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Instant EnlightenmentImmediate JoyCopyright 2007 Heaven On Earth LifeStyle Partnership

This will be an unusual presentation This exercise will allow you to experience the state of enlightenment immediately All that is required is that you follow the directions exactly as given Each page contains several statements Read the statements, think about them And then move to the next page Go slowly and do not skip ahead Pause for a moment at the end of each page Before moving on The timing here is very important Take your time with this It should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete

People seek enlightenment for what appears to be many reasons These reasons are as many and as varied as there are seekers Some wish to eliminate negative thinking Some wish to eliminate negative states and experiences Some wish to solve their problems Others may wish to achieve some goal Some wish to fill a void within Others feel compelled to seek, without really knowing why The reasons take many forms, but all the reasons are really but one . . .

All people simply wish to experience joy and to be happy Regardless of the form this happiness and joy may take for an individual person, this is true

Some people believe it takes a very long time to achieve enlightenment Some people believe it is necessary to spend years in meditation Some people believe it is necessary to spend decades in contemplation or prayer Some people believe it is necessary to give up a great deal to achieve enlightenment Some people believe one must DO something or GET something to be happy And almost everyone believes they must learn something . . .

The Heaven On Earth Actualization System promises to demonstrate how to solve all problems and how to begin to achieve all goals. Not just some problems. All problems. Not just some goals. All goals. It promises instant enlightenment Not in some future far-off time, but right now. This very moment.

The foregoing statements may seem to be too simplistic. Instant enlightenment and happiness seem to be impossible. This idea may even seem to be quite unbelievable. This is because we believe happiness to be the GOAL of life; something that must be worked towards. It is not. There is no struggle; there is nothing to achieve. Happiness is not the GOAL of life. Happiness is the PURPOSE of life. You already have it, though you dont yet believe this. You must simply find it.

Pure, absolute joy is your original, natural state. If you do not experience a state of perfect, present happiness, something has gone wrong. This can be corrected right now. And it is surprisingly easy.

To understand how to regain this natural state of joy, you will need to keep an open mind . . . You will need to understand a few important points These will be very simple points you have most likely heard before Some of these ideas may be review for you, but pay close attention Sit back and be comfortable Breathe Now listen . . .

Point One You are a multi-dimensional being. You are comprised of three parts: Spirit Mind Body

Point Two The Law Of Observation The Law of Observation states that if your mind can observe something, it is not you The fact that your mind can observe an object means that it must be separate from you This seems silly, but is vitally important to learning how to achieve instant enlightenment and happiness . . . For to achieve enlightenment, you must understand what you really are you must understand the essence of your true nature When you understand this, you will experience absolute peace, unending joy and total happiness You will be enlightened

Point Three The Human Limitation Excluding perception, a human being, regardless of individual talents, abilities or situation, has only 6 capabilities A human being can: Act Feel Believe Decide Communicate Think A human being can do no more than this. This is all that is possible

1. Body You can observe your body Therefore, you are not your body The body is capable of but one thing: Action You can observe your actions Change them when you wish Therefore, you are not your actions

2-Mind Your mind can believe You can observe your beliefs and change them as you like You do this all the time Therefore, you are not your beliefs

Mind Your mind can decide You can observe your decisions, change them at will, even from moment to moment if you desire Therefore you are not your decisions

Mind Your mind can communicate You can observe this and change your communication anytime, regardless of form Therefore you are not your communication

Mind Your mind can produce thought Your thoughts are the basis of everything you experience. Your thoughts create and are the cause of all your experiences You can observe your thoughts Therefore . . .

You are NOT your mind

You do not use your mind Your mind uses you

Your mind has a mind of its own If you will be honest, you will admit this is true Stop here and think about this deeply before continuing

If you do not believe this, please try the following experiment: Prepare yourself . . . Now, when you go to the next page, immediately do what you are asked to do This will take but 30 seconds Are you ready? Go

Close your eyes And For the next 30 seconds, do NOT think of an elephant Ready? Close your eyes now and . . . Begin

This, of course, is a very old mind game, but it does prove a valid and important point. You simply have very little control of your mind You do not control your mind Your mind controls you It even makes you believe that it IS you It makes you believe that YOU are IT You are not

You sometimes say things you do not wish to say Why? You sometimes do things you wish you had not done Why? Think about this now . . .

You sometimes feel things you do not really wish to feel Why? You sometimes believe things you do not wish to believe Why? Pause and reflect on this for a moment . . .

You sometimes decide things you wish you had not decided Why? You are often in conflict with yourself Breathe deeply and answer the question . . . Why?

How can this happen? Is it possible that you have a will in you a will that is not your own? What is it that causes you to think the thoughts that cause you to experience all these negative states you do not want? What is it that causes you to feel unwanted feelings? Stop here again and think about this deeply . . . Do you allow this, or does it happen against your will? Stop just one more time and think about this . . .

3. - Spirit You are Spirit. Spirit is not definable, as it has no correlation in this world Spirit cannot be observed, as it is Spirit that IS observing. An eye cannot see itself. Spirit cannot perceive itself It is not hiding. You simply have not yet touched it Spirit is the force that drives the mind Spirit is life Spirit is your only reality, for when the body and the mind are gone, the eternal Spirit that is you will remain

Spirit Spirit is One. There is no separation in Spirit. It is found in all things that contain life Spirit is your only reality, though you must deal with the rest You are an individual, but are always one with the All To make a simple example: If you imagine the human brain, the brain is comprised of millions upon millions of individual cells, yet each is a brain cell. What affects one, affects all You contain the All. The All contains you. You are it. It is you You are a single cell in the body of Spirit

Spirit Spirit is to the mind what the electricity is to the computer you are using to view this. It is the power that drives the machine Computers take thousands of different forms and accomplish millions of different tasks. But what is common to all is the electricity that drives them You have believed that you are a tiny, separate machine, like the computer. You have believed you are a mind. You are not. You are the power (Spirit) that is driving the machine When the computer shuts down it affects the power not at all. Likewise, when your body and mind shut down, it will affect your Spirit not at all

Mind vs Spirit In your NATURAL state, Spirit rules mind In your CURRENT state, the mind with a mind of its own appears to rule your Spirit. This is unfortunate In your NATURAL state, Spirit determines what it would have and mind brings it about. That is its true function In your CURRENT state, the mind with a mind of its own is determining what IT would have, often against your wishes

Mind vs Spirit When you manage to restore Spirit to its proper place, your mind will be restored to its proper place The reason this seems to take so long is that your mind does not wish to be displaced. Your mind has a will of its own (remember the elephant example) Your mind WILL resist this Your mind WILL appear to fight you on this Your mind does NOT want this to happen Your mind DOES have a mind of its own

Instant Enlightenment You can never learn enough to be enlightened The individualized mind, the mind with a mind of its own, is what KEEPS you from experiencing enlightenment Enlightenment results in total peace, absolute joy and unending happiness unlike any state you have ever experienced The mind with a mind of its own CANNOT learn this Becoming perfectly and completely happy results rather from unlearning what you have taught yourself You must leave the individualized mind behind . . .

Instant Enlightenment Again, your mind will ACTIVELY resist this displacement. Ask any long-time meditator. This mind with a mind of its own is the ego. This is why becoming enlightened becoming happyappears to take so long to occur If you attempt to battle your mind, it WILL take a very long time There is a far easier method this method will take you directly there Specific instructions in regards to this method are found in Learn To Live A Life Wi

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