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Internet Services -World Wide Web -E-mail -Conferencing and Newsgroups -File Transfer & Updating...

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  • Internet Services -World Wide Web -E-mail -Conferencing and Newsgroups -File Transfer & Updating -Chat/Instant Messaging
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  • Intranet - Looks like the internet web pages which open up on a browser, - A LAN or WAN used by schools, businesses etc to communicate internal information.
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  • Internet Unit Define the terms -ISP -Browser -Search Engine
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  • Protocols Definition A set of formalized rules that describe how data is transmitted over a network.
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  • Internet transmission protocols TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol A recognised set of protocols transmission protocol for all Internet transmission. TCP divides a message into blocks of data, called packets
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  • TCP/IP TCP divides a message into blocks of data called packets A router then forwards these packets to a destination device Message Packet 1Packet 2Packet 3Packet 4
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  • TCP/IP Advantages Industrial Standard Routable can be sent through many different types of routers Robust used for many years Scalable can be used small & large networks.
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  • Internet protocols IP provides routing devices special electronic switches with the source and destination web addresses, which are used to connect the Internet user with the web server. The routing device then forwards the packets to the destination address.
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  • IP Addresses -The internet connects millions of different network hardware hosts -Each host computer, router, printer is identified by a unique IP address -http://www.hostip.info/ This website tells you the IP address of your own computerhttp://www.hostip.info/
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  • IP Addresses -Using http://www.hostip.info/ find out where the following sites arehttp://www.hostip.info/ - - - - - - Now find out your own IP address http://whatismyipaddress.com/http://whatismyipaddress.com/
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  • IP Addresses IP AddressURL
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  • Questions 1. Complete the words T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Control P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. What is a Protocol? 3. In addition to the www name the four other internet services 4. What is an intranet? 5. What is an IP address and what does it look like?
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  • IP Addresses The Internet connects millions of different network hardware components together (host). Each host computer, router, printer, etc is identified by a unique Internet Protocol Address, or IP address. An IP address appears as a dotted decimal number.
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  • Internet Service Protocols
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  • 1. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) HTTP is the service protocol that allows users to receive information from the World Wide Web. HTTP protocol identifies and downloads web page resources
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  • HTML tags HyperText Markup Language - a set of codes and script that allows web pages to be formatted and designed Quiz
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  • 2. File Transfer Protocol File Transfer Protocol allows an Internet user to send (or receive) copies of files from or to different computer systems or networks
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  • 3. POP/SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to transfer e-mail between computer systems. -Incoming e-mail is stored on the ISPs server. -It deals with outgoing emails
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  • 3. POP Post Office Protocol is also used to transfer e-mails between computer systems. POP offers more facilities than SMTP and allows automatic download of e- mails. POP is the receiving system for most Internet-based e-mail systems (i.e. your incoming mail).
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  • Questions 2 What does POP stand for? Post Office Protocol What is a protocol? Agreement or set of rules involving 2 or more parties What does HTTP stand for and where would you see it? Hypertext transfer protocol What is a NAP? Network Access Point What does IP stand for? Internet Protocol
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  • HTML Questions 1.What does the tag do? 2.What does the tag do? 3.What does do? 4.What does do 5.What does
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