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Inspect Technologies Inc.

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7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc. http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 1/14 De La Salle University - Manila Master of Business Administration In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Strategic Management (BUS!"M#  INZPECT TECHNOLOGIES INC. CASE ANALYSIS Su$mitted to% &rofessor 'oseph &angilinan Su$mitted $y% roup ) Bea hennyna *+ *avorada 'acquiline Angelica D+S+ &otencio ,elmalyn D+ eyes Andrea ica .+ o/as 0aren + Supapo 'anuary 1!2 1345 I+ Introduction
Page 1: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 1/14

De La Salle University - Manila

Master of Business Administration

In partial fulfillment of the requirements forStrategic Management



Su$mitted to%

&rofessor 'oseph &angilinan

Su$mitted $y%

roup )

Bea hennyna *+ *avorada

'acquiline Angelica D+S+ &otencio

,elmalyn D+ eyes

Andrea ica .+ o/as

0aren + Supapo

'anuary 1!2 1345

I+ Introduction

Page 2: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 2/14

Inzpect Technologies, Inc. was established in the year 2003. Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Laya and Mr.and Mrs. Jose S!alabe started the bsiness and "lorished it along with se#en pioneer e!ployees withinitial capital stoc$ o" %ne Million &esos only. The co!pany is distincti#e in the contry becase noco!pany in the &hilippines that is e'actly the sa!e to what they do, their co!petitors are "oreignco!panies.

 The co!pany(s !ission is to ser#e their csto!ers with t!ost per"ection with co!pleted

 pro)ects and absolte satis"action. *nd #ision+ To be the best in !achine ato!ation and the "ore!ost in syste!s integration. Inzpect Technologies, Inc. prodcts and ser#ices are+ 

-esign, rehabilitation and pgrading o" original eip!ent "or !an"actring /ision -e#elop!ent and Integration / cring application de#elop!ent and integration Laser Integration

*thorized integrator and distribtor o" 1ogne' #ision syste!s, Synrad &iasi! andIlios laser and 4IT radio!eter 

*thorized distribtor o" Robohand *to!ation &rodcts, -e5Sta51o wor$holdingsoltions, L4- ill!ination, Sa!ic$ Linear 6shings, 7*ST418 Motors and 1ontrol

 4lectronics indstry, "ro! where the !a)or csto!er o" the co!pany categorized, sstained

growth in e'port per"or!ance "ro! 2002 to 2009. 8owe#er in 200:, the electronics indstry in the&hilippines s""ered as the "inancial crisis hit !ost indstries worldwide. Indstry penetration is one o" the !a)or reasons how Inzpect was able to sr#i#e the econo!ic downtrn. This opens the opportnities"or its entry to the "ood and phar!acetical indstries. The co!pany enconters its way with the e'ternalchanges, they had been endring se#eral isses in their internal organization sch as+ 

; 7inancial < encontering late collection o" accont recei#able s""ering their pay!ent totheir sppliers.

 ; 8igh trn5o#er rate < e!ployees only ta$e position in the co!pany as stepping stone to

acire $nowledge and s$ills and get hired in other large co!panies or abroad. 

The owners considered !o#ing "orward with se#eral "actors to be considered+ new indstry penetration which they sccess"lly get thr, ality !anage!ent syste!s, corporate "inance, sccession plans, and territorial e'pansion by bilding satellite o""ices in 1eb or -a#ao. 

II+ &oint of 6ie7

 In order to analyze the case accrately, the grop consider the to stand in the point o" #iew o" the owners. 

III+ 6ision *rame7or8 (9ollins and &orras#

 Inzpect’s current vision statement: To be the best in !achine ato!ation and the "ore!ost insyste!s integration.

Page 3: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 3/14

The grop assessed that Inzpect(s crrent #ision state!ent is aligned with 1ollins and &orras7ra!ewor$.

I6+ &ro$lem

:o7 can In;pect .echnologies2 Inc+ achieve a sustaina$le competitive advantage<

6+ =$>ectives (SMA.#

4+ Strategic =$>ectives

a+ &eople management% Redce e!ployee trno#er by =>

 b. =perations management% Increase !ar$et share by 9>1+ *inancial =$>ectives%

a+ *inancial efficiency% I!pro#e the crrent ratio to ?.$+ *inancial gro7th% Increase sales by 2:>?

!+ *unctional =$>ective% Redce the processing ti!e "ro! !an"actringntil installation, aligning it to the indstry(s best practice.

6I+ .heoretical *rame7or8 

esource Based 6ie7 (B6#

R6/ is an approach sed by organizations in all sizes dring their strategic planning in order toco!e p with the !ost #iable strategy that "ocses on the sstainability o" its co!petiti#e ad#antage by properly deploying its resorces. This approach loo$s into the internal resorces o" the co!pany to gainsstainable ad#antage instead o" loo$ing at its e'ternal en#iron!ent. The "ra!ewor$ de#eloped in :0(sand @0(s when the wor$s o" Aerner"elt, 6., &rahalad and 8a!el and 6arney, J. on the core co!petencies,co!petiti#e ad#antage, and R6/ o" a "ir! were pblished. In the case o" Inzpect, inno#ation is the $ey

"or the co!pany to co!pete and increase its !ar$et share. Mo#ing "orward, e#erything that in#ol#esinno#ation in the co!pany which are the co!pany(s intangible assets, the e'pertise o" its e!ployees, andthe tangible assets, their !ain prodcts, !st there"ore be gi#en the right le#el o" i!portance relati#e totheir operations in general.

  The R6/ approach sggests that a co!pany shold !a'i!izethe potential o" e'ternal opportnities by throgh the se o" its internalresorces.

Inzpect shold also distingish the heterogeneity o" itsresorces which !eans that the co!pany shold !a$e srethat its prodcts and ser#ices are well di#ersi"ied that no other co!petitor will be able to tap what they can o""er. Their !i' o" 

resorces shold not lead into a per"ect co!petition where allother co!panies are e'pected to ha#e the sa!e lea#ing the!with no co!petiti#e ad#antage at all. I!!obility is also a"actor that has to be ta$en into consideration becase this also plays an i!portant role in attaining a co!petiti#e

e increase of sales from 2005-2011.

1 Based on Inzpect’s avareag

Page 4: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 4/14

ad#antage. The assets o" a co!pany !st not be easily trans"erred "ro! co!pany to co!pany, its bleprint sch as 6rand reptation, intellectal properties and operational processes !st solely be owned by the!.

 Sorce+ Strategic Manage!ent Insight

/RI% /alable, Rare, I!itability, and %rganization o" the co!pany attribtes e!phasize thei!portance o" other "actors besides its i!!obility and heterogeneity in achie#ing co!petiti#e ad#antage.

The "actors that answer yes to all the estions are the sstainedco!petiti#e ad#antages.

Inzpect shold ensre that its resorces are #alable enogh inadding #ale o""ered to the csto!ers. The co!pany !st loo$ into prodct di""erentiation and proper allocation o" costs to its prodction.Their resorces !st also be nie in their indstry. It !eans that its bsiness processes !st be well planned and strategic enogh that noother co!panies or only "ew are applying the sa!e in their core processes. 8a#ing a costly prodction !ay be considered a wea$ness

 bt it can be the other way arond. 8a#ing a costly bt hard to i!itate procedres enables a "ir! to !aintain its co!petiti#eness in the !ar$etthat is why the estion o" i!itability can lead to a "a#orable position"or the co!pany relati#e to theSorce+ Strategic Manage!ent Insight

sstainability o" its co!petiti#e ad#antage i" its processes are pro#en to be hard to i!itate by their ri#als. 7inally, the last "actor "ocses on the

 possibility o" sbstittes. Inzpect !st ha#e the assrance that it has indeed "ond its !ar$et niche, that ito""ers the speci"ic needs o" its clients. *n a""ir!ati#e answer wold !ean that they ha#e achie#ed asstainable co!petiti#e ad#antage and not )st te!porary. Inzpect !st ta$e into accont each "actor instrategically !anaging their resorces in order to a#oid !a$ing the! into disad#antages. The

!anage!ent !st establish the stability o" their resorces in order to continosly cater to the needs o" their clients and penetrate the !ar$et.

The R6/ is #ery essential to a "ir! since it !anages to inclcate both the internal ande'ternal en#iron!ent o" a "ir! into a sstainable co!petiti#e ad#antage. *lthogh it "ocses on theinternal resorces, it shows how nderstanding both en#iron!ents can help a co!pany co!e p with itsco!petiti#e ad#antage and sbseently, its long ter! sstainability.

6II+ Areas of 9onsideration

A+ Internal Analysis (6alue 9hain2 *inancial atio#

6alue 9hain Analysis

Page 5: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 5/14

*inancial atios

B+ ?/ternal Analysis (&?S.L?D#


4ipped with low5cost bt highly5s$illed labor and attracti#e incenti#es "or e'port5processingzone locators, the &hilippines was able to attract the world(s top electronic co!panies. In theMedi!5Ter! &hilippine -e#elop!ent &lan "or 20?? to 20?B, the go#ern!ent ai!s to increase

Page 6: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 6/14

 prodcti#ity and e""iciency by pro#iding "ir! le#el spport to MSM4s, a!ong others. &riority isgi#en to de#elop!ent o" areas that ha#e the highest growth potentials and generate the !ost )obswhich inclde the electronics indstry.


The electronics indstry is the !ain dri#er o" the &hilippine econo!y as it acconts "or the bl$ 

o" the contry(s e'ports. 7ro! 2002 to 2009, the indstry has e'perienced sstained growth ine'port per"or!ance. 8owe#er in 200:, the indstry s""ered as the "inancial crisis hit !ostindstries worldwide. 7ro! then on, the indstry tried to cope and has "inally stabilized in 20?2.*!idst this crisis, the &hilippines( s!all and !edi! enterprises SM4s that are strongly lin$edto the local indstry pro#ed their resiliency as they e'plored opportnities that are a#ailablewithin the contry.


 Cot stated in the case.


The indstry has consistently been a sorce o" high5#ale original design !an"actring %-M

and original eip!ent !an"actring %4M. 4ipped with low5cost bt highly5s$illed labor and attracti#e incenti#es "or e'port5processing zone locators, the contry was able to attract theworld(s top electronic co!panies.


The &hilippines is astride a typhoon belt and gets to be hit by a !ini!! o" abot ?= typhoonsyearly. *side "ro! typhoons, the contry is #isited yearly by other "or!s o" natral cala!itiessch as landslides, acti#e #olcanoes and #olcanic erptions, destrcti#e eartha$es, andtsna!is.


*s !andated by law, corporations !st be incorporated nder the 1orporation 1ode o" the

&hilippines and register in the Secrities and 4'change 1o!!ission, 6rea o" Internal Re#enender the Cational Internal Re#ene 1ode o" the &hilippines, and local reglations o" the localgo#ern!ent nit where the corporation is doing bsiness. %ther co!pliances incldes "inancialreporting "ollowing the &hilippine 7inancial Reporting Standards.


4nglish is sed as !edi! o" instrction and is the langage o" bsiness in the &hilippines. Thecontry has a high literacy rate at @= percent o" the poplation based on 200: statistics.

6III+ .=@S Analysis *rame7or8 

?/ternal =pportunities

=4%  Mo#es in tande! with the econo!y,

howe#er, can also "lctate in ti!es o" 


=1% Lowering o" tari""s on i!ported raw

!aterials and ta' bene"its

?/ternal .hreats


.4% SM4s lac$ o" access to "inance

.1% 1o!petition. 9=> o" the total

electronics "ir!s are "oreign5owned with

!ore than enogh wor$ers

Page 7: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 7/14

=!% %nce relocated in an e'port5processing

zone, they cold en)oy ta' incenti#es

=)% %pportnity "or e'panding networ$ 

otside o" Lzon and otside o" the contry

="% Increasing de!and in technological


=5% Do#ern!ent policy to spport MSM4s

thr the Magna 1arta o" MSM4S in ?@@? to

 pro#ide "inancial and in"or!ation ser#ices,

training, and !ar$eting.

=% The electronics indstry will contine

to be the dri#er o" growth o" &hilippine

!erchandise e'ports. *t an annal growth

rate o" ?0 percent, electronics e'ports are

e'pected to hit !ore than SE=0 billion by


.!% &ossible threat o" prodct sbstitte

and electronic "ads

.)% Lac$ o" go#ern!ent inter#ention.

The high !an"actring costs sch as the

cost o" electricity, poor in"rastrctre,

inadeate logistical spport, high labor 

and ta'es also pose as a barrier to the

growth o" the indstry.

."% Many se!icondctor !lti5national

co!panies trans"erred to 1hina, /ietna!

and 1a!bodia de to cheap labor costs

reslting to the slowdown in the

se!icondctor indstry which is one o" 

the !a)or clientele o" Inzpect

Internals Strengths

S4%  Aith stabilized sales growth

especially a"ter the global crisis

S1%  8as pro#en trac$ record

srpassing econo!ic downtrns

S!%  Manage!ent e'pertise in

rnning the bsiness and has

shown seriosness in rnning the

 bsiness as earnings are being

 ploghed bac$ to operations

S)%  6arriers to entry is low as not

!any co!panies ha#e the

capability to design, !an"actre

and integrate the sa!e into anylocal process as Inzpect


S"%  Dood !argins as they

!an"actre eip!ent and at the

!eanti!e can spply to their 

co!petitors. 6l$ o" their 

earnings is !ostly "ro! !achine

!an"actring and csto!ization.

S5%  8as wide range o" prodct

line and e'tensi#e ser#ices

S% In long ter! dealings with its

$ey principals especially 1ogne'

S%  Aith roster o" !ltinationalclients and wide range o" networ$ 

sch as &Si Technologies, Inc.,

Ionics 4MS Inc., 7astech Synergy

&hilippines, Inc., &hilippine

Ma$oto 1orp., and &recision

Microcircits, Inc. Most o" the!

are large enterprises located in

e'port5processing zones and has


 S) @!%  &oor csto!er ser#ice and needs

i!pro#e!ent as client gets irritated bt

ends p generally well satis"ied becase o" 

its csto!ized prodcts


S" @) @"% Man"actrers o" technological

 prodcts are capital intensi#e. 6l$ o" their 

earnings is hea#ily in#ested in !achineries

and tangible assets which !ay reslt to

liidity ris$.


S @) @"% Inzpect has been aciringse#eral properties already in their second

and third year in the bsiness which !ay

 pose to liidity proble!s in the "tre de

to tied p capital e'penditres and

depreciation. Moreo#er, this !ade the! not

to trans"er easily to the econo!ic zone area

when there is a chance which they cold

en)oy ta' incenti#es. Inzpect can not only

cater its prodcts to &4G* csto!ers bt

also to #arios indstries.


S! S" @! @"% Stretched collections "ro!

csto!ers attribted by staggered billingter!s with their principals at 205H05H0

credit ter!s. Installation sally "inishes

a"ter ?2 wee$s and their &ayables with their 

sppliers is only "or H= days wherein they

are cash tight dring the installation.

Inzpect can e""iciently "ast trac$ their 

installation process which can satis"y their 


S .1 .!% -e to Inzpect(s prodct

adaptability, this pa#ed the way "or its

entry to the "ood and phar!acetical

indstries. Target co!panies li$e Ayeth,

 Cestle and San Migel 1orporation,

especially its brewery co!pany, are ripe

"or penetration.

Page 8: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 8/14

acired ality standards


S%  Their #ision syste!s are

 progra!!able to !eet the ality

reire!ents o" the client, it has

 pro#en to be "le'ible and

adaptable to sch other indstries

that reire ato!ated ality

control syste!s.

csto!ers and can shorten recei#ables.

S) =" =%  6arriers to entry is !oderate as

not !any local co!panies ha#e the

capability to csto!ize as Inzpect. In this

way, Inzpect can captre big portion o" the

!ar$et share

 Internal @ea8nesses

@4%  Lac$ o" sccession planning

@1%  8igh trn5o#er and wea$ 

e!ployee retention

@!%  Ceed to i!pro#e csto!er 


@)% 1apital intensi#e

@"% Aea$ liidity



.4 .1 .) =) =5% *ccess to "inancing thrthe help o" the go#ern!ent to "rther their networ$ reach and pro"itability and lessenco!petition o" MSM4F SM4s with largecorporations 

@" @4 =1 =! =) 4'pand the networ$ in

an e'port processing zone otside Lzon to bene"it "ro! ta' incenti#es and i!pro#eliidity throgh ta' sa#ings.


@1 .1+ Serios isse as Inzpect cold

 both loss trained sta"" and csto!ers.

I!pro#e co!pensation and bene"it

 pac$age to reach ot !ore co!petent

technical wor$ers and i!pro#e csto!er 


 @) .! ."% These !ay pose serios

 proble! in disposing the csto!ized

syste! "or the certain csto!er only.

IC+ Alternative 9orporate Strategies

A9A 4% Status Euo

&ros 9ons

?. Co additional costs will beincrred by the co!pany.

2. &roble!s that !ay ariserelati#e to the e!ployees( resistance tochange !ay be a#oided.

?. The co!pany(s internaline""iciencies will not be resol#ed.

2. The bsiness will re!ain stagnanthence, no progress will ta$e e""ect to sstaingrowth.

A9A 1% 9ompany e/pansion to ?/port-&rocessing Fone outside Metro Manila

&ros 9ons

?. It will boost e'port pro!otion2. *ttracts "oreign direct

in#est!ents3. 1reate e!ploy!ent

opportnities within the co!!nity

?. It will be #ery costly "or theco!pany to e'pand especially "ar "ro! the !aino""ice Tagig.

2. 8iring and new e!ployees will incr costs "or the co!pany.

Page 9: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 9/14

H. nder &.-. no BB., incenti#esto 4&G co!panies incldes e'e!ption"ro! ta'es and dties on i!portedeip!ent, raw !aterials and sppliesdirectly needed "or its operations

=. nder 4% no. 22B, additionaldedction is granted "or training e'pensesB. incenti#es nder R* 99?: or  

6ild5%perate5Trans"er 6%T Law9. Si!pli"ied I!port54'port

&rocedres:. 4!ploy!ent o" "oreign

nationals as special non5i!!igrant #isawith !ltiple entry pri#ileges are grantedto the! e!ployed in a &4G*5registered bsiness.

@. Ta' credits "or e'porters singlocal !aterials as inpts shall en)oy thesa!e bene"its as pro#ided by the 4'port-e#elop!ent *ct o" ?@@H.

?0. It will allow the! to train"tre leaders "or their co!pany

A9A !% Improve companyGs cash management $y speeding up its cash flo7s

&ros 9ons

?. It will i!pro#e Inzpect(sliidity.

2. I!pro#es prodcti#ity byspending less ti!e in !anaging debts thatare already de.

3. Increases cash a#ailable to bere5in#ested in the bsiness srplses.

H. It redces debt=. Increases in#estors( otloo$ "or 

the co!panyB. It has a positi#e i!pact to

co!pany(s credit rating enabling theco!pany to borrow !oney easily.

9. Li!its ris$ o" loss

?. Inco!e earned are not shielded"ro! ta'

2. *s cash "low generation wor$s well"or co!panies with wor$ing capital needs, it!ay be an indicator "or in#estors( o" co!pany(s poor !anage!ent.

3. Li!ited retrns

A9A )% eevaluate the $usiness process procedures on manufacturing its products

Page 10: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 10/14

&ros 9ons

?. 4li!inates ti!e and sa#es

!oney "or non5#ale adding procedres2. 8elps the co!pany i!pro#e

e""iciency in bsiness operations.3. 4""icient bsiness procedre

can be a co!petiti#e ad#antage "or the


?. Re5e#alation !ight cons!e ti!e"or the !anage!ent and signi"icant e!ployees.

2. The procedre !ight incr  additional costs "or the co!pany i" in case aconsltant will be hired.

3. 1on"licts !ay arise in the!anage!ent(s decision !a$ing.

A9A "% ain Strategic alliances in companyGs activity

&ros 9ons

?. %rganic growth alone is ins""icient

"or !eeting !ost organizations( reired rate o" retrn.

2. Speed to !ar$et is essential, and partnerships greatly i!pro#es it.

3. 1o!ple'ity is increasing and nosingle organization has the reired totale'pertise to best ser#e the csto!ers.

H. Shared ris$s=. ease o" !ar$et entryB. synergy and co!petiti#e ad#antage9. %pportnities "or growth

?. Less pro"it

2. &ossible disptes betweenco!panies

3. high le#el o" co!!it!ent inter!s o" !anage!ent ti!e and "inance

H. 1ltral di""iclties=. 1ostly

?valuation of Alternative 9orporate Strategies

In e#alating the "i#e alternati#e corses o" action, the tea! ca!e p with a decisioncriteria that is based on MST and C44-S. The !sts are the i!perati#e and nonnegotiable decision criteria that an alternati#e corse o" action !st co!ply otherwisewill not be considered. I" all the alternati#e corses o" action will pass the ?st le#el !stthen, 2nd le#el needs will be re#iewed. The Ceed &hase incldes the nice to ha#edecision criteria o" the bsiness

%n the ?st le#el !st phase below are the non negotiable criteria which will only be

addressed by either D% or C% D%

?. I!pro#e cash "low2. I!pro#e prodcti#ity e!ployee, operations, and processes3. %pen opportnities "or bsiness growth

%n the 2nd le#el, the alternati#e corses o" action who passed the ?st le#el will only be!easred on the weights below+

Page 11: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

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Decision 9riteria @eight

Ma'i!izing capital tilization H0

I!pro#ing prodcti#ity 20

Sstainability H0

.=.AL 433H

C+ Decisionecommended Strategy

.he team revie7ed the Alternative 9ourses of Action $ased on the a$ovementioned




A9A 4

Stats Ko

A9A 1

1o!panye'pansion to


Gone otsideMetroManila

A9A !


cash!anage!ent by speeding

p its cash"lows

A9A )

Ree#alatethe bsiness

 process procedres

on!an"actring its prodcts

A9A "


alliances inco!pany(s



1ash 7low

 C% D% D% D% D% D%







 C% D% D% D% D% D%



"or bsiness


 C% D% D% D% D% D%

R4SLT -o Cot1ontine

1ontine -o Cot1ontine

-o Cot1ontine


Page 12: Inspect Technologies Inc.

7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/inspect-technologies-inc 12/14

*s *1* 2, 3, H and = co!plied with the !andatory !sts o" the decision criteria, wewill "rther re#iew it based on or 2nd le#el decision criteria



A9A 1

9ompany?/pansion to

e/port processing


A9A !

ImprovecompanyGs cash

management $y

speeding up its

cash flo7s

A9A )

e-evaluate the$usiness process

procedure on

manufacturing its


A9A "

ain strategicalliances in

companyGs activity

Score @t Sc Score @t Sc Score @t Sc Score @t Sc



90 2:> 90 2:> @0 3B> 90 2:>

I!pro#ing prodcti#ity


:0 ?B> =0 ?0> :0 ?B> =0 ?0>


=0 20> =0 20> =0 20> @0 3B>

.=.AL 5)H "H 1H )H

1o!ing "ro! the re#iew or or sggested *1*s, the grop reco!!ends to i!ple!ent the *1*3I!pro#e co!pany(s cash !anage!ent by speeding p its cash "lows and H Ree#alate the bsiness process procedres on !an"actring its prodcts as i!!ediate soltions, *1* 2 1o!pany e'pansionto 4'port5&rocessing Gone otside Metro Manila as a !idter! soltion and "inally, *1* = DainStrategic alliances in co!pany(s acti#ity "or its long ter! soltion.

CI+ Implementation &lan

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7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

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CII+ Learning

ICG&41T T418C%L%DI4S 1*S4 established as a learning grond "or the grop !e!bers that thei!pro#e!ent o" the day to day operation and sstainability is also needed "or the longe#ity not only "or  big co!panies bt "or SM4s as well. The grop "rther realized the i!pact o" e'ternal "orces in cra"tingstrategies "or the bsiness. In the case, there are e'ternal "actors in the indstry where the co!panyoperates that ha#e to be gi#en consideration in order to co!pete stronger or at the #ery least at par withother players in the !ar$et. 6t on the other hand, this case also e!phasizes the i!portance o" resol#inginternal inadeacies that a""ect the co!pany as a whole. The #ision o" the co!pany to be a topco!petitor in their indstry is clear and the ob)ecti#es, as deter!ined by the grop, "ocs on resol#ing theidenti"ied internal proble!s which the grop belie#es can help i!pro#e the crrent bsiness processes o" the co!pany and in trn will enable the co!pany to resol#e di""iclties in their e'ternal en#iron!ent.Thegrop was able to nderstand the i!portance o" loo$ing into the co!pany internally initially then "inding

ways on how to address the e'ternal "actors.

CIII+ eferences

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7/26/2019 Inspect Technologies Inc.

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7i"th Third 6an$ n. d. 7i#e bene"its o" better cash "low !anage!ent retrie#ed Janary 23, 20?B,a#ailable at+ https+FFwww.=3.co!FdocFbbFHK?25bbg5it$5cash5"low5bene"its.pd" 

Strategic *lliances and Joint /entres, retrie#ed Janary 23, 20?B, a#ailable at+http+FFwww.bsiness.go#t.nzFspport5and5ad#iceFad#ice5!entoringF"or5e'portersFstrategic5alliances5and5 )oint5#entres