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Instant rewards, instant impact

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Dan Kelly Sales and Marketing Director, Corporate RewardsInstant rewards,Instant impact

1Why is it important to reward people?2Happy people are more motivated3People are the most valuable asset for a business


The hardest area of running a business is engaging and motivating people, customers or employeesDifferent things make people happy



8Kairosis an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). Living life through special moments in time. 9If you can create those Kairos moments, special moments for the people you want to engage with, they will have a longer lasting, happy emotional bond with your business.

Happy people are more motivated right?Reward: an appetitive stimulus given to a human or animal to alter behaviour11Recognition:an appreciation for an achievement, service or ability oxford university press12So why as humans, do we crave reward and recognition so badly?

SciencePhysiology &PsychologyPositive Reinforcement14The Reward System is a group of neurological structures that are critically involved in mediating the effects of reinforcements

The Reward System Olds & Milner 195415

The theory of Operant Conditioning 16Operant conditioning:Actions followed by reinforcement will be strengthened and more likely to be repeated in the future skinner17The act of rewarding & recognising positively, reinforce behavioural change18When we reward someone that is the physical embodiment of recognition The actual reward appeals to the person as a pleasurable stimulus the recognition makes them feel good inside so they are likely to repeat their action Rewards are extrinsic motivators

Recognition is an intrinsic motivator21These factors drive our behaviour and the decisions we make.

Positive reinforcement is with us from when we were young starts from receiving a reward from our parents for doing well in school.

We are conditioned to respond to these paradigmsif we do good we get rewarded


Maslows basic human needs23

Incentive TheoryWe are pulled by external goalsHockenbury & HockenburyAdd images24Building on this operant theory, we now know that we are pushed by our internal needs, but we also have it within us to be pulled towards external motivators rewards, money and recognitionWhy does this matter in abusiness world?

In our DNA People need to be rewardedMakes happy workforceLower attritionIncrease productivitySpontaneous celebrations Fruit Friday,Bagel day, Massage day


Digital Rewards the future nowHow?Add images27How can we make the act of rewarding impactful?

Rewarding people digitally is growing

Its the quickest way to reward people

Provides an immediate response to stimulus

The next generation of tech savvy people are working within your business

Digital rewards

Change images29Digital rewardsSpeed of access & Delivery

Lower overheads

Secure delivery

Low financial value / high personal value

Long lasting

Change images30What can you do to deliver these rewards in the most efficient and impactful way?31

A variety of instant rewards


Recognition platforms33

Live reporting

34Gamification & Ecards


Its in our DNA reward and recognition make us happy

Happy people are more motivated

Business leaders should leverage this

Digitalisation allows us to maximise impact & longevity of reward

Online platforms offer speed, control,consistency and measurement

36Its easier than ever to make and instant impact whats stopping you!37Contact us today


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