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Date post: 26-May-2015
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2. R O YA L W O O DWith natural beauty, durability and strength,Teak has the distinction of being revered asthe royal wood. IndoTeaks reclaimed teak(Tectona grandis) is the highest quality andgreenest floor on the market. Reclaimedby hand from historic buildings slated fordemolition throughout Indonesia and thenhandcrafted from the 100% reclaimed teak,our tightly controlled process is third-partycertified to ForestStewardship Councilstandards. IndoTeak strives to achieve a near-ly zero-waste operation by utilizing nearly ev-ery part of its precious reclaimed harvest forthe production of our engineered floors. Wedont cut living trees, preserving our naturalforests for future generations.Our hand-selected historic reclaimed teakdisplays beauty, magic and a rich history ineach unique piece. Stunning color variationsfrom warm honey to rich mocha are the re-sult of natural forest growth and decades ofair drying.IndoTeak engineered floors have remark-able stability due to the unique all teakconstruction,andlong seasoning time.The dense grain and rich natural oils of ourreclaimed teak ensure a floor that will remainbeautiful for generations. 3. E N GI NE E R ED R EC L AIM ED T E A K FLO O RIndoTeak engineered floors are composed entirely of the highest qual-ity reclaimed Teak. We utilize every part of the Teak we reclaim, incor-porating smaller pieces into the substrate of our engineered floor-ing. All three layers of IndoTeak engineered floors are 100% reclaimedteak, which means we have almost zero wood waste. Floors are T&G,end matched, and have a substantial wear layer for enduring value.Available in several dimensions and a variety of textures and finishes.SOLI D REC L AIM ED TEAK FLO O RDurable and timeless, solid teak flooring is recognized for its beauty,rich grain, and stability. Highly prized and limited in availability, oursolid teak floors are salvaged from the beams and posts of historicbuildings slated for demolition and are made entirely of FSC 100%Recycled Teak. 4. UNFINISHED | ENGINEEREDSM OOT HPrecision milled and smooth sanded with a square edge face,to showcase the subtle beauty of the wood grain. Ready forinstallation and site sanding and finishing. Available sizes:9/16 x 3 1/2 9/16 x 5 1/4 nested bundles lengths 2 - 73/4 x 7 random length bundles lengths 2 1/2 - 83/4 x 10 random length bundles lengths 3 1/2 - 8WIR E BR U SHE DIndoTeak wirebrush texturing naturally removes the softest partsof the hardwood, aging the appearance and leaving a naturallydistressed and incredibly durable surface. Available sizes:9/16 x 3 1/2 9/16 x 5 1/4 nested bundles lengths 2 - 73/4 x 7 random length bundles lengths 2 1/2 - 83/4 x 10 random length bundles lengths 3 1/2 - 8N AT U R A L PAT IN AOur exclusive flooring offers the authentic beauty of 18th andINDOTEAK19th century planks reclaimed into the most unique engineeredflooring on the market. With an incredibly durable surface fromindoteak can produceyears of weathering, natural patina is available unfinished orcustom dimensions prefinished. Available sizes:3/4 x 8 random length bundles lengths 2 - 7of width and lengthin both solid andengineered floorsUNFINISHED | SOLIDto meet your projectspecification.SOLIDTraditional solid teak flooring is the ultimate specificationfor enduring value. Our appealing classic teak floors aremilled from 100% FSC certified recycled teak to exactingindustry standards for nail down installation and site finishing.Available sizes:3/4 x 5 1/4 random length bundles lengths 2 - 7 5. FINISHESWIRENATURAL SMOOTH BRUSHEDPATINAAvailable on IndoTeakengineered smooth,wire brushed andESPRESSOnatural patinaflooring. All withmicro-beveled edges.TOBACCO COGNAC DRIFTINDO TEAKindoteak maintainstheir environmental GLACIERcommitment by usingincredibly durable,plant based naturaloil finish with zero SANDvocs, and no harmfulchemicals. our naturaloil finish is available in IVORYseven colors. 6. B O AT W O O D | E N G I N E E R E D BOAT WOO D These IndoTeak handmade products feature a patch- work of painted, finished reclaimed teak in the weath- n at u r a l ered and colorful hues of traditional Balinese fishing boats, the jukung. Pre- finished smooth or wire brushed. Available size: 3/4 x 8 92 length bundles greylengths all 92B O AT W O O D l av e n d e rtruly hand-crafted,historic or contemporarycolor palettes can becreated to yourspecification by pinkour artisans. aq ua 7. TREADS & TRANSITIONS REDUCER Unfinished smooth or wire brushed Available prefinished 9/16 x 3 1/2 3/4 x 3 1/2 88 length STAIR NOSIN G Unfinished smooth or wire brushed. Available prefinished 1 1/16 x 5 1/4 x 9/16 or 3 1/4 88 length STAIR TREAD Unfinished smooth or available prefinished. 1 1/16 x 11 1/2 1 1/16 x 14 10 or 12 length LUMBER STO C K Unfinished s4s, glued up 2 piece 2 x 13 1/2 6 to 12 random lengthC U S T O M | M I L LW O R KPARQ UET MO ULDINGPAN E LI N G DECKINGD O O RS FURN ITURELimited only by your imagina-tion, IndoTeak manufacturescustom products made of 100%recycled Teak to your specifi-cation for both residential andcommercial applications. 8. SO URC E I N STA LLAT I O NReclaimed Teak from structures slated forIndoTeak flooring is a quality flooring product. Fordemolition throughout Indonesiabest results install following the NWFA guidelines. Installation by a professional wood flooring con-SP EC I E Stractor is recommended. Engineered flooring mayTectona grandisbe glued or floated over an approved subfloor. Solid flooring must be nailed to a wood subfloor.JANKATeak1078 WA R R A N T YReclaimed Teak is sourced from decades old IndoTeak engineered flooring is warranted againststructures originally built with dense grain, olddefects in lamination, milling and assembly for 25growth wood and naturally exhibits exceptional years, provided it is installed and maintained instrength and durability. accordance with our instructions. Please see our IndoTeak Limited Warranty for specifics, includingMOISTURE CONTENT our replacement and refund policy.8-10% D I S C LA I M E RGRAD E The photos pictured in this brochure are represen- tative of the flooring color and grade. As with any100% FSC Certified Recycled. natural product this can vary.Colors range from warm honey to rich goldenbrown. Natural features of age, nails holes etc.are inherent in the floor.5663 LA JOLLA BLVD.LA JOLLA, CA 92037800.284.1309WWW.INDOTEAKDESIGN.COMWINTER 2011