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Inspired by Claes Oldenburg

Date post:07-Mar-2016
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Inspired by Claes Oldenburg
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    We all like the new trend of scooters, skateboards and street sports. It is very popular today with young people and their clothes are influenced by these extreme sports. We were inspired by Claes Oldenburg and created a massive scooter.

    The materials

    We used cardboard tubes, polystyrene, sand paper and gold tape for the bars. We used a lot of tools to put this scooter together like, a hot glue gun, sandpaper, rasp, a knife, and scissors. We started of at the bottom and built the deck, then we built all the different components and attached them as if it was a real scooter.

  • Our nature project has been influenced by Claes Oldenburg and his colossal sculptures. Our art has a theme of nature. We wanted to represent the wonderful creatures and their habitats and also the brightly coloured plants and the scenery around them. The sculptures that we produced were; a colourful butterfly, an elegant flower, a buzzy bee and a graceful ladybird. We started of making the flower out of cardboard and we cut out one petal and traced the others and then cut them out. We did 3 layers on each one and we did a light pink and then purple then a dark pink for the middle bit mod rocked a balloon and cut half of it out and painted gold then we stuck it in the middle then we got a huge tube for the stem. We used paper mache and mod-rock to create insects. They were decorated with tissue paper, paint and colourful materials. It was lightweight so it is manoeuvrable. We used garden cans and string to make it look like the insects were hovering over the flowers.

  • Makeup tray

    Artists interpretation

    We created a selection of makeup to show fashion in the modern day and vanity. Since the 1960s women have been using make-up and getting dressed up to go out. Make-up is so important in todays society that we wanted to make our sculpture very large.


    We made the nail polish out of cardboard boxes, poster tube, paint and coloured paper. For the ring we used paint, cardboard and tape that you put water on to make it stick. To make the sunglasses we used paint, polystyrene and glue. For the lipstick we used Pringles tube, paint, brown tape and paper Mache. For the mascara we used Pringles tube, white paper sticks and the glue gun.

  • Baseball cap

    The baseball cap originally came from American baseball. Soon after, in America, it became a fashion to wear them. Then Americans wore them on TV shows, which brought it over to Britain. That is what inspired us to do this great piece of artwork. Claes Oldenburg also inspired us because of his giant sculptures from the 1960s.

    We made the giant cap using a space hopper; mod-rock purple and black paint, a New York Yankees sticker, a polystyrene Hemisphere, cling film and cardboard.

    First we wrapped the space hopper in cling film so the mod rock wouldnt stick to the space hopper. Then we mod-rocked the space hopper. We then let it dry and put the cardboard peak on to it. Then we put gum tape around it so we could paint it purple. Afterwards, we put the New York Yankees sticker on it, followed by the polystyrene hemi sphere. Finally we painted it purple and added the detail of the air holes and stitches.

  • Union Jack alarm clock

    We made a clock because we thought it was something that you use every day, also because it has been used for centuries. The design represents the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

    A clock represents how many hours are in a day.

    A clock is also ideal for people with busy lives.

    You can also put on an alarm, which makes a noise and wakes a person up.

    Our clock is made out of a Pringles tube, cardboard, and paper mach. We painted it using powder paint.

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