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Introducing clio

Date post: 18-May-2015
Author: minnesota-campus-comapct
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An introduction to Minnesota Campus Compact's newest project - CLIO (Civic Leadership Institute Online)
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  • 1. CLIO provides freedigital resources forMinnesota educators andstudents to explore therich world of communityengagement.

2. OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCESLEARNING OBJECT:"any digital resourcethat can be reused tosupport learning- David A. Wiley 3. EXAMINING QUESTIONS LIKE . . 4. What does itmean to be acommunity member?a citizen?a leader? 5. What cultural traditionsand values shape life inMinnesota? 6. What different strategiescan we use to createpositive change? 7. What skillsare criticalto effectivecivic leadership? 8. How can we create or findopportunities for civiclearning and action? 9. videoideasimagesarticleswebsitescontactsexercisesreflectionssimulationscase studiessuccess storiesYOU CAN SHARE . . .