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In Touch Magazine Spring 2007

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The Mohawk College Alumni Association is published bi-annually, providing information to all Mohawk College Alumni about other alumni and the activity on all Mohawk campuses.
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  • D E P A R T M E N T S

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    M S A Ne w s

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    H o m e c o m i n g 2 0 0 7P a g e 1 0

    O S OT F Wi n n e r s 2 0 0 6P a g e 1 4

    K i m Va n L o u w e c e l e b r a t e s 1 0 y e a r s a t M o h a w k

    P a g e 3 4

    C O V E R S T O R Y19

    C E L E B R AT I N G O U R G R A D U AT E S a n d B U I L D I N G L I F E LO N G R E L AT I O N S H I P S

    V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E ATA L U M N I . M O H AW K C O L L E G E . C A

    I n n e i g h b o u r h o o d s a c r o s s H a m i l t o n a n d H a l t o n , M o h a w k g r a d M a r n i

    F l a h e r t y i s g e t t i n g c o m m u n i t i e s t o e m b r a c e a p r e v i o u s l y u n d e r v a l u e d

    c o m m o d i t y t h e i r k i d s .

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    PUBLISHER Mohawk College Alumni Association

    EDITOR Wendy Makey


    PHOTOGRAPHY David Dorkin Photography

    Terra Nova ImagesJohn GuilfoyleMary Hrycay

    Bernetta Scime

    CONTRIBUTORS Catharine Ozols, Lynda Morgan Murdoch, Wendy Makey, Jay Robb, Lidia Siino, Trent Jarvis, Al Craig,

    Bernetta Scime, Jayne Woods, Sara Colautti, Dennis Campbell, Catherine Drea, MaryLynn West Moynes,

    Ronald Holgerson, Linda Basso, Ann Clark, Lesley Hardsand, Abigail Peralta, Patricia Duxbury, Helen

    Maddick, Darren Desmarais, Michael Regan, Barbara Wunder, Katherine McCurdy, Daniel Jelly, Marianne Wilson, Alana Henderson, Kym McCreary-Stewart


    VP Marketing, Communications, Alumni & Development Wendy Makey

    Manager, Alumni Relations Lidia Siino

    VP Marketing & Communications, Alumni Association Kelly DunhamAlumni Assistant

    Marilyn GrisCoordinator, Web Communications

    Joanne OBrienDirector, Alumni Association


    In Touch Magazine is published semi-annually by the Alumni Relations Department at Mohawk College. This magazine is circulated to alumni and friends

    of Mohawk College. Ideas and opinions published or expressed in In Touch do not necessarily reect

    those of Mohawk College, the Alumni Association, or the Editor.

    Publications Mail Agreement Number 40065780Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses to:

    Mohawk College, Alumni RelationsAlumni House, P.O. Box 2034

    Hamilton, ON L8N 3T2

    To update your Alumni Record, please contact:Phone: 905-575-2258, Fax: 905-575-2443

    [email protected] or the address above.


    Vice President AcademicReceives Provincial Honours



    MaryLynn West-MoynesPresident of Mohawk College

    The year 2007 marks Mohawks 40th anniversary as an Ontario College, and since that time we have grown to embrace 75,000 alumni. It is also 50 years since we were the Hamilton Institute of Technology, and 60 years since we were the Provincial Institute of Textiles. Just stop a moment and think about the impact of that history. Over 75,000 alumni are out there, strong graduates from Mohawk College and its previous incarnations, making a difference today in the workplace and their communities.

    In that spirit, we are inviting all our alumni to nominate their former classmates as we are developing a short list of the Incredible 40 at 40 alumni, whom we will celebrate as part of our 40th anniversary. I encourage you to send in your nominations to Wendy Makey, Manager, Alumni Relations. Send in the names of alumni who are making a difference, former classmates who today are making a contribution to social, cultural and economic deve lopment in our communities, province and/or countr y. I know were all going to be very proud of our alumni success stories!

    The year 2007 promises to be a milestone year in other ways. First, we will open our transformed Stoney Creek Campus following significant new construction in September as the Mohawk Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship Research, Resources and Training Institute, or Mohawk STARRT Institute. Second, we have great plans to enhance our Brantford campus over the coming

    year, to better serve students throughout southwestern Ontario. We are also en route to creating an Insurance and Financial Services Centre of Excellence at our Fennell Campus School of Business, and so much more.

    As our anniversary year unfolds, I ask you to reach out and get involved with your College. One might say that universities have led the way in engaging their grads, celebrating their successes, and involving them in moving forward, as they should. Many universities are almost or more than 100 years old, including our partners, Wilfrid Laurier, founded in 1911, and McMaster, seeded in the 1830s and incorporated in 1887.

    Our Mohawk College future holds much promise as we come to the last year of our current Vision Like A Hawk: Strategic Plan 2004 to 2007. The Board of Governors has begun the process of consulting on a new multi-

    year Strategic Plan, one that will encourage us even more to celebrate our success, distinguish our institution, and continue to realize our vision of learning, l e a d e r s h i p a n d citizenship.

    What I find so exciting is that now that we are 40 as Mohawk College, with 60 years of history, we have come of age. I encourage you to help your College, help Mohawk become better for students, by contributing to our future and by coming out to enjoy our celebrations this year.

    Best wishes for a great 2007!

    Welcoming Words

    Over 75,000 alumni are out there, strong graduates from Mohawk College and its previous incarnations, making a difference today in the workplace and their communities.


  • MOHAWK COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION | a lumni .mohawkcol lege.ca 5

    varsity or alumni game, have a drink or two at the Arnie or in the Cellar, visit the decade rooms, drop into Alumni House, tour all campuses, attend a pub night or two, and the list goes on. Share this exciting news with your friends come back as a group, as a family, or on your own.

    On subsequent pages of this copy of In Touch you will find a schedule of events and activities for Homecoming Weekend. Have a look and see what piques your interest. If you would like to get involved on the Homecoming Committee contact the Alumni Relations Office we welcome your input and involvement.

    Look for your personal invitation in June. Mark your calendar and plan to join us Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13 for Homecoming 2007 - its something you wont want to miss. Meecha at the Arnie!

    A TIME TO CELEBRATE & CONNECT! Wendy Makey, Manager, Alumni RelationsRecreation and Leadership, 1993

    Do you ever wonder what happened to the person who sat beside you in math class? Or the person who was on your team for campus recreation activities? Or the group of people you

    spent time with in the Arnie or Cellar? Well now is the time to find out.

    The Mohawk College Alumni Association invites you back to Homecoming 2007 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Mohawk College.

    Join us on October 12 and 13 as we have planned 1 days of activities and events for any and all graduates of Mohawk College. A time to take a walk down memory lane, connect with past classmates, reunite with old friends, chat with faculty, tour the College, catch a

    Welcoming Words


    Welcoming Words


    We want to improve. As a result of this insight, we developed the following

    new statements:Vision: Mohawk College Alumni Association is the most

    successful alumni association in Canada.Mission: Mohawk College Alumni Association is the

    catalyst for a life long relationship between Mohawk College and its Alumni.

    Every new undertaking including services, community events and projects stems from the above mentioned goals.

    We are proud to continue honouring our past traditions while maintaining a passionate energy toward our future endeavours.

    As our strategic process nears its completion, please join us in celebrating our renewed commitment to Alumni by participating in many of our special events and services.

    It is fitting at this time of transition to have simultaneously moved into Alumni House. Our new home befits our new identity - a new appearance embraced with historical furnishings.

    The best vision is insight. This quote by successful businessman Malcolm S. Forbes perfectly describes the series of events that have recently occurred within

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