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Inside the NEW NRS Granbury Store

Date post: 15-Mar-2022
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NRS EMPLOYEE NEWS December 09, 2014 Inside the NEW NRS Granbury Store Opening the new store in Granbury has been an awesome experience. I'm so proud of how everyone pulled together to help us get the store open so quickly. David Craddock has worked his tail off to make this happen. Chris White, Mark Pingel and Matt Field all came down to lend a hand on their days off, and I want to say a special thank you to them. The buying staff and Jim Lamirand all stepped up to plate in one of their busiest times of the year, and it showed why they are the best of the best. My staff here went above and beyond in their efforts to get everything moved from the old location and create a sales floor that is exceptional! As with anything new we are working thru the challenges that it creates, while trying to take our customer experience to a higher level. We have the new feed store under the same roof, and a huge porch to use to display so many things. For the first time in Granbury we have Christmas lights all around the new property and it is beautiful. The customers in Granbury have all been very happy with our move, once they understood the "name change". This has created the opportunity to share the NRSDavid's western store story. We have seen a significant increase in our traffic over last year, and our sales have reflected that. We are very excited about 2015 in Granbury and invite all of our NRS/David's family to come see us here at the new store! Shane Suggs Dec. 02 Sarah Supak Dec. 07 Trayce Gallman Dec. 08 Calvin White Dec. 09 Bryan Redwine Dec. 10 Sara Oxford Dec. 11 Donald Potts Dec. 23 Denise Gillespie Dec. 26 Alexandria Fowler Dec. 26 Samantha Gunter Dec. 26 Maggie Wang Dec. 30 April Fisher Dec. 31 Judy Bomar New Hires & ReHires Granbury Feed Store Calvin Abbott Rio Vista
December 09, 2014
Inside the NEW NRS Granbury Store   Opening the new store in Granbury has been an awesome experience. I'm so proud of how everyone pulled together to help us get the store open so quickly. David Craddock has worked his tail off to make this happen. Chris White, Mark Pingel and Matt Field all came down to lend a hand on their days off, and I want to say a special thank you to them. The buying staff and Jim Lamirand all stepped up to plate in one of their busiest times of the year, and it showed why they are the best of the best. My staff here went above and beyond in their efforts to get everything moved from the old location and create a sales floor that is exceptional! As with anything new we are working thru the challenges that it creates, while trying to take our customer experience to a higher level. We have the new feed store under the same roof, and a huge porch to use to display so many things. For the first time in Granbury we have Christmas lights all around the new property and it is beautiful. The customers in Granbury have all been very happy with our move, once they understood the "name change". This has created the opportunity to share the NRS­David's western store story. We have seen a significant increase in our traffic over last year, and our sales have reflected that. We are very excited about 2015 in Granbury and invite all of our NRS/David's family to come see us here at the new store!    Shane Suggs 
Dec. 02 ­ Sarah Supak Dec. 07 ­ Trayce Gallman Dec. 08 ­ Calvin White Dec. 09 ­ Bryan Redwine Dec. 10 ­ Sara Oxford Dec. 11 ­ Donald Potts Dec. 23 ­ Denise Gillespie  Dec. 26 ­ Alexandria Fowler Dec. 26 ­ Samantha Gunter Dec. 26 ­ Maggie Wang Dec. 30 ­ April Fisher Dec. 31 ­ Judy Bomar
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