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Instant eCommerce

Date post:14-May-2015
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A Juju Lab to create an Instant eCommerce solution based on best-in-class open source components
  • 1.Instant eCommerce How to make it happen?How to provide instant Maarten Ectors Director, Cloud Strategy, CanonicaleCommerce?

2. What problems are we solving? From the High Street to Online Purchases How to set-up Online Operations? 3. eCommerce is booming People are massively switching from High Street to Online. Online is making brick-and-mortar difficult for businesses as far reaching as travel, selling books, renting cars, etc. You have some nice eCommerce SaaS solutions, e.g. Shopify, but what if you need a total solution (ERP, business analytics, back-office integration, etc.) and you want to manage it.eCommerce is booming but setting up a total solution is hard. 4. What if Instant eCommerce would be possible? How? 5. Instant Integration via JujuJuju allows instant integration. Try it yourself, drag and drop demo:instant and hover over the 15 next to Ganglia-Node 6. Instant eCommerceJuju Bundles can provide an instant solution but still allow full flexibility to integrate, replace or extend solutions. 7. What skills are needed? Under ControlOther Juju Labs - PendingBuild Charms - PendingIntegrate Charms - PendingSSO and BackupIf you are good with Pentaho, Piwik, Saiku, etc. then we need you!!! If you like integration then we need!!! 8. Juju Labs Instant eCommerce 1. 2. 3. 4.1 Month Max - Find 3 or more Contributors 2 Months - Build Minimum Valuable Solution 1 Month - Find 100 Early Adopters Instant eCommerce Generally AvailableJuju Labs is Like Crowdfunding. Meet the Milestones and it happens. Otherwise it gets killed. We need you to make it become reality... 9. Help others set up shop...More Information [email protected] juju.ubuntu.com/community/lab/instantecommerce/

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