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  • 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. The Internet 6.

  • The Internet
  • is a collection of computers throughout the world which are mostly connected using telephone lines for the purpose of sharing information.
  • it is an international web of interconnected government, education & business computer networks.

7. ARPA (1957 )Advanced Research ProjectsAgency 1962 Packet-switching technology is propose.Wherein messages are divided intopackets before they are sent. Each packet is thentransmitted individually and can even followdifferent routes to its destination. 8. Once all the packets forming amessage arrive at the destination, they are recompiled into the original message. Packet is a piece of a message transmitted over a packet-switching network. http://www.pbs.org/opb/nerds2.0.1/geek_glossary/packet_switching_flash.html Who owns the Internet? No organization, corporation or government owns or runs the internet, the equipment the computers, the cables, the routers are owns by the govt & private org. are paid for taxes & user fees. 9. Internet Explorer Window 10. MENU BAR STATUS BARBROWSER PANE STANDARD TOOLBAR ADDRESS BAR Links bar EXPLORER BAR TITLE BAR 11. Menu bar- contains all the commands youneed to access and move around the web page. Address bar displays the address of thecurrent page. Title bar a displays the name of the web page you are viewing. Standard Toolbar provides buttons to access & move around the web pages & work inInternet Explorer. 12. Status bar shows the progress of loading page. Links toolbar- contains buttons for quickaccessto your favorite web sites. Browser pane displays the current doc. or web page. Explore bar displays links to web pages fromsearch result, favorite list 13. The Internet ExplorerStandard Buttons 14. TheBack button allows you to go back to the previous internet page you visited . 15. Forward button lets you display the next page if you had used the Back button to get to the current page.. 16. Stop button stops internet activities. 17. Refresh button used to resend the request to open a particular URL again once the connection has been reset . . 18. Search buttonallows you to gain access to search provider. 19. Favorites buttonallows you tostore the websites that you like . 20. History button shows you the list of sites that you have recently visited. 21. Home button allows you to return to the home page of the site that you are visiting. Last 22.

  • Uses of
  • Internet
  • communicate w/ people
  • retrieve information
  • What is e-mail?
  • It is an electronic message sent from one
  • device to another.
  • E-mail address
  • defines the location of the an individuals
  • mailbox on the internet.

23. Parts of an E-mail address: 1.user name 2.domain name [email protected] name E-mail addresses: [email_address] [email_address] [email_address] [email_address] standard format of the e-mail address 24. My E-mail address: [email_address] [email_address] [email_address] My Username is:k05132007 My Domain name are:yahoo.com gmail.com hotmail.com 25. How E-mail works?http://www.learnthenet.com/english/animate/email.html 26. 27. Direction: Fill in the blank. ___ 1. It is an international web of interconnected government, education & business computer networks. ___ 2. It is a piece of a message transmitted over a packet-switching network. ___ 3. What is the standard format of theemail address? ___ 4. The acronym ARPA stands for ?___ 5. Packet-switching technology is propose inthe year____? 28. Enumeration: 6-10. Give at least 5 parts of Internet Explorer Window. 29.

  • Assignment:
  • What are the different Organizational and
  • GeographicalDomain?
  • 2. What are the different rules in using the
  • internet?
  • Ref: any Internet computer book

30. 31. Organizational Domain Comcommercial company Edu educational institution Gov -government institution Mil military Netan internet service provider Geographical Domain ph Philippinesjp-JapanauAustraliausUSA 32. E-mail Abbreviations: BFN OIC TGIF BTW TIA CULLOLbye for now Oh I see thanks God its Friday by the way see you later thanks in advance laughing out loud 33.

  • Rules in Cyberspace
  • DO use the Internet to help with schoolwork. The Internet is a source of great volumes of information .
  • 2. DO use the Internet to "visit" museums in far away places.
  • 3. DO use the Internet to meet children in other countries or to keep in touch with pen pals who live far away in this country or other countries.

34. Hidden Emoticons :-??I don't know~O)coffee !%-(not listening*-:)idea :@)pig:-Lfrustrated :(|)monkey[-Ochickenb-(feeling beatup @};-rose:)>-peace sign %%-good luck[-Xshame on you 35. :D/dancing >:/bring it on:-joh go on ;))hee hee>-)alien :[email protected]^:)^not worthy 36.

  • Introducing Yahoo! Mail
  • Heres How
  • Open a Web browser,
  • (Internet Explorer or Mozilla
  • Firefox)
  • 2. Enter the following address
  • in the browsers address
  • box and type
  • http://mail.yahoo.com
  • 3. PressEnter :
  • 4. Type your Yahoo! ID and
  • password, then click the
  • 5.Sign Inbutton.

37. Yahoo! Mail appears in the browser & displays your Mail Home page. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.

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