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Date post: 30-Nov-2014
Author: riverside-school
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When the Beggers become Students
  • 1. When the Beggers become Students

2. So many children are daily went temples, church early in the morning and they are begging in that places. 3. The students will motivate the Begging children and join the school. 4. The Students go the temple. 5. They give the notebooks and pencils ,laterthan motivate the children. 6. The Teacher also motivate the childrenand come to school for studying. The children inspired this words and told them to join the school. 7. The children are come to school with parents and joined in the school. 8. ShirishaV FaranaIV Chandrashekar V DivyaV Shyam prasadV H.M. Manjula Naandi: Manjula