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inREACH | protecting health and environment by ... · inREACH | protecting health and environment...

Date post: 17-Feb-2019
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LIFE13 ENV/IT/000849 inREACH | protecting health and environment by streamlining REACH compliance check at European Economic Area import stage project funded by Life+ 2007-2013 financial instrument Final Conference, Milano, 12 luglio 2017 Luca Abatello [email protected]

LIFE13 ENV/IT/000849

inREACH | protecting health and

environment by streamlining REACH

compliance check at European Economic

Area import stage

project funded by Life+ 2007-2013 financial instrument

Final Conference, Milano, 12 luglio 2017

Luca Abatello

[email protected]

inREACH Application (IRCApp)

Circle, in qualità di partner tecnico, ha collaborato con i Beneficiari di Progetto e IA IndustriaAmbiente allo sviluppo dell’inREACH Framework (Process Intelligence + procedure codificate condivise + ICT a supporto).

Ha sviluppato, in base all’analisi dei processi, la piattaforma “cloud”IRCAPP utilizzando una architettura SOA su tecnologia J2EE in ottica di massima flessibilità e piena interoperabilità

inREACH Application (IRCApp)

Per lo sviluppo dell’applicazione è stata utilizzata la metodologia Agile che prevede diverse iterazioni al fine di ottimizzare al massimo il rilascio finale. Ogni Iterazione ha consentito di testare le maschere per l’inserimento delle Sostanze e delle Miscele e di affrontare eventuali problematiche o necessità dell’utente Finale.

inREACH Cloud Application (IRCApp)

inREACH Cloud Application (IRCApp)


inREACH Cloud Application (IRCApp)

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl


(Internet of Things)Approach

Milan, July 12th, 2017

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Digital disruption scenario

Maersk’s CEO has recently diclared «we are embracing the age ofdigitalisation… systems that offer the chance to reduce costs by up to30% by better coordinating the interaction of ships and shore… collect morereal time data.. Offer new services… predictive approach»

Several It Platforms have been recently launched on the market with newbusiness models and services. Nowadays, the most clear example of thisprocess is the collaboration between IBM and Maersk with the BlockchainTechnology. Other solutions are: GT Nexus, xChange, MixMoveMatch…

Also Hapag Lyod, MSC, CMA CGM have announced similar investments onBig Data and IoT solutions. “Digital Disruption is ongoing”.

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Technology evolution opportunities

IoT technologies are mature and low cost.

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Market risks and opportunities

Fonte: The Guardian

Shippers even more focused on minimizing costs and transit time

Big shipping Alliances 2M, OCEAN Alliance, THE Alliance

Criticalities in Northern Range Ports

40 millions TEU moved to and from Europe along the SILK ROAD on 2030 (Shanghai International Shipping Institute)

New investments on shipping industrymade by global player (Amazon & Alibaba)

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

The reply of SHIPPING LINE«streamline processes»

The task which the companies operating in the shipping industry have toface, it is to innovate their business models and process flows alongthe Logistics Chain, in a Door to Door perspective.

Such a innovative approach need a deep understanding of the entire supplychain, by mapping the entire logistics process, in order to identify eventualinefficiencies and area of possible evolution, innovation andoptimization.

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Supply chain operators approach

To get aligned with ever-changing logistics scenario, the logistics operators along the supply chain need:

A clear vision of the entire supply chain – to have a complete picture of the logistic processes at international level (MED area, etc.)

Business Process Reengineering with focus on added value recovery, transit time reduction – innovation of the processes with the aim of minimizing the transit/dwell time with a reduction of the variability of the performance of services provided

New services proposition – possibility to deliver new innovative services

IOT opportunity exploitation – possibility to amplify the opportunities by implementing IoT solutions (Industry 4.0 incentives)

Italy positioning and Customs evolution (UCC and Italian technical evolutions and implementations) exploitation – strategic position of Italy and Italian innovative customs procedures

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

Italian Customs Agency - IOG

Copyright: Italian Customs Agency

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

Speed up and new opportunities(preliminary example of FLOW)

Temporay storage can

be “declared” before the

actual unloading


Goods are



to controls


sent to

terminals or

sent to final


The trader

can send the





to the dry-



Know the

destination of a

container before it

is unloaded

Goods are

checked in


Can manage




of departure

Pre-notification for

Operative and

Customs reasons

• XX

Anchorage PortWarehouse Port Final Client

Copyright: Italian Customs Agency

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

Digital Supply Chain

Copyright: Italian Customs Agency

Italian scenario: Trading Across Borders - n.1 in the world

Customs 4.0 strategy and

innovative procedures strongly

increased Italian ports and

logistics performance.

World Bank certified that in

Doing Business Report

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

International Digital supply chain –the opportunity INDUSTRY 4.0

IoT eSeals allows authorized companies and authorities to access status information of container transport, matching logistics data with security information, supporting the related changes in business processes and the opportunities for process automation.

IoT eSeals has a special focus on the integration of new RFID active and passive technologies into the full logistic chain business processes.

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

IoT solution– A multi-sided approach

Process innovation based on

specific context


&Internet Of


Compliancy with International

Regulamentation& Standard

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

Inland Terminal

Port Terminal

Port Community System

Inland Terminal


Port Community


Italian Customs Agency IT Systems


Il Trovatore

Shipping Agent



Port Terminal

EXTRA EU Customs Agency

IT Systems





International Fast Trade Lanes -Corridor perspective

IoT eSeals

IoT eSeals

IoT eSeals

IoT eSeals

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

IoT (Industry 4.0) schema

© 2017 – All informations are confidential


The key points for providing an effective IOT + Corridor Platform solution are:

✓ Detailed Process Analysis & Reenginering

✓ Value creation for each actors involved and in a corridor perspective

✓ Full digital approach in order to reduce manual input and paper documents

✓ ONCE criterion – data exchange through international & vertical standard connectors from the owner of the information

✓ Optimization & Orchestration framework & Cloud Based

The «IOT Platform» is a Unique Configurable and Scalable solution

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

The RFID component is designed specifically to monitor and manage the movement of

containers that pass through it. It is able to monitor in a reliable and secure way the RFID e-

seals applied to the containers that enter terminals, ports and depots, by taking an

automatic accurate reading of passive (battery free) and active RFID seals.

IoT eSeals & Gate automation

We are working with different HW providers of OCR, RFID, sensors, etc.

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

…integrated with RFID, GPS, bluetooth family

Passive RFID sealActive RFID seal

Active RFID sealIso 18000-7 compliant

Cable active RFID sealJRC compliant

Vehicle-mountedPalmtops with

Portable Antennas


© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

From metal and plastic…


Passive RFID sealActive RFID seal

Cable active RFID seal

…To Internet of Things

NFC / sensors

Passive Tag

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

Container stuffing operation

eSeal apposition Gate operation



Yard operation

Yard operationCustoms

ProceduresGate operation




IoT - Operative flows

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

MILOS IoT solutions - successful projects: the Tunisian pilot

Economic actors involved:

• Importers;

• Exporters;

• Shipping Company;

• Shipping Agency;

• Freight Forwarders.

Public Institution involved:

• Port Authority;

• Port Captaincy;

• Customs Agency

• Single Window Public Operators.

The pilot involved an international RoRo traffic between Rades and Leghorn


A preclearing procedure using passive eSeals and a Corridor Management

Platform were tested for the first time integrating logistics and Customs


© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

IoT Mobile App (Tunisian pilot example)


and logging in







Baptysm procedure

Check procedure

Save data

Transfer data

Store data in central


Share data with

Customs & operators

© 2017 – Copyright Circle Srl

Installing of RFID tags inside the production plant

Transportation by truck or rail of new vehicles to the port of departure

Loading of the transported units on the board of ship

Ongoing Project

Automatic Gate-in inside the port area thanks to RFID antennas

Outcome of Customs status of


Anticipation of export procedure

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Inland carriersMTOs and transport operator

Port AuthoritiesShipping Lines Inland /Port

TerminalNational Customs


SHIPPER Dashboard

ETA/ATA Transport listTransport document


Gate In/out

External systems

TOS already integrated:• Copas Step• PlanMaster• Cosmos• Navis /N4(ongoing)• Jade (ongoing)• Home made solutions.

Pre ArrivalATA

Ship PositionETA/ATA

Tracking&Tracing service providers

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

IoT: Benefits & savings

• Reduction of yard operators at terminal gates• Increased security performance • Reducted dwell time

• Extension of terminal towards the international supply chain & alliances by exploiting – corridor management approach (both maritime & inland)

• Simplified management of transhipment activies

• Optimization of performances (move/hours; gate-in gate-out; etc.)

• Reduction of transit time• Reduction of total costs

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Med Ongoing activities

© 2017 – All informations are confidential

Italian ongoing activities





Thanks for your attention!

Luca AbatelloCircle CEO

[email protected] 348-8877609