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Internet2 International Connectivity Overview Heather Boyles Ana Preston

Date post: 31-Dec-2015
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Internet2 International Connectivity Overview Heather Boyles <[email protected]> Ana Preston <[email protected] Christina Siroskey <[email protected]>

Internet2 International Connectivity Overview

Heather Boyles <[email protected]>Ana Preston <[email protected]

Christina Siroskey <[email protected]>

Internet2 International Connectivity

• Partner links to the US

• NSF-funded links•IRNC program projects

• IEEAF-donated links

• Internet2-funded link

Europe-Middle East Austria (ACOnet)Belgium (BELNET)Croatia (CARNet)Czech Rep. (CESNET)Cyprus (CYNET)Denmark (Forskningsnettet)Estonia (EENet)Finland (Funet)France (Renater)Germany (G-WIN)Greece (GRNET)Hungary (HUNGARNET)Iceland (RHnet)Ireland (HEAnet)Israel (IUCC)Italy (GARR)Jordan (JUNET)Latvia (LATNET)Lithuania (LITNET)Luxembourg (RESTENA)

Asia-Pacific AmericasArgentina (RETINA)Brazil (RNP2/ANSP)Canada (CA*net)Chile (REUNA)Costa Rica (CR2Net)Mexico (Red-CUDI)United States (Abilene)Panama (RedCyT)Peru (RAAP)Uruguay (RAU2)Venezuela (REACCIUN2)

Malta (Univ. Malta)Netherlands (SURFnet) Norway (UNINETT)Palestinian Territories (Gov’t Computing Center)Poland (POL34)Portugal (RCTS2)Qatar (Qatar FN)Romania (RoEduNet)Russia (RBnet)Slovakia (SANET)Slovenia (ARNES)Spain (RedIRIS)Sweden (SUNET)Switzerland (SWITCH)Syria (HIAST)United Kingdom (JANET)Turkey (ULAKBYM)*CERN

Australia (AARNET)China (CERNET, CSTNET, NSFCNET)Fiji (USP-SUVA)Hong Kong (HARNET)Japan (SINET, WIDE, JGN2)Korea (KOREN, KREONET2)New Zealand (NGI-NZ)Philippines (PREGINET)Singapore (SingAREN)Taiwan (TANet2, ASNet)Thailand (UNINET, ThaiSARN)

78 Networks reachable via Abilene

Algeria (CERIST)Egypt (EUN/ENSTIN)Morocco (CNRST)Tunisia (RFR)South Africa (TENET)

Central Asia AfricaArmenia (ARENA)Georgia (GRENA)Kazakhstan (KAZRENA)Tajikistan (TARENA)Uzbekistan (UZSCI)

Abilene Update

• Tuesday

• 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

• Salon C

Abilene changes relevant to international peers

• IPv6 and multicast transit traffic• Background: Abilene peers with commercial IPv6 and

multicast networks• This is an exception to our policy not to peer with commercial

networks• As a way to encourage commercial deployment of IPv6 and

multicast• Change: no longer announcing non-customer routes to

commercial IPv6 and multicast peers• Rationale: some commercial peers complaining because it is

not standard commercial practice to announce non-customers• Impact: some international peers may have lost previously

seen routes to commercial v6 and multicast networks via Abilene

Abilene changes, cont’d

• Transit to “fednets”•US federal government research networks


•Abilene ITN service initial could not provide fednet to non-US net transit

•This became possible early last year•Where direct peering not possible•Where requested by both peers•Some fednets have restrictions or special

requirements for enabling peering

Abilene routing policies

• Abilene peering with Routeviews

• Objective: to help provide global R&E network community better insight into Abilene routing policies

• As Chris Robb’s presentation mentioned, contemplating other changes that could be made

HOPI Testbed International connectivity

• HOPI update•Tuesday, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Salons I/II/III

• Hybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure (HOPI) initiative•Testbed: Abilene + 10G wave on NLR


HOPI Testbed International Connectivity

• Within US, available at:•PacificWave•StarLight•MAN LAN•NGIX-East

• 10G connection to London to support collaboration with similar European efforts•MAN LAN in NYC to GEANT2 PoP in London•Connected in London real soon now

GEANT2 – Internet2 Service Trial: switched point to point services

• GEANT2 services include switched, point-to-point GigE-based services – Bundled as part of core subscription for NRENs

• Internet2 to offer similar services– Currently via HOPI testbed– Ultimately via Newnet

• Desire to trial technical and organization model for making these services available across both GEANT2 and Internet2 communities

The details

• June – December 2006: service “trial” period– Invite connectors/users in both communities

to request service to connector/user in the other community

• GEANT2 users: those with access to GE or wavelength services

• Internet2 community: those with access to HOPI testbed


• Financial model: costs for service lie where they fall– E.g. GEANT2 users follow their cost model for

GEANT2-carried portion; same for Internet2 service users

– Trans-atlantic costs considered sunk for now; will examine as understand demand

• Will equip at least two of the 10Gbps links in place or planned between Internet2 and GEANT2 to support