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Intentional Mentoring Session 2 The Mentoring Process Paul Wilcox

Date post:23-Dec-2015
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  • Intentional Mentoring Session 2 The Mentoring Process Paul Wilcox www.thementoringnetwork.net
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  • Four Stages of Mentoring 1.Preparing to mentor/be mentored 2.Developing the relationship 3.Meeting with a purpose 4.Bringing it to a close
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  • Preparing for Mentoring Who to look for: -Mentor -Mentoree
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  • Qualities of Good Mentors M E N T O R S
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  • Qualities of Good Mentors M akes the most of the potential in a person E ncourages and builds up others through gifts and abilities N urtures with patience knowing that time and experience are needed for development T olerates mistakes and brashness in order to see potential develop
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  • Qualities of Good Mentors O ffers perspective through vision and the ability to suggest the next steps a mentee needs to take R esponds with flexibility to people and circumstances S eeks first the Kingdom of God
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  • Setting the Scene -Where and when -Expectations -Agreements about confidentiality -The first session
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  • Objectives of the First Session -Getting to know one another -Deciding whether to continue? -Forming a contract -Set DATE for first meeting -Set THEME for first meeting
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  • Meeting with Purpose Important to evaluate and review Goal setting
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  • VisionImplement ReleaseSustain Being purposeful Realising call Discovering calling Freeing up Self Awareness
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  • Possible Phases of the Mentoring Relationship 12 43 High Challenge Low challenge High support Low support
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  • Peter A Case Study 1 Peter 5:1-11
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  • Ending the Relationship -Identify a few months in advance -Review what has been achieved -Give thanks -Continue in another form -What do you or they need next?
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