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Introducing the xo

Date post: 29-Jun-2015
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Introducing the XO
  • 1. Introducing the XO

2. Opening the XO1. Position the laptop with 2. Lift the front edge ofthe handle away fromthe top of laptop, andyou, and then rotate both then move the topof the antennae towards upward away from you.you.You can hear and feel aslight click as you first liftthe top. 3. On and OffTo Turn On To Turn Off Hold down the button to Hover over the man in the the bottom right of thecentre of the home screen view, wait, chooseShutdownYou can turn the XO off by holding down the power button, but it doesntclean the internal files properly- use as last resort. 4. Starting the XO for the First Time1. Type in your name 2. Click the Next button3. Change the colour of the icon 4. Click the Done button 5. What is Sugar and Gnome?SugarGnomeThere are two different interfaces on the XO. Theyhave different applications or activities and differentways of working. You can switch between the two. 6. The Views 7. HOME- The Favourites (Ring) ViewThe Ring view shows the FAVOURITE activities of a child arranged in a ringaround the XO icon in the middle. From the XO icon, you can personalise theXO, switch to Gnome and make system changes. 8. HOME- The List ViewThe List View shows ALL the activities available on the XO in a list. Theactivities that have been starred (click on the left icon of a row) appear in theFavourites view. You can also find additional information about the activitiesand search for them in this view. 9. Starting an ActivityTo start an activity, click on the picture. It will take you back to what you wereworking on the last time you were using the activity.Hovering means waiting with your pointer over an icon. This will often showyou options, such as a menu. 10. ACTIVITY VIEW- Working In an Activity Name the activity Stop the activityActivity Tabs 11. NEIGHBOURHOOD VIEW 12. Neighbourhood View- Big Ideas 13. GROUP VIEW 14. THE JOURNAL 15. THE FRAME 1. Clipboard You can drag objects such as images and text to and from the clipboard, and to and from activities 2. Zoom Menu Use it to move between the four Sugar views 3. Open Activity List The list of currently open activities. Invitations also appear on this portion of the frame. 4. Active Buddy List People you are currently collaborating with 5. System Status Battery, speaker and network status appear on the lower edge of the frame.