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Instant Mentoring

Date post:25-Jul-2015
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1. DatasheetInstant Mentoring mindleaders.comHuman expertise just one click awayMindLeaders, elearning is incredibly convenient, with courses available 24 hours aday from any Internet-connected computer.But what if a learner has a question? MindLeaders Instant Mentoring makes accessto expert advice just as convenient. Our Instant Mentors can answer questions,clarify concepts, confirm information and even review exercise solutions via email Easy to access The Instant Mentoring feature is available in any course. To activate it, the student simply clicks the Instant Mentoring button located at the top right of the course window. The Instant Mentoring window will appear and questions and answers are exchanged just like instant messaging. Meet our experts MindLeaders Instant Mentoring experts follow a rigorous certification and development process. To even be considered, an expert must meet the following criteria: Multiple top-tier designations (MCSE, MCSD, CCNP etc.) from leading, vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell, as well as 3+ years of experience in area of expertise. Certification in leading desktop applications and end-user support. MCT, CTT+ or minimum four years as one of the following: trainer / instructor, teaching assistant, coach, or help desk work. Ability to explain complex concepts in concise, easy-to-understand language. To continue being part of the Instant Mentoring team, experts must remain current in their area of expertise. Here are a few of the ways we ensure theyre up-to-date: Continuing education in skills and training techniques via conferences, classes and workshops. Continuing quarterly upgrades of education, skills and certifications through labs, classrooms, and self-study. Joining software users groups, trade magazines, and training & development organizations. Staying informed of and experienced with new vendor releases and technologies within area of expertise.Like UsFollow UsWatch Us Find Usfacebook.com/MindLeaders @MindLeaders youtube.com/MindLeadersInc Search MindLeaders

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