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Date post: 02-Apr-2016
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At Colonel Duck Productions, we believe in revolutionising the communication of ideas.

We provide our clients with a service, not a product, working to understand and share their passion.

We use digital media creatively, providing impactful content with everyday practical benefits.

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Health & Safety inductions are a necessary yet time consuming priority in the construction industry.

This brochure outlines a proposal for the introduction and development of an online system, designed to streamline the process.

An online system will allow you to continue delivering consistent safety messages in a modern and engaging way, whilst saving time for both your management and supply chain operatives.



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FOR YOURan online induction system

a database of your operatives’ information

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A series of videos, followed by relevant multiple choice questions testing the content of each video

This will allow the operative to start work on site quicker and save the site manager time

This will ensure that Health and Safety messages are effectively delivered and understood

A database can be created and made available for management

This can provide valuable information on supply-chain operatives

It can also used to monitor an operative’s progress and verify completion of the induction

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with an intuitive online system, which is easily accessible on any device’s web browser. An induction can be completed by the operative off site, anytime, anywhere.

relevant and interactive way. Testing ensures the information is understood and taken on board by each operative, creating a better-informed and safer workforce.

for both your operatives and your on-site management.An online system negates the need for repetitive site inductions, saving your site management team time and allowing them to focus on other project matters.

by delivering the information in an engaging,

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An online test allowing Operatives to complete an induction relevant to their job role.

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The induction can be tailored to the needs of the individual operative and delivered to a consistently high standard. The system functions as a step-by-step guide that is easy to use on all computers, laptops smartphones & tablets via the web browser.

The videos will be relevant and engaging, using on site filming to educate the Operative. Each video will be followed by a set of multiple choice questions, testing the content of the video and ensuring the information provided is understood by the user.

The Operative can view additional induction sections depending on the tasks they will be required to perform on site. This ensures the Operative is fully informed of the safety requirements for their specific tasks.

Each operative completes the induction in their own time, allowing them to start work as soon as they arrive on site. This saves time for both the Operative and Management, streamlining the induction process.

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An accessible database that allows on and off site management to monitor your Operatives

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The system will allow Administrators access to a database of Operative information in order to verify the completion of the relevant induction sections and proof of training and competence. This will assist site management and create an overall safer working environment. On-site Health & Safety briefings will be shorter, only needing to cover site specific information. This will save time for on-site Managers as well as allowing Operatives to start work on site quicker.

Administrators will have access to Operatives’ information, making it easy to view necessary personal details or get in touch with their employer. As a company you will be able to extract and utilise the database created by the system, which you can use for your own analysis and research, or for just keeping track of Operatives, projects and subcontractor companies.

It is also possible to include multiple levels of Administrator, allowing you to control the amount of information or actions a particular Administrator has access to. For example, an on-site Administrator may have access to information regarding induction completion and the Operative’s competency. Whereas a more senior Administrator may also have access to any personal information, such as next of kin contact details or disciplinary records.

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We have been working with Willmott Dixon to design a bespoke online induction system. This ensures their Operatives arrive on-site with an up-to-date understanding of Willmott Dixon’s Health, Safety and Environmental requirements. It is called Pre-Enrolment.



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Willmott Dixon Group have recognised the burden that the induction process has on the industry and how the term ‘induction’ quickly demotivates a worker arriving at a project to commence work.

Following consultation and working with Colonel Duck Productions and our supply chain to develop ‘All Safe to Work’, Willmott Dixon Group decided to make a change to the way the process begins. Our new system is called Pre-Enrolment, which carries out the induction through a series of engaging videos and questions.

Colonel Duck Productions managed the whole process, working with us to design and develop the system and content. They filmed each area of work on our own projects to ensure the detail in the information being delivered is bespoke to Willmott Dixon Group. The video footage and relevant information can be easily reviewed to ensure our ‘All Safe to Work’ process is constantly maintained and up to date with legislative or policy changes.

This is a game changer in the way the construction industry starts workers on site and has numerous benefits to Willmott Dixon Group, our supply chain and any worker coming to a Willmott Dixon Group project.

Mark French - Group Head of Safety & Environment at Willmott Dixon

Welcome to Willmott Dixon’s Pre-Enrolment

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Willmott Dixon required an external website that could be accessed by Operatives coming to work on site, as well as Administrative access for management both on and off site.

The new Operative navigates to the webpage (accessible via any web browser) and enters the password provided. They will then fill in their personal details as well as their National Insurance and CSCS card numbers.

Once these fields have been completed, the Operative is then guided to the interactive induction.

Operatives will sit a selection of the 19 sections (12 general, 7 tailored to specific on-site tasks) depending upon their specific activities on-site.

Whether or not an Operative needs to sit any of the specific sections is established by a series of questions at the beginning of the test.

For example, an Operative working with Scaffolding will have to complete a section that covers the relevant safety information. The Operative will automatically be given the sections based on the job specific details they initially provide.

Each section comprises of a shor t, informative video. This is followed by a set of multiple-choice questions, relevant to the content of the preceding video, to verify the information has been understood.

Answering the questions correctly allows the Operative to continue to the next section.

Completion of all relevant sections guarantees the Operative has received a full Health, Safety & Environmental induction, in line with Willmott Dixon’s requirements.

Willmott Dixon, via their Administrative Panel, are able to track and verify the completion of an Operative’s online induction. They may also check the validity of an Operative’s proof of training and competence, such as their CSCS card.

Furthermore, Willmott Dixon split their Administrative privileges, giving basic control to On-site Managers in order to verify an Operative’s completion of their induction, while retaining the ability to view personal information and other functions for more senior management.

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OPERATIVESHaving logged in through the homepage using the password provided, the Operative will then enter in their personal details.

1 Once al l relevant per sonal and occupat iona l deta i l s have been submitted, the Operative will be directed to the first video of the induction, which is then followed by 2 multiple choice questions.

2 3The questions ensure the information from each video has been understood. Answering the questions correctly will allow the operative to continue to the next sections. Once the Operative has passed all sections, Pre-Enrolment is complete.

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ADMINISTRATORSOnce logged in, Administrators are directed to the Dashboard, which displays basic information, such as the number of Operatives who have completed their Induction, as well the number of disciplinary cards issued.

1 By clicking on the ‘Operatives’ icon, an Administrator is able to view further information, such as an Operative’s job role, induction completion date and CSCS card expiry date. It is also possible to find an individual Operative using the search bar.

2 3Selecting an individual Operative displays further information, such as personal detai ls and next of kin contact information, as well details of any disciplinary cards awarded to the Operative with a brief explanation. It is also possible to add or edit a disciplinary card.

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This brochure outlines the process involved in planning, production and delivery of an online induction system that:1. is easy to use for both Operatives and Management2. will improve Health & Safety on-site3. will save time for both your Operatives and your Management

THE PROCESS1. PRE-PRODUCTION AND PLANNING Developing a proposal addressing your specific requirements, including individual features, preferences and project time scale and costings.

2. CONTENT PRODUCTION Producing relevant and engaging multimedia content to ensure information is understood, as well as the ability to monitor data for your own analysis

3. PROJECT DELIVERY Bringing the project to completion and efficient implementation, working alongside you throughout the process to ensure the system is rolled out effectively.

4. PROJECT SUPPORT Continuing to work with you to modify and support the system making sure the system delivers on its promises to save time, being user friendly and improving Health&Safety

We will be happy to discuss any element of this further, and look forward to working with you to develop a tailored system to meet your own individual needs. Our contact details can be found on the back of this brochure.


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