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Instant Queue Manager Version 4 Enterprise Click to Chat For Lotus Sametime

Date post:25-Dec-2015
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  • Instant Queue Manager Version 4 Enterprise Click to Chat For Lotus Sametime
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  • Your Business Dilemmas You need to increase productivity by giving employees immediate access to the help they need You need to shorten your sales cycle and improve customer satisfaction by giving your customers immediate access to sales staff and customer support
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  • Solution: Instant Queue Manager Immediate, enterprise click to chat for real-time access to helpful experts We are now able to easily route and manage real-time requests from our web site, without the need for any complex programming or Java expertise. The logging feature immediately lets us see who replied to which request and how many web- based queries we have handled. Instant Queue Manager instantly puts data at our users fingertips so they can do their jobs faster and better.
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  • A Few New Concepts Seeker: A user who has been engaged in a request to locate an expert Click to chat on web site, enterprise IM client Expert: A person or group who can provide expert assistance Interview: Optional input (questions or forms) that may be applied to a seeker before or during the routing process. Exposed as a IM based decision support system. Queue: The mechanism that will receive seekers and connect them with experts.
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  • Visitor Experience Internal Employees Available via portal as custom web experience Available via portal as Sametime client Via Sametime buddy list External Partners Custom Web UI Potentially via gateway Custom properties may applied to visitor such as Values from a web based form Values derived from a CRM lookup Custom values are passed to queue, may be updated, and then passed to the expert receiving the request Prompt for survey at the end of the conversation
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  • Visitor Perspective Click to chat link is exposed on: Intranet Portal Extranet contact list within Lotus Sametime
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  • Optional - Prompt for Information Optional set of questions may be requested from visitor These are standard web forms. Values are then associated with the visitor throughout the system.
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  • Visitor is Greeted and Connected Visitor starts a web based conversation with the queue
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  • Admin Area Starting Point for All Resources Directory Experts IM Entry Points Managers Dashboard See running Queues Start/Stop Queues Settings Just Configured on Setup Logging Standard Replies
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  • Queue Configuration IM Entry Point How the queue comes online in Sametime Created in Admin area Assigned to Queue Will come online Text Properties $Variables Routing Options Round Robin Broadcast Experts Must first be added to the Admin\Directory People Groups Standard Replies now per queue
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  • Create Queue Create IM Entry Point How the queue comes online in Sametime Created in Admin area Create Queue Assign properties Assign Experts to Queues Round Robin Broadcast Assign IM Entry Point Must first be added to the Admin\Directory
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  • Expert Options Various ways to retrieve request Notified via IM that a seeker is waiting Notifications can take place in hunt groups and support priority levels Sametime panel displays waiting seeker Expert monitoring panel display all statistics and seekers Support for custom properties that have collected at an earlier stage (i.e. CRM) Ability to transfer or invite another expert Server based textual replies
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  • Expert Dashboard Panel Expert may use embedded Sametime plug-in to monitor queues When notified of inbound request, queue details are one click away
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  • Expert Perspective Drill down to queue level to view, and retrieve, inbound requests Experts may also comment on request Send surveys Transfer visitors
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  • Managers - Metrics All information is captured and available for inspection Default charts provide system level information Metrics are immediate and clear
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  • Managers Monitor and Staff queues Manager may adjust queue staffing in real time Dashboard displays staffing levels Availability and load are displayed
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  • Features and Benefits Provides a single source for immediate, expert assistance Increases first-contact resolution rate Increases employee productivity Improves customer satisfaction Shortens sales cycles Minimizes reliance on trouble tickets Displays queues on buddy lists or portal pages Users can seek help from within Sametime or from anywhere in the world via a web browser
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  • Features and Benefits No additional software on client desktop Zero touch = instant deployment Uses Sametime awareness and chat UI Zero user training required Provides immediate access to helpful experts via IM Experts can self-manage their availability to provide help Distributes Requests Evenly Each expert assumes an equal share of the workload Wait time is minimized
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