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Instant Queue Manager @ IBM Techline Instant Queue Manager Deployed for IBM Techline Richard Brader...

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Instant Queue Manager @ IBM Techline Instant Queue Manager Deployed for IBM Techline Richard Brader IBM Techline January 2012 Slide 2 IBM Techline Overview Global footprint and reach within IBM Pre-sales technical support to IBM sales Pre-sales technical support to IBM Business Partner sales team Deployed close to sales teams to understand local environments Slide 3 IBM Techline Business Drivers Provide chat as a new channel to access service Deploy on existing Sametime infrastructure Main requirements Provide chat using specialist hunt groups Integrate with existing business systems (ticketing) Enable IBM to implement additional services on top of platform Slide 4 Available Globally at IBM Locate a Techline specialist By geography and product area Will initiate hunt group mechanism Search the knowledge base Request a status update on an existing service request Submit a new service request Slide 5 Chat On All Desktops and Easy to Use Slide 6 Chat with Specialist Use region to help locate specialist Based on product area Resolve questions in real time Routes to correct group of specialists Integrate with IBM Blue Pages Slide 7 Integrate with Knowledge Management Slide 8 Integrate with Call Management System Slide 9 Monitor and Measure Slide 10 Queue Manager 4.5 User Experience New web chat client and SDK easier to use and deploy Additional click to chat examples great looking Improve the expert experience and information display add ability to embed custom ticketing panel or information panel for expert Extend dashboard and charting and reporting Expert plug-in updates Slide 11 Queue Manager 4.5 Integration Queue server supports new event API Groovy scripts may register for events dispatched using Spring Perform custom lookups (i.e. ldap) and set metatags Notify 3 rd party applications via SMTP, web service, rest call Interviews now provide wider role for integration Additional APIs and features have been added in order to integrate ticketing systems and display ticketing information to experts Easier to add custom values on the web client side these can be carried through the system and modified at the server level Slide 12 Custom Groovy extension is installed on the server. When a seeker enters an interview, or queue, the Groovy script receives notification. Groovy script queries LDAP, retrieves values, and then formats and sends a SMTP email to Siebel system Siebel automatically creates ticket and expert can immediately find issue when the seeker is routed Integration Siebel Ticketing Slide 13 Integration Knowledge Base Integration Interview provides option to search corporate knowledge base Custom Groovy script receives the chat conversation from the interview and then requests information from seeker Application returns highest level searches in IM window and provides summary and link for more information Slide 14 Visitor Perspective Click to chat link is exposed on: Intranet Portal Extranet contact list within Lotus Sametime Slide 15 Interviews Provide single entry point to various services Group queues in decision support tree By language By product By Geography Interview nodes have actions Transfer to queue Display another node Transfer to groovy script Transfer to interview Slide 16 Expert Dashboard Panel Expert may use embedded Sametime plug-in to monitor queues When notified of inbound request, queue details are one click away Slide 17 Managers - Metrics All information is captured and available for inspection Default charts provide system level information Metrics are immediate and clear Slide 18 Managers Monitor and Staff queues Manager may adjust queue staffing in real time Dashboard displays staffing levels Availability and load are displayed Slide 19

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