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Instant impact

Date post:30-Jun-2015
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  • 1. VisualNotes seeing what matters OKand being a little different

2. Toomuchdataoutthere 3. What? Cant hear ya 4. Ofcoursenot I wasnt using a critical sense 5. Letstryagain 6. Toomuchdataoutthere 7. Peopleforgetwhattheyread,see,hear, experience 8. beafullwit includeyourvisualsenses tofocuson whatyoucansee 9. Ahhhhhhh! 10. Frustratednotetaker Focused on too many damn details 11. Writing, writing, writing Justtokeepup 12. Whatif we could bite-size it down? 13. By focusing on capturing thebigideas 14. Butfirst a message from our sponsor

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