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Integrating Lean Startup - Lean UX 2014

Date post:27-Jan-2015
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How to get started integrating lean startup in your company. Talk for Lean UX 2014.
  • 1. Integrating Lean Startup So you want to get Lean Melissa Perri [email protected] melissperri.com ! @lissijean

2. @lissijean Company B 3. @lissijean Company B 4. Lets get LEAN!! @lissijean 5. NO @lissijean 6. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ! LEAN ! HAPPEN @lissijean 7. why? @lissijean 8. @lissijean 9. So, Lean = crap. Got it. @lissijean 10. Lean scares people @lissijean 11. Ugly Broken Cheap @lissijean 12. @[email protected] Lean is exible. @lissijean 13. C @lissijean Company B 14. Accepting @lissijean Company B 15. Company BAccepting Rejecting @lissijean 16. Company BAccepting Rejecting WTF are we doing? @lissijean 17. Getting Lean Demonstrate Educate @lissijean 18. Getting Lean Demonstrate Educate TRUST @lissijean 19. Match your taste with the exceptional nds of industry insiders. @lissijean 20. Demonstrate @lissijean 21. @lissijean 22. Make them an oer they cant refuse. @lissijean 23. They say its going to take 8 weeks and 5 people to build this, but @lissijean 24. 10% time and money. No sacrices. ! Can I run this experiment? @lissijean 25. @lissijean 26. $ money ! opportunity cost @lissijean 27. Saved $77,000 @lissijean @lissijean 28. Saved 1600 hours @lissijean @lissijean 29. how? @lissijean 30. Educate @lissijean 31. I am so Lean @lissijean 32. @lissijean What do we think? ASSUMPTION How do we test that? MVP What do we do now? PIVOT 33. LEARN @lissijean 34. DO IT AGAIN. @lissijean 35. @lissijean 36. Demonstrate Educate @lissijean TRUST 37. @lissijean Company B 38. Demonstrate @lissijean 39. Start small. @lissijean 40. Start comfortable. @lissijean 41. one assumption. @lissijean 42. User Research @lissijean 43. how? @lissijean 44. Educate @lissijean 45. LEAN MVP PIVOT @lissijean 46. What do we know? Assumptions MVPs Lean educate @lissijean 47. one assumption problem exploration Design Studios Full Lean Experiment Cycles demonstrate @lissijean 48. TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST @lissijean 49. @lissijean Yes, Lean. Of course. 50. NO @lissijean 51. Build Measure Learn @lissijean 52. Getting Lean is hard @lissijean 53. @lissijean @lissijean 54. Melissa Perri [email protected] ! produxlabs.com melissaperri.com ! ! @lissijean

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Integrating Lean Startup So you want to get Lean… Melissa Perri [email protected] melissperri.com @lissijean
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