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BRd 2

INDEX Absentees (see Missing Persons - Chpt 40) Accidental death or injury general, 5302 injury on duty: reports, 5303 inquests abroad, J5308 inquests in England, Wales and N. Ireland, J5305 inquiries into deaths in Scotland, J5306 medical expenses abroad (EC), 5309 medical reports on deaths, 5301 road traffic accidents: inquests, 5307 sudden deaths, 5304 Accidents and serious defects C-in-Cs responsibility (see Commanders-in-Chief) aircraft accidents (see Aviation) Accommodation (see Messing and accommodation) Aircraft (see Aviation) Aircraft control grades (see Operations room personnel) Air Director (see Operations room personnel) Air Engineer Officer; instructions to, 1101 Alcohol abuse (see Discipline and conduct) Alert, the (see Military honours) Anchors and cables, etc. (see Boatswains duties) Animals (see Quarantine and animals) And Air Warfare Officer (see Operations room personnel) Assistance to outside organizations: indemnities (see Indemnities) Aviation action by CO after report of aircraft accident Or forced binding, 4409 aircraft being ferried, 4405 Aircraft Salvage (see salvage special services) civil flying; use of MOD airfields, 4412 Custom and health regulations, 4407 general, 4401 guarding landed aircraft, 4406 maintenance of aircraft, 4403 parachute descents, 4413 passenger flights (Passenger flights) reporting of aircraft accidents, 4408 rescue services, 4402 training areas, 4404 use of privately owned aircraft for air displays, J4410 for journeys, J4411 Aviation officers Air Traffic Control personnel, 2405 Aircraft Control room Officer (ACRO) 2421 Aircraft Controller Helicopters 2418 See 2606 Commander (Air) afloat 2401

INDEX-1 November 2007 Edition

BRd 2 Commander (Air) ashore 2402 Duty Lt-Cdr (Flying) and Officer in Charge of Night Flying, 2408e Flight Commander of a ships flight, 2416 Flight Deck Officer in CVS, 2409 Flight Deck Officers in ships carrying helicopter flights, 2417 Force Commander 2410 Lt-Cdr (flying) afloat 2406 Lt-Cdr (Flying) ashore 2407 Lt-Cdr(Operations)afloat 2403 Lt-Cdr(Operation) ashore 2404 Special Duties List Officers (P),(O) and (AV): general duties, 2422 Squadron Air or Helicopter Warfare Instructor, 2414 Squadron Commander or Flight Commander, 2411 Squadron Electronic Warfare Instructor 2415 Squadron senior observer, 2413 Squadron senior pilot 2412 Station Fire Officer, 2420 Survival Officer, 2419 Badges and Mottoes-Ships and Establishments Chap 88 Bail (see Civil power; Legal advice and proceedings) Bands (see Service bands) Bankruptcy (see Discipline and conduct) Bar, messes, etc. authorization, 8011 clubs in Service establishments: insurance, 8020 licensing requirements, 8012 sale of beer, wines and spirits: senior ratings messes in HM ships, 8014 sale of beer, wines and spirits to LEP ratings and canteen staff, 8017 sale of beer, wines and spirits to UK canteen staff, 8016 sale of beer to junior ratings in KM ships, 8015 sale of liquor, 8013 Birthday Honours List (see Decorations) Births, deaths, marriages, registration of banns of marriage in HIVI ships at sea, 61216127 births/deaths: civil registration in UK, J6104 births/deaths/marriages; civil registration abroad, J6105 births/deaths outside UK local registration, J6107 burial in UK following death in ship or aircraft, J6108 deaths on PAI passenger aircraft outside UK, J6106 marriage abroad, J6103 court-martial ceremonial, 9143 dressing ship, 0321, 9140 practice of other Common wealth navies, 9141 flag discs, 9174

INDEX-2 November 2007 Edition

BRd 2 flags for salutes from foreign authorities, 9146 Flags in boats, aircraft or cars (see Flags), J9172, 9180,) J9181 flags on motor cars, J9181 flags to be flown on shot; 9148 half-masting J9139 hoisting and hauling down, 9136 hoisting national colours, 9155 Joint Service units and establishments, J9151 Launches, commissioning ceremonies, 9142 lowering flags, 9138 manner of wearing, 9133 merchant ships, 9156 Queens Colour and White ensign, 9131 RAF and Army ensigns, 9135 Red ensign, 9154 RM limits embarked, 9137 saluting British authorities flags hoisted, 9144 saluting foreign authorities flags hoisted, 9145 single Service establishments, J9152 Star plates on vehicles, J9182 Unified Headquarters, J9149 wearing by ships in commission, 9132 wearing improper colours, 9157 Combined Services parades: order of march (see Military Honours) Command absence or sickness of Captain, 0336 Administration definitions, 0393 authority when wrecked or lost, 0345 Chief of the Boat, Coxswain and Submarine Coxswain, 0363 definitions (types) 0331 degree of: definitions, 0392 general, 0391 Flag Officers, 0321 Flag Officers flag and broad pennant, 0325 military, 0332 officers borne additional for special service, 0339 officers borne for passage, 0341 officers lent or borne additional (not for special service), 0340 order of; 0335 presiding officers at assemblages, 0344 Reserve officers, 0343 retired officers required to serve, 0342 Royal Marines: corresponding rank, 0381 order of command, 0373 sea, 0333

INDEX-3 November 2007 Edition

BRd 2 senior officer proceeding to another ship, 0326 special 0334 status of pensioners and Royal Fleet reservists (see Pensioners) unified, 0701 Commanders-in-Chief absence, 0710 accidents and serious defects investigations, 0706 appointment to (see Rank) change or modifications to ships equipment, 0723 commission of ships, 0735 expiration of appointment 0708 fuel economy, 0733 general duties, 0707 general responsibility, 0703 inspection of RM detachments 0728 instructions relating to shore establishments: acquisition, disposal and management of land and buildings, 0756 C-in-Cs authority over, at home, 0752 civilian employment arrangements, 0755 inspections, 0754 naval establishments abroad, 0751 security in UK, 0753 works, repairs and shore machinery, 0757 works services, land and property, J0758 Marine Service craft, 0736 MOD moorings, 0737 musters and inspections, 0727 notification of exercises, 0721 personal and senior staff officers, 0711-0714 repairs, defects and docking responsibilities, 0725 reporting, 0705 responsibilities of senior officers present, 0729 Royal Yachts, 0726 senior officers at Sea, 0731 ships and aircraft not to be sent beyond station, 0722 ships on special duties, 0730 speed of ships, 0732 stores responsibilities, 0724 towing operations by MOD, 0738 war diaries, 0709 war organization, 0704 Commanding Officer or Executive Officer authority, 0337 Commanding Officer, instruction to: general Captains rounds, 0823 education, 0825 fleet, station and port orders, 0821

INDEX-4 November 2007 Edition

BRd 2 marriage in UK, J6102 marriages in naval chapels, 6151 naval and P.M chapels licensed or registered for marriage, 6161-6164 Notice of marriage in KM ships at sea, 6130-6139 records in ships Log, 6109 Boards of inquiry (civilian witnesses) 5707 convening, 5701 duties and powers 5703 examination of witnesses, 5704 inter-Service representation, 5708 notes for guidance, 5722 procedure, 5721 selection of members, 5702 report, 5705 use of records for disciplinary purposes, 5706 Boats, flags displayed in, etc. (see Flags) Boatswain duties, 3401-3407 Broadcasts; official information (see Official information) Business activities & Private Interests acceptance of business appointments after leaving Services, J8407 business appointments and off duty employment, J8402 (see also Discipline and conduct) Criminal Offences, J8410 Directorship & Partnership, J8413 during leave or off duty hours, J8403 further information J8414 general, J8401 insurance covering civil employment, J8405 investments, J8412 payment for broadcasting, lecturing or writing for publication, J8406 Principles J8411 Retired or Reserve Officer; J8408 Sport and Financial Incentives J Annex 84B terminal leave employment, J3404 Private Interests, J8409 Cabins (see Messing and accommodation) Canteens (see Welfare Committee, etc.) Calls, official (see Military honours) Captains sickness or absence (see Command) Casualty Procedures Death overseas, 5103 Immediate reports, 5102 Major ship/shore, 5104 Post casualty action, 5106 procedures, 5105

INDEX-5 November 2007 Edition

BRd 2 reporting, 5101 CCA Controller (see Operations Room personnel) Censures 3804 Ceremonial occasions, precedence on (see Rank) Chaplains rank (see Rank) Chaplain appointment and status, J1602 duties, 1603 general instructions to J1601 chaplains assistants, 1604 protection in war, 1606 support and lay workers, 1605 Chaplaincy services (see Religion and Chaplaincy services) Chief of the Boat responsibilities (see Masters at Arms, etc.) Chief of Fleet support outline responsibilities, 0206 Chief of Naval Staff, 0203 Assist. CNS, 0207 Chief Petty Officers: duties and privileges (see Warrant Officers, etc.) Children and Vulnerable People appeal, 6506 definitions, 6502 disclosure certificate, 6504 disclosure policy, 6504 general, 6501 nominations 6505 record keeping, 6507 Civil authorities, aid to (see Military aid to the civil authorities) Civil power arrest by, 3901 bail, 3904 bearing of men in civil custody, 3908 consequences of conviction, 3906 expenses, 3905 Formal Police Cautions, 3910 report of arrest, 3902 trial by civil power, 3903 Young Offenders Institution, 3907 Civilians Geneva Conventions: provision of ID cards and armlets (see Geneva Conventions) jurisdiction of QRRN (see Jurisdiction) Claims (see Compensation and claims) Clubs in Service establishments, insurance (see Bars, etc.) Collisions and other navigational incidents general, 4501 immediate action after, with MOD property, 4504 immediate action after, with non MOD property, 4502, 4503 response, 4506

INDEX-6 November 2007 Edition

BRd 2 signalled report, 4505 written report, 4507 incidents involving non MOD parties, 4508 Incidents involving leased warships 4509 Colours Amphibious Warfare flag, 9150 at Sunset, 9313 Blue ensign, 91

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