWearable Camera (Loop type)

  • Feature Image StabilizationBenefits Prevents shake and vibration when walking / running

    Technical Features Robust motion estimation using sensors (eg, gyro) and image processingOriginalStabilized ImageEasy to track the target objects (ex. person, license plate)

  • Thank You

    **** Quality of the video output & the file transfer rate Quality of the Camera Quality of the Recording Quality of the Playback Ability to safely store, transfer, search, copy, archive, secure, and provide sustainable evidence in court THE BACKEND! Is it a Business Driven Solution System Support

    *A lot of companies will boast the ability to offer live streaming video from a patrol car. The question is can the Arbitrator stream video. The answer is yes. This feature is available however, unless you are on a dedicated network (mesh etc) the chances of success is little to none. Even though the carriers sales team will say that the ability to stream video over EVDO, or HSUPA is there. The reality is the carriers engineers will have no choice but to close down ports restricting video from being streamed.

    **************Panasonic - Video components Industry Leader

    Panasonic Only Core manufacturer in this industry

    Panasonic Only mobile video digital system designed specifically for law enforcement

    Panasonic System designed to scale for current and future digital video solutions

    Panasonic Best product solution & support in the industry


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